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Prep Class of c1965/66 Xaverian College, in Queens Park, 

This picture shows the Prep class in what was the last year in which Xaverian College was in being and at Queens Park. The following year in September 1966 it moved to the Upper Drive in Hove and became De La Salle College.
From the private collection of Michael Hearn

I cannot be sure of the month this photograph was taken,  it could have been in September 1965 or the Summer of 1966. But I have a record of the surnames and some first names of all the pupils who are in this picture;

Back Row (Standing): Simon Anderson, John Allegory, Leeson, Cornwall, Slade, Stone, Knowles, Edwards A, Thatcher, Domonic O’Hara, Louis Toureau, Saville, Lee Jones, Angus Nunnery, Hobman, Michael Forte.
Middle Row (Kneeling): Michael Cowan, Neville Gee, Edwards S, Mark Hailer, David Kirk, Michael Hearn, Michael Fahy, Guy Hetherington.
Front Row (sitting): Simon Holt, Ridley, Randal, Philip Start, Nicholas Packwood, London, Weedon, Peter Symondson.

Also in the group was Mrs Lewis as the Form Mistress. “But don’t forget to call me Ma’am as in jam, and doff the cap!”

I wonder where everyone is now?



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  • Lovely ! I was passing the Bowls club along the Preston Road recently when I thought about Mrs. Lewis’s husband who I was told had played for England ! Your class may have been the last at the Queens Park site since I recognise the bank by the new refectory and the old Prep school building! That would date your picture as September 1965! This also places me at the site in the first year in the Quad. The following year we were in the Upper drive ! I think Mark Cornwall and I were in the same 4 A side prep team that got slaughtered by Mcloughlyn’s side on their way to winning the cup the previous year. Quite a few other familiar faces in the picture.

    By Damien wan (02/07/2019)
  • Innocent days!
    Anyone remember Mrs Lewis’s table leg stick? About 12” long, black gloss with Mother of Pearl inlay, I clearly recall the sting as it smacked across my hand!
    Other memories of the old school include sliding down the steep quad on a tray in the icy winter of ‘66; battles between boys lobbing stones at each other across the playing fields, and the Pepper Pot in Queens Park.

    By Peter Symondson (11/10/2019)
  • Vivid memories of this photo being taken! Re Damien Wan’s comment above, Marjorie Lewis was my second cousin, and her bowls playing husband was Ralph. I too remember most of these lads, but it’s great to be reminded of their names. Really strange, and a little concerning, to think that we’re all around 64 yrs now. God help us! Many thanks to Michael H for the photo.

    By Neville Gee (07/09/2020)
  • I am the 2nd person on the back row, someone has remembered me but misspelt my name, it’s John Allegri, after many years living in Exeter running a HiFi and Record Shop I have retired and returned to Brighton. I was very sad when they demolished the Villa, such a beautiful elegant building, if anyone deserves to be sent to room 101, it’s property developers!

    By john allegri (04/10/2021)
  • John Allegri was a good friend until he left the school . I also have this school picture.
    Great to have all the names listed – well done Michael Hearn. I am still in touch with some that we went to school with.
    I have been living in Saltdean since 1980.
    It was a crime to pull down the Atree villa.
    Best wishes to all.
    Guy Hetherington.

    By Guy Hetherington (04/03/2024)

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