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Scout Camp mid 1960s

This photo was taken at a Scout training camp c1964. Many of the group were from Brighton and Hove, but I don’t have any names for them.

Can you recognise yourself or anyone else? If you can, please leave a comment below.

Scout training camp c1964
From the private collection of Colin Webb

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  • 2nd from the left in the middle row is my old scout master, Vic Carter, who is still going strong. I saw him last at a concert I played in with Patcham silver band just before Christmas. It was great to see him, he was the scout leader of the Salvation Army scout pack in Brighton’s 36th Brighton Scouts.

    By Cliff Pittam (16/02/2012)
  • 4th from right front row is Cec Goddard, ran many, if not most training courses around that time.

    By Colin (13/04/2014)
  • I don’t know any of the people in this photograph,but it looks like a Wood Badge course which is is a Scouters advanced level of Leader Training, was this taken at Gilwell or another Training Site?

    By JOHN WIGNALL (13/10/2019)

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