Harry Edwards: 'entertainer'?

The first photo here could be of Harry Edwards because ‘H.Edwards’ is embossed on the bottom with the address 10 Lewes Road Brighton.  It was sent to my grandmother, Nellie Smith (nee Grace). I do not know who the lady is.

The second photo shows Harry with Ethel and ‘baby’, who I think could be my great aunt (if it is my great aunt, her maiden name was Smith – she would be Nellie’s sister-in-law).

The last photo is of Harry and Babs ‘Entertainers’.

I would love to know if anyone recognises these people or knows anything about them. Please email if you do.
Maralyn Eden: mjeden@mjeden.fsnet.co.uk

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  • Nellie Smith, nee Grace, is my grandmother. Her son, my father, Earnest Albert Smith had three children; Jennifer, Roy and Graham.  Harry and my son look similar.

    By Jennifer Tonks (27/07/2008)
  • I am curious Harry Edwards was my Great Uncle.
    I do not recognise any of the other names. My father (Harry’s nephew) is Robert Edwards, he had a brother John and has a brother Peter. If you really know Harry Edwards you will know something about these brothers. Please e-mail me with any information, especially on the Chatfields and Comforts.

    By GlyniS Leaney (Nee Edwards) (18/08/2008)

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