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Totland Road Coronation Party 1953

This was our street party which was held on Saturday 6 June 1953. Unlike the actual Coronation Day which was wet and miserable our day was sunny. We all wore hats made out of crepe paper which my mother had made.

Coronation street party
From the private collection of Kathy Nichols

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  • Totland Road and Picton Street I remember were very well known for their neighbourliness with street parties accepted as a hallmark of both. When the war ended, I recall my parents remarking on the certainty of both places having parties to remember – and so it was; parties reported on in the local press with people from further away visiting to see!

    By Ron Spicer (11/07/2008)
  • Does anyone remember Pat Fry of Totland Road. Born about 1945ish. Is she in the Coronation street party photo? As a young man she was the love of my life!

    By Bob Munro (07/11/2012)
  • Hi Bob. Yes I remember Pat, we used to play together although she was two years younger than me. She is in the photo, she’s 8th from the left on the pavement between a boy and a girl. Her mother is the lady on the extreme left. Unfortunately I lost touch with her in 1964 when I left Totland Road. Regards 

    By Kathy Nichols (09/11/2012)
  • Hi, has anybody pictures of Manor Road coronation 1953.

    By Thomas Victor Fulker (08/12/2012)
  • Hi Kathy and Bob. What a nice surprise to see the coronation street party photo. The photo was taken two weeks after my ninth birthday, I look so young as does my lovely M-um I think she is the only adult in the photo who is still with us. I have such happy memories of my childhood and teenage years there. I left Totland Road in 1967 when I married Dave and moved to Woodingdean. Regards

    By Pat Carpenter (nee Fry) (09/12/2012)
  • Hi Kathy, I hope you are still getting messages, are you any relation to the Nichols who had a family butchers/grocers on Richmond St, I believe? Did you/do you know an Anthony N Nichols? He’d be 88 now I believe. I’m trying to trace family and friends so any info you have would be fantastic, Thanks, Nathan.

    By Nathan (15/12/2020)

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