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10th Hove Scout Club

10th Hove Scout and Cubs Clubs
Njck Lade

Well it is a Sunday, and pouring with rain, and blowing a gale outside, so let’s take a look at my box of memorabilia!

When at junior school I was a member of 10th Hove (Holy Trinity) Wolf Cubs and Boy Scouts and found, deep down in my box, my old membership cards.

Did anyone else belong to this group as see no other references to it on this site?  If you can share any memories, please leave a comment below.

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  • Hi Nick
    I went to 10th Hove Cubs and scouts
    I was born in 1954
    I remember the Arkela was a Miss White?
    Names I rember, John Nutley and Stan Furlong, the scout hut is still there.
    I lived in Cowper St.

    By Dav Sanders (12/12/2019)
  • Hi…I was also a member of this troop, both cubs and scouts. I see Stan Furlong every week and still see John Nutley every now and then. In the scouts I was the Bulldog Patrol Leader, Stan was the Falcon (?) Patrol Leader, John (Fred) Nutley was Kestrel (?) Patrol Leader…
    There is/was a group of us that moved on to Nansen Venture Scouts and have stayed together ever since.
    Have lots of pics of various camps.
    Other names to remember …
    Geoff Thomas – recently passed.
    Nick Driver (see him weekly).
    Simon Driver.
    Skip Wigley.
    David Plenty.

    By Geoff Earl (18/03/2023)
  • Geoff, I was in the 1st Hove cubs and scouts before joining the 10th when I started HGS and Trud Constable asked me to switch because they wanted me in their football team. I thought you were in the 1st cubs previously as I remember being responsible for breaking your arm – which I still think about with sorrow. Hope you are well.

    By Mick Wright (19/03/2023)

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