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Alpine Rovers Football Club

Founded by pupils from Hove Grammar

Alpine Rovers Football Club was referred to by John Hewitt some weeks ago. This was a team which, initially, was founded by pupils of Hove County Grammar School for Boys in the early 1960’s. Pupils from other nearby schools then joined as the team expanded.

Relatively short life

Throughout its relatively short life, the team played in the Sussex Sunday League and although it started in one of the lower leagues worked its way up to a good standard. As this was over 50 years ago, detailed memories fade but others no doubt will be able to fill in more details.

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Help with names?

Attached are some team photos taken during the period of 1964 to 1967. Where I can remember I’ve written the names but there are gaps which others might like to fill and indeed make corrections to my errors.

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1964-65 1st X1 v Hove Corinthians : Team members of the 1964-65 photo v Hove Corinthians Back Row: left to right: Mick? Mills, Ken Bridle, Dud Whittaker, Graham Tate, John Draper, John Sullivan. Front Row: Alan Barnard, Andy? Slater, Ivor Mills, Geoff Garland, Alan Brackley.
From the private collection of Dudley Whittaker
1st X1 1965-66 season: 1965-66 season Back Row:left to right: Dave Bunker, John Sherborne, Ken Bridle, Pete Lawrence, Dave Spratt, Rod? Waters. Front row:Dudley Whittaker,John Draper, R [Bob?] Greed, Geoff Garland, Trevor Stil
From the private collection of Dudley Whittaker
1st X1 1966-67 season: Back Row: left to right: Dennis Knight, Geoff Garland, Russ Davies, Dave Bunker, Dudley Whittaker, John Phillips [Manager], Terry Graves. Front Row: Ken Bunker, R[Russell?] King, Mick? Harrison, Rodney Edgerton, Mick Connor, Pete Lawrence.
From the private collection of Dudley Whittaker

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  • I think that’s Anthony Slater in the front row of the top phot. I’m sure it’s Mick Mills at the back  and I think the referee in the second one is Pete Mason. He and I started at about the same time. I don’t know how long he carried on refereeing, I did about twenty-five years!

    The top photo was taken at our last game of the season. The game was played at a special school in Ovingdean. We didn’t have a home pitch so thirteen of our sixteen games were played at Wright’s Farm, on Brighton Race Hill. There were no changing rooms nor any form of shelter. As far as I can remember, no-one had a car so we had to get the bus from Portslade Station!

    By Alan Brackley (15/01/2017)
  • Yes some great memories. Alan Brackley got me to play when I returned from Cornwall. First game was at Wright’s farm, I was playing under someone else’s name and the Argus turned up to take team photo, I think we got away with it. Somewhere I have team photo of second team at Nevil rec. where pitch was very narrow even short throw went into the penalty spot. When John Philips took over as manager – we were very forward thinking played 4 4 3 and even numbered the back four 2, 3, 4, 5, so left back wore 5.

    By John Hewitt (18/01/2017)
  • This John Sullivan isn’t John William Patrick Sullivan (maybe Jim Sullivan) by any chance, is it?

    By Kieran Sullivan (11/11/2018)
  • I’m unsure if this is the same John Sullivan you refer to, but he lived on West Hove seafront in the last house at the bottom of Station Road/Boundary Road.

    By Dudley Whittaker (12/11/2018)
  • I played with a lot of the guys under John Phillips and remember them fondly. Geoff Garland was a great bloke and Micky Harrison., Russ Davies et al. I remember John Hewitt too -‘both from school and Alpine and Hangleton., Sadly lost Trevor ( chunky ) Still who I played with from school boy football through to our time at Worthing fc.
    Great memories from so long ago .
    Graham ( Gil ) Harding.

    By Graham ( Gil ) Harding (20/09/2020)
  • I was manager of the 2nd team from 1966-1969 and we progressed from the 7th division to the 5th division of the Sussex Sunday League, we used to meet at the Hangleton youth club and then down to the Grenadier for a couple of pints, I remember most of the players in the photos , we also had the late Peter Brackley playing for the 2nd and third teams, I moved away from the Brighton area in 1974 so lost touch , Richard Pearson was one of the founders and we had Roy Shephard,(Brighton Tigers) as president, many happy memories.

    By Michael HORNE (08/10/2020)
  • I remember you well Michael because, together with John Phillips you kept Alpine Rovers going.
    Like you, Having lived away from the Brighton area for many years[ since 1972 it’s always good to hear of old friends. I hope you are keeping well.

    By Dudley Whittaker (09/10/2020)
  • I played for Alpine with Gil Harding, Albion’s Bobby Smith and John Napier were the coaches, we played at Southwick county ground, I also played for Southwick on Saturdays.
    Great days.

    By Dennis Fiore (15/02/2021)
  • Also sadly lost Russ Davis, worked with Russ and played a lot of golf with him, great competitor.

    By Gerald Millard (16/05/2022)

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