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Reg Moores. Sports Stadium Brighton
From the private collection of Trevor Chepstow

Reg Moores was a talented entertainer and inventor who worked best in front of a live audience. On leaving the RAF, Reg took up professional ice skating and was soon a popular figure in the many ice shows produced at the Sports Stadium, Brighton.

Before radio mikes, skaters had to mime
In the early ice shows, the cast members had to mime the words and songs as modern day radio microphone transmission technology was not available. The dialogue was transmitted to the “Tannoy” system by a team of actors, hidden behind a screen, who would secretly perform the voice parts of the stars on ice.

Pioneered radio microphones
A keen electronics enthusiast, Reg pioneered one of the first radio microphones in the country to be used in the 1949 production of Tom Arnold’s ice show “Aladdin”. The radio microphone allowed the stars of the show not only skate, but also to sing and act the part in full.

The voice often didn’t match the face
Unfortunately, as in the silent movie era when stars of the silent screen went over to talkies, the voice often didn’t match the face! A similar thing happened with ice skaters! With very complicated jumps, turns and physically demanding roles, the skaters were often out of breath and unable to deliver their lines! As a result, the radio microphone was consigned to the back room and was not to appear for many years in its current form.

Reg’s prototype in the Science Museum
Reg never patented the idea because at the time he was using radio frequencies illegally. The Sports Stadium, built of ferro-concrete and steel, contained the illegal broadcasts within the building! The original prototype is on display at the Science Museum in London.

Multi-talented entertainer
A popular multi-talented entertainer Reg had the ability to turn his hand to anything and his range was astounding! Not only was he a speed skating champion he could stilt skate, juggle, barrel jump, unicycle and on top of this performed as a fire eater in many of the shows, just to mention a few of his talents!

Still entertaining people in 2005 he is currently a member of the “Magic Circle” and won the accolade of European Whistling Champion in 1996.

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  • I wonder – did Reg work in the London Road Co-op, would have been mid 60s?  I seem to recall his face.

    By Lynn (19/03/2008)
  • Yes, Lynn, Reg was a television engineer at the London Road Co-op, where the manager of the Radio and TV department was Bill Pitfield, who had also been with Reg in the Holiday on Ice Shows.

    I was a salesman in the same department for about three years in my mid teens.

    By The Revd. Peter Allsworth (25/06/2008)
  • He also worked at Brighton Poly in the 1980s and his office was a window into a sadly bygone time. Valves and circuitry from old radios filled his desk and Big Band music played on the “wireless”. A lovely, unassuming man.

    By Glen Robins (18/05/2009)
  • I remember Reg when he came from the Co-op to Scotts Radio in London Road where I worked in the TV engineering department. Ironically I left Scotts and then worked for the Co-op as a TV engineer. Reg would often visit us at the Co-op and once popped a petrol soaked bandage in his mouth and blew a sheet of flame across the workshop. Reg also built a circuit board for me for a very sensitive metal detector which netted me many valuable finds. A very nice genuine person.

    By James Gaitley (21/01/2010)
  • Reg is a very good friend of mine. He is a member of A.C.E.S. Magic Society (check website acesmagic.co) Did you know that he invented the Bunco ladder for the Paul Daniels Bunco Booth on his television program. He was also the World National whistling champion and had many more accolades to his name .He hasn’t been to well lately but would love to hear from any friends through the website.

    By Martin Lewis (01/04/2010)
  • Martin, if you are in contact with Reg, remind him of Fred Lewis who was our chief TV engineer at the Brighton Co-op. Fred once told me he was pub with Reg when Reg was having a few heated words with someone. Apparently when it started to get a little out of hand, Reg, pointing at Fred, warned the other chap that his large friend Fred would come over and thump him. Poor old Fred must have been mortified, and never looked too happy when telling that story.

    By James Gaitley (02/04/2010)
  • I met Reg when he was working as a TV engineer at Scotts radio which was based at 63 London Road Brighton. I can recall the huge aerial mast on the roof. I was a trainee radio and TV engineer at the time.

    By Tony Finch (13/11/2019)
  • Anyone who knew Reg still reading this..? I’m writing a book about the history of ice skating in Brighton and would love to learn a bit more. When did he pass away..? You can email me at valabe@icloud.com.

    By Valerie Abraham (08/05/2022)

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