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Street Party in Whitehawk 1945

Street Party Whitehawk 1945
From the personal collection of Sarah Martin

This was a street party in Whitehawk, probably 1945 at the end of the 2nd World War. My great-aunt Lilly Gardner Is seated in the front row looking at the camera. They lived in Twineham Road so this may be where the party was.

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  • Great picture, but I doubt it’s Twineham Road. That road was made up of council-built semis, and the houses in the picture are much older. I could be wrong, of course.

    By Janet Beal (17/03/2019)
  • Don’t think this can be a Twinehan Road, not with the bay windows as shown in the photo, more like the houses in Elm Grove?

    By Jan (18/03/2019)
  • I agree, definitely not Twineham Road with those bay windows, could be the Elm Grove area.

    By Jan (19/03/2019)

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