The Roamers: Old Folks' Entertainers

My mother and a few of her friends formed an entertainment group during the 1970s, they travelled around the Brighton and Hove area entertaining pensioners in old folks clubs. These paper clippings and photos are from the Brighton and Hove Gazette and The Evening Argus of 1972 and 1975.

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  • Hi I was so thrilled to see the photo of The Roamers Concert Party. I am the daughter of Mons Whittington who ran The Portslade Social Club at Portslade Town Hall and the group visited frequently to entertain and were always warmly welcomed. Prior to Portslade Town Hall the club was run from St Phillip`s Church Hove and I well remember all the Brighton and Hove Albion footballers who helped with the ambulances for the more disabled members. I would love to hear from anyone who was in any way connected to Toc H or the club . I now live in Redcar, Cleveland so it is so nice to have these memories surprising me on this site. Best wishes to all and a Happy Christmas

    By Sylvia Carey (Whittington) (24/11/2008)
  • I was just browsing through the site and what a surprise, there in the picture is my late mother-in-law Gertie Burgess. I remember her belonging to a group, but never really knew who they were. Often we would say would you like to come over tomorrow Nan, and she would reply no sorry I am out with the group at such and such a place. She had a beautiful voice and I can clearly remember her singing at my wedding, she sang ‘Danny Boy’ plus others but that one will always stay with me. Whenever I hear it I think of her.

    By Wyn Burgess (01/03/2010)

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