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Brighton Lions Carnival 1960s

Brighton GNTC (sea cadets)

This photograph was taken of our float in the Lions Carnival in the 1960s.

Standing on top of the car, disguised as a boat – was me and Angie Wilson.

Cannot remember who sat in the little dinghy being towed. The procession went from Grand Avenue Hove to Preston Park.

Do you remember?

Do you remember this carnival? Were you in the Lions Carnival procession? Please share your memories by posting a comment below.

Brighton GNTC Carnival 1960s
From the private collection of Irene Dobson (nee Budd)

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  • Myself and another cadet carried the canoe from Grand Avenue to The Old Steine (I think) had to give up and pass the task to 2 other girls due to fatigue and blisters. Gosh it was hot in our bell bottom trousers and white fronts.

    I mentioned some of that in a previous post and how the Patrick’s car wouldn’t start for a while, holding up all the floats behind us.

    I’m trying to remember the year. I think it was about 1965/6. So good to see the photos thanks to Irene.

    By Helen Shipley (31/10/2021)
  • My Mum & Dad, Betty & John Patrick were officers with the Brighton & Hove GNTC & Sea Cadets in the 1960s & I remember this carnival & several camping trips well. I was 5-6 years old & in the car. Because of the plastic sheeting wrapped round it to make it look like a boat the engine overheated & we held everything up for what seemed like ages. Boy was it hot in the car too! I also remember several trips out in the boat which was called Stroppy. One in Shoreham harbour when Mum could only manage to row in circles which was a bit worrying with a very large ship coming towards us & another time out at sea with Dad & the outboard motor packed up & Dad had forgotten to put the oars on board! Happy days & memories.

    By Debby (08/12/2022)

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