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Maurice 'Cocker' Taylor

This is my grandad Maurice William Taylor who was born at Brighton General Hospital in Elm Grove on the 23/06/1923. He was a sailor for the duration of WWII. When he left the Royal Navy, he went straight to work Brighton Station.

He worked as a train driver till his death in November 1985.  He was known to his colleagues on the railway by his nickname ‘Cocker’.  We are not certain of the date of the photo but it was taken just before his death, so is c1984/85. The family lived in Maresfield Road and all our generations of family have been born at Brighton General Hospital or the Royal Sussex County Hospital to date.

It would be terrific to know if anyone remembers him.

Maurice 'Cocker' Taylor chats to the Mayor and Mayoress of Brighton
From the private collection of the Taylor family

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  • Hi Natalie. Who were your Grandfather’s parents? My mum was a Taylor, I will check my data to see if there is a connection.

    By Maralyn Eden (16/08/2009)
  • Hi Natalie, I knew your grandfather well, I too was a train driver at Brighton. My wife Pat and I also know your Mum,The photo’ is exactly as I remember ‘Cocker’.

    By Fred Gething (28/10/2009)
  • Just stumbled across this site and when I found the picture of Uncle Maurice, it pulled at my heart strings. I am your Mum’s cousin living at the moment in Cornwall. Do you remember we all met up at Fishersgate about 3 years ago? I loved staying with them all when I was young – it was always such fun, and being an only child I felt your Mum and her sister were almost like my sisters too.

    By Pauline (20/11/2009)
  • Hi Maralyn. My grandad’s parents were Sarah Jane and William, and brothers and sisters were Uncle Harold and Win, both deceased, and Sheila and Derek still with us. Thank you to Pauline and Fred – my mum Vicky and Aunt Rae remember you both and have chatted tonight. I also would love information about his Navy career if any one could let me know. Also his naval tattoo as I would like this so I can have it done with his memory. Thank you all again.

    By Natalie (03/07/2010)
  • Hi Natalie, I was also a train driver at Brighton and knew Cocker well, he used to call me Captain, God knows why. I also remember your mum worked in the kitchens at the RSCH when I was in there for a spine op and dared to complain about the food. That was in 1979 and there was still a Matron then although they had already been given some fancy new name. I also knew your grandfather Bill, another train driver who lived in The Crescent, Moulescombe and we very often walked home together at the end of our shifts.

    By Ted Janes (09/02/2015)
  • Hi Natalie, had a senior moment in my previous message! Of course it was your Gran who worked at RSCH – name of Nell I believe. It was Great Grandfather Bill who I walked home with on many occasions. Sorry for the faux pas, I’m sure Cocker will forgive me.

    By Ted Janes, (10/02/2015)

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