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Old Portslade Riding Stables

Old Portslade Riding Stables

I learned to ride here in 1966, at the age of nine. I used to ride Champion, (Champ) He was my absolute favourite. There were also Rufus, Robin, Ginger, and a slightly bigger Paddy (who was about 15 hands and I also used to love riding!) Then there were some bigger horses Alex and Shannon and Kilbarry. Kilbarry was owned by a lovely lady called June who owned the hairdressers in the village.

Father and I bought and re-opened the stables

The stables were run then by Micky Ayling, and I just loved my rides. My father and I bought and re-opened The Old Portslade Riding Stables in the early eighties. I taught some lovely people to ride and we used to have some great summer Pub rides in the evening to the Shepherd and Dog. I had a great team of girls that used to come and help catch the horses and ponies and get them ready for the clients, in return for free rides. I couldn’t have managed without them.

Eventually sold on for development

I have very happy memories of those days, which due to personal family reasons were sadly short-lived and by the mid 80’s the stables were sold on to someone who was going to continue running them, but shortly after buying them, resold them for development. One of my biggest regrets was giving up those stables.

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  • I also learnt to ride here about 1961. Got up to galloping and one time rode a horse fast only to be told on returning that he only has one eye!

    By Mr K I Ross (15/07/2021)
  • My sister Judy Burdett used to spend every weekend in those stables. Her favourite was Champ and she had her own horse Danny. I recall a Mr Mason (?) and a Miss Cope being mentioned on a regular basis.
    It’s a pity those stables were sold to a speculator who thought he could make a quick profit by getting planning permission. Creepy.
    And Danny’s old old field is now a retail park.
    That’s ‘progress’ apparently. Oh well…….

    By Nick Burdett (19/07/2021)

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