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St Anne's Children's Home

Hi all,

I’m David Porter and also lived at St Anne’s Children’s Home between 68/69 – 75/76, to cut a long story short I was trying to contact Veronica Capaldi who was also a resident and that led me to this website where I saw many contributions by people I was at the Home with, like a lot of the contributors I too had many questions and was looking for answers and still am, unfortunately, a lot of ex-residents on the forum have not left an email address or any other means of contact, although a lot of the contributions are quite old now I’m sure that there are those who still check in now and again for any updates/information.
Luckily I am now in contact with Veronica Capaldi and Brenda Albert and being able to talk to them about experiences that took place 50 years ago has been very cathartic.
Veronica has set up a private Facebook group entitled ‘The Convent‘, it would be great to see more former residents join the group, I can be contacted via email should any further info be required.
Best Wishes,
David Porter

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  • Hi, I’m Albert I lived in St Annes 75-78 great memories. Through this page I’m now in contact with Dave Porter. Would love to hear from anyone to share our experiences of St Annes. My email address is kind regards, Albert.

    By Albert (12/11/2023)

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