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Latimer Archery Club: Clarendon Villas, Hove

Left to right, Peter Lane, David and, Phillip Lorrimer, David Pate, Warren Green, Christopher Stone, John Granshaw (me) and Glenn Cork.

I am very sorry if I have got any names wrong, please post a comment below if I have.

If you recognise yourself or anyone else, please post the information below. Please pass on to anyone who is still around.

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  • The guy in the middle listed as David Pate looks more like Graham Edwards, could be wrong it was a long time ago.

    By Graham Lade (01/08/2019)
  • I think you are right, I had that same thought before reading your reply! Spooky. I still have my robot, I bet you don’t still have your Landrover. Do you remember we use to swop? Also do you remember flying my parachutist from your house window at the fire station and one day it just flew off in the wind?

    By john (04/08/2019)

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