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The Harp Gardner Street

Gardner Street - The-Harp-circa-1946
From the personal collection of Bob Pelham

Now, this picture really is The Harp in Gardner Street. I used to go there regularly when I was about 14 years old. That would be about 1946. I went with my mother (Bobby) and her partner, Chris Meredith. They are standing on the right front & middle row respectively. The Landlord was Frank and the Landlady was Hilda. They are 6th and 5th from the right front row respectively. The pub was very small inside and I seem to recall having to lean against the wall to throw darts.

A move to Gloucester Road

About 1948 Frank and Hilda became proprietors of The Eagle in Gloucester Road. What an improvement. Not just an Ale Bar, but wines and spirits too. We had a thriving and successful darts team in which Chris and I were regular players in the Tamplins League. We were in the final one year, which was played on a stage in a hall at the top end of the Queens Square. We were runners up and given a cigarette lighter each. Very non-PC these days!

Any of the old crowd around?

I miss that lovely crowd as I am now 88, I doubt many of them are about today. Happy Times. Bob Pelham/Meredith

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  • Hi Bob, Frank and Hilda were my Auntie and Uncle, they took the Harp over from my grandad. My Uncle Tom Bodle is 3rd from right, front row and my Auntie Win on his left. To the right of him in my Nan, Ada Smith and my other Nan is on Frank’s right, my Granddad, Will Smith is behind her (with the moustache). Amazingly, my Mum and Dad, Ethel and Dave Howell aren’t, however I know that they all played in the darts team when they moved to the Eagle.

    By Dick Howell (10/03/2020)

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