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Old Contemptibles c1960s

This is a group of ‘Old Contemptibles’ at the War Memorial in the Old Steine. The photograph was taken for the Brighton and Hove Herald in the mid 1960s.

My father George Robert Powell is shown third from the left, but who are the other Old Chums in this picture? If you can identify one of your relatives or friends, please leave a comment below.

War Memorial group c1960s
Reproduced with the kind permission of The Argus

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  • Have looked for this photograph for years.  The gentleman, third from the right at the front, is my grandfather, Charles Leslie Trotman.  I have been checking out his WW1 history and as  far as I can make out he served with the navy but I do remember his pride in being one of the ‘old contemptibles.’  Was this accurate when he was in fact with the RNVR at the beginning of the war?  He saw active service throughout the war.

    By Kathryn Graham (04/11/2013)
  • The old chap on the extreme right holding the Old Contemptible flag is Reginald Weeden, my great aunt’s husband.  He was secretary of the Brighton branch for many years.  He saw action on the western front throughout the war serving with the Duke of Cambridge Own (Middlesex) Reg. 2nd batttalion.

    By John Everett (10/05/2016)
  • The gentleman holding the lighter coloured standard on the far right wearing the glasses looks very much like my grandad William David Measor,also secretary for many years. He served through many of the campaign’s and was injured, he served in the Home Guard during WW11.

    By Gillian Connor (05/01/2021)
  • The Gentleman holding the Standard is William David Measor he is also My Grandfather. The Old Contemptibles used to come down to Aldershot Garrison Church. As children we used to “march” with them from the NAAFI to the church. I have a photograph of him with the flag.

    By Jane Coleman (11/05/2022)

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