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Two 1904 views of Rottingdean

I was fortunate enough to have recently obtained a small set of very early snapshots taken in our area, all dated 1904. The photographs are approx. 3″ x 2″, sepia-toned, and are remarkably sharp. With today’s technology I’ve been able to produce enlargements beautifully. I would guess the pictures were taken using 120 film with a Brownie-2 camera (or something similar), but I stand to be corrected !

I’m pleased to share these photos with “My Brighton & Hove”. I hope you enjoy them and very much welcome your information and comments. Here are two views from Rottingdean.

West Street, Rottingdean, in 1904 - from the private collection of Sam Flowers
The Crossroads, Rottingdean, in 1904 - from the private collection of Sam Flowers

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  • Are there any photos available of the Coastguard cottages Roedean.

    By Stephen Rowlins (07/08/2019)
  • Hello, Stephen – You asked this on 18th March, 2018, in the Local History Q. & A. section of the website. I answered the same day : not hearing from you, perhaps you hadn’t seen it ? Typing “Roedean Coastguard” in that section’s search box takes you directly there. I made suggestions for finding photographs and tried to explain the problem that exists (as I’ve understood it) of trying to determine exactly what were the coastguard cottages of the area as they had rapidly changed over time, through both administrative change and cliff erosion. I think a number of cottages in the area could possibly have qualified as being “Roedean Coastguard”. I hope this helps. – If you’re asking specifically about the 1904 photographs, no pictures of coastguard cottages were included in the set. – Best wishes, Sam.

    By Sam Flowers (10/08/2019)

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