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Brighton SeaCadets/GNTC

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From the personal collection of Irene Dobson (nee Budd)

Brighton SeaCadets/GNTC

Brighton Girls Nautical Training Corps was launched at Brighton Sea Cadet unit at the Benson Memorial Hall – Tuesday 15th Feb 1966.

This photo was printed in the Brighton Herald.

L – R. Mrs Betty Patrick – Christine ? – Mrs Beaumont- Angela Wilson – Helen ? – myself Irene Budd – Leila Beaumont and Sheila Hollman.

We had many happy times until the girls unit folded a year or two after. (Apologies if I got any names wrong). The only girls I still see are Angela and Sheila.

Does anyone have any more photos from our time together.

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  • Wonderful to see the photos and read about GNTC. First time I’ve seen any photos since the time they were taken. I’m afraid I can’t remember any other names either. Thank you for posting them.

    So many memories but I know I’ve forgotten more than I remember. I do remember the carnival though and getting blisters from carrying the canoe. How embarrassing it was that the car wouldn’t start, holding up the procession for agonising minutes. What a hot day it was too.

    Best wishes,

    Helen Clifford as was.

    By Helen Shipley (31/10/2021)
  • Betty & John Patrick were my Mum & Dad & it was our car towing Stroppy the boat. I was about 5/6 & in the car. It was so hot inside & the plastic sheeting wrapped round it to make it look like a boat (maybe not one of Dad’s brightest ideas) made the engine overheat. Happy memories though of this & several camping trips with the GNTC & the Sea Cadets. Songs around the camp fires & cows being let into the field by the farmer & getting into the food tent!

    By Debby (08/12/2022)
  • Hi Debbie,
    Just wondered if your mum and dad had any other photos from our time in GNTC, Brighton Sea cadets.
    Are they still around?
    Regards Irene.

    By Irene Dobson (03/04/2023)

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