Gravett family

My grandfather, Charles William Gravett
Photo suppled by my mum Winnie, who dug all our history out of the blitzed ruin of 40, Sussex Terrace 1942
Grandad and Nan Edith Gravett (nee) Willard
Photo supplied by my mum Winnie and her shovel
My Nan, who made sure all the surviving family had a home to come back to before dying just after WW2
Photo supplied by my mum, Winnie

The first child that lived – or at least the first one I know of – was my Granddad Charles William. He was born in 1871 at the family home at 15 Tidy Street. After that came Alfred in 1874, Nelly in 1876, Ernest in 1879, and Nora in 1881. I know there were others, but if they lived, all pictures were lost when our house was bombed in 1942. Also living at the house was William’s niece Frances C Wingfield, who was born in 1871. My great-great-granddad William worked as a greengrocer’s assistant, and eventually became a partner I think, as my Granddad owned it later on.

My Grandad Charles
As my Granddad Charles got older he eventually decided that he needed a bit more adventure and decided to enlist in the army as a Donkey Whollapper or Lancer to the rest of the Army. On the 23rd April 1889 he enlisted in The 5th Royal Irish Lancers. He was 18 years and 4 months old. This is a photo taken not that long after he joined. But I’m jumping ahead of myself, because on Christmas Day 1894 (another present saved!) along with about six other couples a mass wedding took place at St Peter’s Church Brighton and he married the beautiful (she told me herself) Edith Willard of Queens Park Rd Brighton. I don’t have a picture of my Grandmother at this time but will put photos of them both in their middle age further on.

South African War
My Granddad Charles served in the South African war where he was wounded and discharged. However, he was recalled less than a month later and went straight back again. After serving for another two years, he left the army with his little clutch of medals and returned to his home at 70 Franklin Rd Brighton. He had been busy in the family producing department. By 1902, when he returned home, he had at least two children, Charlie and George, and two or more who died at birth.

Emigrated to Australia
Charlie served in the first war and was very badly shell shocked and stuttered terribly. After he married, he lived on Bonchurch Road. George lived in Whitehawk up until the late 40s and then went to live in Australia. Before I get too far ahead these are some photos of my Granddad and Nan in about the 1920s. He died just after the Wall Street crash in America, which nearly made him go out of business.

Comments about this page

  • Regarding this web page about the name ‘Gravett’. Not a common name but, if one goes back in my family tree to 1688, a James Larbey married a Mary Gravett. Any relation do you think?

    By George Larbey (11/11/2006)
  • Hello George. I have only got as far back as the 1800s but, who knows, it’s possible. Once I get all the stuff I am trying to decipher from my Mum’s diaries etc onto this site, maybe something will turn up. By the look of my family’s noses on the photos I keep finding, they must go back to some Roman invaders I think (no offence to the Italians intended). Do you live in Brighton?

    By Patrick Collins (Catswhiskas) (11/11/2006)
  • Hi Patrick. No, I live in Hampshire. Know Brighton quite well. My wife’s family started off there and were married in St Barts on the London Road in 1927. We love that church – the choir is fantastic.
    My family started off in France and came over in the 1500s to make iron. (Men of steel)

    By George Larbey (14/11/2006)
  • Hi George. I was a choirboy at St Barts late 40s early 50s and also at St Peters. I went to St Barts school as well – not a very happy time I must say. Don’t know when my family came over, probably with William the Conquerer I expect to make trouble (‘Men of Normandie’).  “Mind that arrow Harold,  it’ll ave yer eye out.”

    By Patrick Collins(Catswhiskas) (15/11/2006)
  • I have found William Gravett (son of Charles Gravett) in my family tree. He married my Great Aunt, Ellen Redman in 1871 at St. Nicholas church. Her father was William James Redman a fruiterer/florist. Ellen’s brother Alfred John Redman was my Great Grandfather and worked as a draper at Hanningtons.

    By Geraldine (27/11/2006)
  • Hi Geraldine. We are related as Ellen was my Great Grandmother and Charles pictured above was her son. If you could get in touch with Jennifer at who is on the team of this site, she can with my permission give you my personal email address.  I’m sure I have some pictures and facts you would be interested in, including some pictures of your side of the family I think. My grandad pictured above was also a fruiterer and a partner in Gravett, Roberts and Levitt wholesale fruiterers, Brighton Hope to get in touch soon.

    By Patrick Collins(Catswhiskas) (28/11/2006)
  • My family come from Brighton, indeed I still have relatives living there. I can’t find your Gravetts directly in my family tree, but I am sure they fit in somewhere as there are so many branches of 7 or so children to trace down from, I cannot follow all paths. However, the names William & George figure heavily and my family lived in the Whitehawk, later Moulsecomb areas among others. The Gravetts moved to Brighton in 1851, previously many lived in Surrey/Sussex etc. I can trace my line back directly to mid 1500’s. If you can provide any further relatives names and details before, or around those mentioned here , I might be able to help. My e-mail address is

    By Andrew Gravett (03/12/2006)
  • I’d like to find descendants of my husband’s aunt & uncle. His aunt, Bertha Eileen Mary Bonney (known as Eileen) married Bill GRAVETT during WWII in London. We believe they had children Henry Bill, Eleanor & Ken. One story is that Bill Gravett was a Canadian Air Force member & that he returned with his unit after the war & Eileen & children went later. Eileen married a few times but she only had children to this first marriage. We know nothing more of Bill Gravett.

    By Denyse Bonney (31/12/2006)
  • I was a boy living in Sussex Square in 1947-53 and my father knew a Mr Gravett who I think lived in Whitehawk and drove a No 1 or No 3 bus, both of which terminated in Whitehawk. The registration number of the bus he often drove was CPM 16, which I often used to look out for when it stopped in Eastern Road by Sussex Square/Lewes Crescent, where he always gave me a wave. I seem to remember my father telling me that he did in fact emigrate to Australia about 1949. My father may have known him from being fellow members of the Brighton Labour Club in London Road, where I was often taken on a Saturday evening to the the concert room at the back of the club. Would that bus driver have been George Gravett?

    By Vic Bath (06/01/2007)
  • That would have been my Uncle George Gravett who went to live in Australia at that time. He died a few years ago but his sister still lives near the Sussex County Hospital.I still have his pictures from his going away party in Whitehawk.

    By Patrick Collins(catswhiskas) (08/01/2007)
  • One of my distant relatives, Edith Bushby married Ernest Gravett, the son of William Gravett and Ellen Redman at Church of the Annunciation in Hanover in 1897. Edith’s Father, William Bushby and her Grandfather George, were also fruiterers and greengrocers in Cheapside and London Road, Brighton
    in 1860 – 1880s.

    By Davidii (12/07/2007)
  • Must be related in some way then. If you want any pictures sending through of some of the past Gravetts just ask Jennifer for my email address and I will copy some for you. Regards .Pat.

    By Patrick Collins(Catswhiskas) (21/07/2007)
  • My great, great, great grandfather’s second wife was Frances Tully. Before she was married, Frances had one daughter, Frances Dunn Tully. Frances Dunn Tully married William James Redman and was Ellen Redman’s mother. My relatives also lived in Tidy Street and ran the public house at number 23.

    By Susan Cudmore (28/07/2007)
  • In response to Patrick Collins’ comment of 09/01//2007 – I would very much like to be sent some copies of the photographs that he mentioned of the going-away party in Whitehawk. It is quite possible that my parents went to that event. My address is

    By Vic Bath (08/10/2007)
  • My GGGrandparents were William James Redman and Fanny Dunn Tully (Susan 28/7/07) My GGrandfather Alfred John Redman (Ellen’s brother) was a draper at Hanningtons store. Lucy Redman, my grandmother, married into Light family – tailors (and boot makers) in Camelford Street, Cranbourne Street etc.

    By Geraldine (24/10/2007)
  • I wonder if it is possible that the Gravett family you are related to could be same as mine? My fore fathers were settlers by the name of William Gravett and George Taht who sailed from England. I am trying to trace their heritage back to England hope you can be of assistance.

    By Jacques Bronkhorst (19/11/2007)
  • May I add the Taylor connection to your Gravett stories? Fanny Dunn Tully’s mother married Robert Taylor in 1848, the beerhouse keeper at 23 Tidy Street, Brighton. After he dies she is listed as Proprietor in 1871, with a young William Redman living there. I have extensive information on the Taylors to share, but for now, here are the connections between Taylors, Tullys and Gravetts. Frances Anne Tully – Frances was an unmarried mother, quite scandalous at the time, especially as she was aged 26 when she had her daughter. No father is listed, but the middle name DUNN gives a clue as to who Fanny’s father was. When Robert Taylor marries Frances in 1848 Fanny is 16 years old. When Robert dies in 1871 Frances (aged 65) is taken in by other family members, but by 1891 she is in the Workhouse, described as “pauper and imbecile” – probably suffering from dementia.
    1841 – dressmaker, Hood St Brighton, with Fanny, brother Edwin Tully (b 1816 in Sussex, butcher) and mother (also) Frances Tully
    1851 – 23 Tidy St Brighton with Robert – age 45
    1861 – 23 Tidy St Brighton, with Robert – age 55
    1871 – 23 Tidy St, Brighton, with daughter Mary A. Taylor, and visitor, William Redman, greengrocer, age 16
    1881 – retired publican, living with Gravett family at 15 Tidy St, Brighton, as grandmother – age 75
    1891 – pauper, imbecile (b in Lindfield Sussex) – age 88
    Fanny Dunn Tully
    b May, 1832, christened 20 May 1832 at St Nicholas CoE, Brighton
    d September q 1864 in Brighton
    mother: Frances Tully,
    NO FATHER listed
    m December q 1849 to
    William James REDMAN ,
    b abt 1830 in Brighton
    d March q 1883 at Steyning ? FREEBMD
    1861 – fruiterer, 26 Tidy St
    1881 – fruiterer, 2 Rose Hill Terrace,
    1. Frances Jemima
    2. Ellen
    b 8 February, 1852
    m in March q 1871 St Nicholas Brighton to
    William GRAVETT,
    b abt 1851
    d March q 1887 at Steyning
    – Charles William (1872)
    – Alfred H. (1874)
    – Nelly (1876)
    – Ernest (1879)
    – Norah (November, 1880)
    – Minnie (1885)
    – Herbert G. (1888)
    – Lillian D. (September, 1890)
    3. William J. b abt 1855
    1881 – greengrocer’s assistant
    1891 – greengrocers assistant, 38 Belgrave St, Brighton
    1901 – fruiterer
    m to Elizabeth Someone
    b abt 1865 in Horsham Sussex
    – William J. E. (1889)
    4. Frederick Henry, b abt 1856 in Brighton1891 – fruiterers Salesman, 101 Carlton Hill
    m in March q 1876 to Louisa RYDE
    b abt 1853
    d December q 1890 at Steyning
    – Frederick E (1877)
    – Florence E. (1879)
    – Alice (1882)
    – Daisy E.A. (1888)
    m2 in September q 1891 to Ellen Louise George
    5. Alfred John b abt 1860 in Brighton
    William James REDMAN m 2nd wife
    Georgiana, had 3 chn
    – Emily Anne,
    – Margaret Georgiana &
    – Florence Alice

    By Mark Taylor (07/02/2008)
  • My great grandmother, Winifred Richardson (nee Gravett), was born in Brighton in 1879. Her parents were Morris Edwin Gravett and Elizabeth Holden. Along with my cousin I run a small Gravett research group and this year we will be holding our seventh Gravett family reunion. Through various sources we’ve traced the Gravett family back to the early 16th century and possibly a bit earlier. As your Gravetts and mine are both from the Brighton area there is a possibility they are related in someway. I’m happy to share info with you.  Please get in touch by email, especially if you’d like to attend the Gravett Gathering this year.

    By Matt Donovan (25/05/2008)
  • Hello Pat, It’s your cousin Gillian! Debs sent me this link and we’ve probably got shed loads of photos and memories/info to contribute. I know Dad was working on a family tree and it’s in his things (that we’re still sorting out). Fancy keeping in touch?

    By Jill Palmer (nee Gravett) (12/07/2008)
  • I never knew there were so many Gravetts! I am the grandaughter of Alf and Peggy Gravett, and the daughter of Peter and Jill Early and have lived in Brighton all of my life. It’s a real surprise to know there are so many branches on the family tree!

    By Bonnie (13/07/2008)
  • Hiya Jill. Bonnie and Debs. Nice to know your still around as I lost all contact with the family after mum died 3 years ago, I now live on a farm near Skegness Lincs, Would love to see you all again. I have asked Jennifer to let you have my email address so if you contact her on this site she will tell you  Maybe we can get a meeting arranged ? Hope to hear from you soon. Pat

    By Pat Collins(Catswhiskas) (19/07/2008)
  • This is fascinating. For years I’ve been under the impression that our branch of the Gravett family was the only one in Brighton.
    I don’t know much of the history, but my grandparents are Gloria & Jim Gravett, had 5 children, Linda, James (Robert by birth), Carol, David & Dawn. James Gravett is my father who is married to Janet. Jim and Gloria have (as far as I know) always been in Brighton – certainly my dad grew up there, close to Whitehawk, but more around the Freshfield Road direction. I remember as a child, we were the only Gravett’s in the phone book. I imagine there must be a connection somewhere?

    By Paul Gravett (moog) (28/07/2008)
  • Hello Paul Gravett, no I am not a member of the Gravett family, I have never used my computer to do anything like this before. I had previously had been looking for Woodingdean School, then came upon the article about the Gravetts. Your Father lived as a boy in Kipling Avenue in Woodingdean, in a Prefab, I lived with my Mum, Dad and Brother in Lockwood Crescent. When the new houses were built in Craven Vale in about 1953. My family and your Grandparents became neighbours with the Herriotts living on the other side of them. I moved away in 1968 after getting married. Your Father was always known as Jimmy.

    By Pat Cook ( Previously Denyer ) (09/08/2008)
  • Hi I have recently been looking at the name Gravett to see if there are any of my family still around. My father’s name was Michael William Gravett married to Susan Norma Bishop but then divorced. I was born 11/12/1965. My grandfather’s name was William Gravett but I do not know my grandmother’s name. I do not know anything else about that side of my family apart from my grandfather re-married a lady called Rosemary. My grandfather last lived in Craven Court, John Street, Brighton and died in Sept / Oct 1989. My father last lived in May Road, Brighton and died at the age of 53 in December 1989. Can anyone help me to see if I have any relatives? I am an only child and wanted to know if there is anyone else that I am related to on my father’s side. Thanks.

    By Marion Edwards (16/10/2008)
  • In the 50s and 60s I had a friend named David Gravett. He lived near the Duke of York’s cinema. His father had a business in Brighton. Unfortunately I moved away with my job and we lost contact. I would love to know what happened to him.

    By john farrell (20/10/2008)
  • I previously placed a comment in regards to finding any other relatives, and have since found out that my grandfather William Gravett used to work in The Old Ship Hotel Brighton in the cellars and that my step grandmother worked in the Royal Pavilion as a cleaner. My Father Michael Gravett was in the Navy when he met my mother Susan Norma Bishop. He then drove for Brighton bus company, then was a postman in the sorting office until he died in Dec 1989. I was born in 1965 and lived in old Shoreham Road (No 47 I think) then our family moved to May Road Brighton (top of Elm Grove). Would anyone know them or of them and be able to help me to find out if I have any relatives out there somewhere.

    By Marion Edwards (27/10/2008)
  • Regarding the Gravetts: I seem to have lots of Gravetts in my tree from Brighton area, going back to Mark Edwards who was with (not sure if they married) Elizabeth Gravett (mid 1800s) and they had lots of children.

    By Julia Wright (05/11/2008)
  • I am researching my Redman family tree who were centred round Horsham about 1800 onwards. William and Thomas who married Jane Sturt and they had my Grandfather Maurice born 1872. Is anyone related to me out there?

    By Victoria Manning (nee Redman) (22/11/2008)
  • I am Alex Gravett, grandaughter to Richard Gravett whose brother was Alfred Gravett. Great to see some photos of my family on this site, I was surprised to come across it actually!

    By Alex Gravett (16/01/2009)
  • Funny old world! I’m sat at home surfing the net as you do when I stuck my surname in Google and here I am. My name is Peter Norman Gravett born SE London 19th June 1943 as a Easterway and adopted, after being orphaned, by the family Gravett who themselves were from London. My dad, John Francis Gravett, himself adopted into the Payne family of Bermondsey, was married to Lena Louisa Gravett (nee Waters) from the Catford area.  By the time I was adopted they had moved from London to Brighton (down below the race course as far as I can tell) due to the war. Dad was fighting in Italy and Mum had been a nurse at the old London Hospital in Whitechapel before having a family. Initially there was a baby, Billy, who tragically died of meningitis. They then had an elder son, Michael Louise Gravett, whose family now live in New Malden in Surrey and a daughter, Mary Jane Gravett, who married Derek Cheesman from Hove. Their large family live in Adelaide, South Australia.  Mum and Dad moved into their own house at 167 Elm Drive, Hove 4, after the war and remained there till 1986. Dad had died about 1976 and Mum sold up and went to live with Mary in Adelaide utill she died in 1988.  I initially married Pearl Christine Hughes in West Blatchington church Hangleton in Dec ’65. With Pearl I have two sons: Sean Paul Gravett, now living in Norwich and Andrew David Gravett also in Norwich.  I was divorced in 1975/6. Remarrying Sally Anne Minty in August 1986 in Ardrossan, Scotland.  We now live in St Saviour, Jersey in the Channel Islands.  I initially went to school at the Knowell (?) School, Old Shoreham Road. Then Portland Road School. 11+ took me to the Grammar School up Holmes Avenue.  Not doing too well there I moved to Hove Manor School before Preston Technical College in Lewis Road. Leaving there to join the Royal Air Force in February 1959 at 15 and a half from which I retired in 1983 at 40 years old.  I apologise for not being too hot on dates of birth etc. But if anyone is building a family tree or the like please feel free to contact me at and I’ll do my best to scratch a brain cell or two. Looking me up might create a problem as I’ve ‘enjoyed’ the nick-name ‘Charlie’ since 1961 – don’t ask why!

    By Peter Norman Gravett (17/01/2009)
  • I would like to make contact with Mark Taylor for possible help with tacing an elusive member of my tree, Ellen Taylor, born 1874 Brighton, married to Frederick Charles Pope, 1895 in Brighton.

    By Tyler Gladman (29/01/2009)
  • Living in Canton, Michigan, have relatives in Alabama and Kentucky.

    By William Hugh Gravett (07/02/2009)
  • Hi Alex. Nice to see someone from Uncle Dick’s family on the site. Hope you and Steve etc are well. Not seen you since the 50s. Regards, your cousin Pat, Win’s son.

    By Patrick Collins(Catswhiskas) (13/02/2009)
  • I have in our family tree, Annie Maria Gravett married to James Woolett Nutley at Saint Nicholas Church, Brighton on 19th December 1869. Nutley was my late mother-in-law’s maiden name. I am in contact with Nutley offspring in Australia. Should you wish to contact me, my email address is

    By Jennifer Tonks (nee Smith) (13/02/2009)
  • My Great Grandfather was Samson Gravett, who married Elizabeth Mullard. He died at the Sussex County Hospital in Brighton in 1905, although I think at that time he was living in Burgess Hill. I believe they had at least eight children. I would very much like to make contact with any descendants. Should you wish to contact me, I am based in Edinburgh, my email is

    By Keith W McKenzie (27/05/2009)
  • I’ve just recently begun searching through my father’s line and found that my grandfather Charles Norman Taylor was born in Brighton in 1902 to Albert and Susannah Taylor (nee Brightwell). Albert’s father (unconfirmed at this early stage) may also have been Albert, in which case his father appears to have been Robert, the beer house keeper in Brighton who was married to Frances.?? Regards Gordon

    By Gordon Taylor (13/05/2010)
  • Enjoyed reading your site. I am married to a Gravett who was born in Brighton and we can trace the family back to Thomas Gravett and Ann Redman. Any relations?

    By Kim Gravett (04/06/2010)
  • It was suggested to me to come and have a look at this site. I am trying to find more information on who we believe are 4x great grandparents William Taylor, born we believe 1773, and Sarah Cosier born 1777. Sarah we know is from Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, William from a 1841 census is not. William and Sarah married 1802/3 in Stow, their first child Eliza was born / christened 1803, second child Robert born / christened 1806, Charles born / christened 1808 and we think Thomas born / christened 1811. We are led to believe that Robert married a lady by the name of Mary Balson in Feb 1837 in Stoke Damerel, Devon. In the same year Robert’s brother Charles brought Mary and her sister Caroline as assisted passengers by Messrs Walker & Co on the City of Edinburgh to arrive Sydney Town, 31st August 1837. We have no idea why Charles brought Mary out and not Robert. Another person now has Robert as William “Robert” born 1806 and his parents are the same as mine. And that Robert married a Knight lady in 1838 and that Robert died 1854 in Stow, I have only been able to find Eliza, Robert, Charles and Thomas as children of William and Sarah. If someone is able to help verify some of this for me, I would be so appreciative – as I live in Australia it is very hard for me to search English records. Thanks for any assistance given. Regards.

    By Christine Kennedy (nee Taylor) (01/11/2010)
  • Did anyone know a Reg Tully? He had a radio repair shop and used to charge accumulators.

    By Barrie Searle (15/03/2011)
  • Hi, I saw the comment by Kim Gravett regarding Thomas Gravett and Anne Redman, Thomas is my 4th great grand uncle. Thomas was a brother of Francis whom my line descends from. It would be great to hear from Kim Gravett.

    By Paul gravett (20/06/2012)
  • What a great site, so full of information. My ancestor was Thomas Gravett born around 1852 in Brighton. The 1861 UK Census found him in Steyning Workhouse near Brighton. In the 1871 UK Census he is listed as a soldier in Heston Barracks, London.

    By Nigel Gravette (02/04/2013)
  • Hi, I’m not sure I am related but I was born in Ashford in Kent in 1974 to Robert Leslie Gravett and lived in Heathfield near Brighton. My brother, Chris Gravett, lives in Brighton now. My dad was born in Frant near Tunbridge Wells; I don’t know much about his parents as they passed away when I was young.

    By Andrew Robertandy Gravett (04/04/2013)
  • My grandfather was a Gravett (thus, of course, it was my mother’s maiden name). Known as Alec Lancelot Gravett, he served in the British navy during the war but grew up in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, where his parents settled in the mid-1800s. He married my grandmother in Godalming, Surrey, and they raised their two daughters in Guildford before returning to South Africa (and the remaining Gravett family there) in their later life. If there is a connection with Brighton Gravetts I wouldn’t know, as family history on that side is sketchy, but I am intrigued because my son and family have settled in Brighton. Would be good to know they have, in a sense, returned to the family fold! Know of any Gravett South African connections from your family tree?

    By Lucille Parker (17/04/2013)
  • Seeing the comment about Thomas Gravett and his wife Anne Redman. Thomas and Anne were my third great grandparents, followed by Edward 1789, Henry 1837 and Charles Henry 1873.

    By David John Gravett (21/07/2013)
  • I have a watercolour of Newhaven fort and cliffs which was painted by a Sidney Gravett, a celebrated water colour artist who was active in the Newhaven area in the post war period. He was often seen riding off on his bicycle to paint, with his easel, brushes and paints strapped on the back. As this is an unusual name I am wondering if he was related to the Gravetts in Brighton. P.S. I am an editor and secretary of the OurNewhaven website and the picture mentioned can be found on our website –

    By Carol Walton (09/08/2013)
  • Hi Carol – my great grandfather was Stanley Gravett and his brother Sidney Gravett – I know nothing about Sidney other than he married a lady called Jessie and had four children: Wilfred, Douglas, Gordon and Winnie. I wonder if it’s the same man? I’d love to hear more about him if you have any information?

    By Alice Dunn (21/10/2013)
  • My cousin Maureen Gravett may be connected. Her parents were Leslie Alfred Gravett (1905-1943) and Lilian Marjorie Vicary. The Gravett family lived in Tonbridge but the Vicary family lived in Brighton.

    By Ian S Vicary (17/01/2014)
  • Hello all Gravetts, my father in law was John Gravett, born in Scotland in 1923 with a sister Margaret born 1927/8? Their father Albert/Bert was from Surrey  and a chauffeur. He had two sisters. My children Ross born 1981 and daughter Alix, 1985, are not aware of any Gravett relatives and would like to know if there are any out there. We are also on Facebook. Thanks.

    By Wendy Gravett (01/03/2014)
  • Great reading about the UK and Australian Gravetts. I am from the USA branch. We have pretty good records on my family tree back to 1730 and (with some holes- but all in the same county) back to a land grant in the Jamestown colony in 1619.  Thomas Gravett is listed in the records as being from “without Fleet St, London”  and he married an English girl from London in 1621. Gravetts are few and far between here in the USA and all seem to stem from this one fellow in Virginia. I would be most interested in any information anyone could provide for family references before 1619. Contact me at:

    By Paul Gravett (10/04/2014)
  • Hi, my name is Chantel. We live in S.A. My dad is W.H Gravett, he knows he has brothers and sisters. (Hello Chantelle. I am very sorry, but we are not permitted to publish requests for information about people’s whereabouts. I have published everything that I can, and hope that it generates some information about your family. I do hope that you are successful. Best wishes, editing team) 

    By Chantel Gravett (09/02/2015)
  • Hi, although not from Brighton I have traced my family line of Gravetts back to 1777 in Millbrook area of Southampton. John Gravett b1777 married Mary Hayman in Romsey 1806. John’s parents were William and Martha. William I believe was born in 1754 in Wickham, Hampshire but I’m still looking into this. Is there any link with your Gravett family in Brighton?

    By Natalie Thompson (29/04/2016)
  • I have found a Gravett family connection – not Brighton, but wonder if anyone has more information or connections to this branch? Gravett Phillips (son of Walter Phillips) married a Mary Broadhead in 1713. He was from London and a Quaker. I’m wondering if the Gravett name came down from either his mother’s side, or father’s side? Gravett and Mary had three children: Gidion Gravett Phillips (B: 1714); Martha Phillips (B: 1719) and Daniel Phillips (B: 1722). Gideon Gravett Phillips died in approx. 1800 and we have a copy of his last Will. Grateful for any insights or details anyone can provide – thank you!

    By Carrie Lowe (22/05/2016)
  • Hi, does anyone know of a William Gravett that used to work in the Old Ship Hotel, Brighton in the cellars? He last lived at Craven Road, Brighton and was originally married to Dorothy but in later years was either married to or lived with a woman who worked cleaning in the Royal Pavilion, Brighton by the name of Rosemary. He died in 1989. His son was Michael William Gravett, who also died in 1989. Michael’s last works was at Brighton post office and I am his daughter. I would like to know if I have any other relatives in the Brighton area. Any info would be appreciated.

    By Marion Edwards (31/08/2016)
  • I was browsing and came across this item. My grandmother was Nora Gravett, daughter of Ernest Gravett and Edith Bushby. I remember Grandma’s sister Minnie and brother Walter, but I believe she had four other siblings. I also have a very vague memory of meeting Edith when I was a toddler. I was thrilled to see a photo of Charles Gravett who would have been my 3x great grandfather. Are there other photos and info available as I would love to share them with my family?

    By Debra Green (11/03/2017)
  • Gosh, stumbled across this when researching my school days in Brighton. My grandfather was Sidney Gravett but he was rarely spoken about. He left my grandmother and moved to London with a new companion. Yes they had four sons, Gor, who had 3 children. The two boys sadly passed away and Maureen lives in Spain. Wilfred (Bill) who married Joan Smith, both deceased. They had a son Peter who tragically passed away two yrs ago. Douglas was my fatherand he married Winfred Olive Warmsley during WWII, both sadly passed away, Doug in 2010 and Olive in 2015. They had two daughters, myself, Carole and my sister who lives in NZ. MY parents moved to Australia in 1970 and enjoyed a
    long and healthy life. I too live very happily in Victoria, Australia. Aunt Winnie was never really embraced by the brothers and was hardly spoken about which is sad. I think she may have taken my grandfather’s side when he left my Grannie Jesse. I would love to hear from any relatives, Carole Gravett

    By Carole Gravett (16/05/2019)
  • Well how interesting to see ,
    I am Andrea Paddick nee Brashill / Brazil
    My nan grandmother was Nellie Bishop nee Gravett , the pictures shown are of my great grandmother and great great grandmother, I have the exact same photos.
    I can remember as a child meeting my Auntie Win and Auntie Sylvia, Uncle Dick and Uncle Alf , my nan use to talk about Uncle Charlie/Charles who lived in Australia so its so good to see this side of the family tree.
    I believe that one member of the family had traced the family back to the 1600s and also there was a coat of arms which incorporated 3 gloved hands ?? be good to find out… I’ve now got some brilliant information regarding my mums side of the family , Gravetts and Bishops.

    By Andrea Paddick (10/02/2021)
  • Hi.

    I am Ernest Gravett, great grandchild of Charles Gravett Brother, Ernest Alfred Gravett. Living in South Africa. How do I get into contact with you?

    By Ernest Gravett (05/05/2021)
  • I’ve just found a backpack with Wallet, bus pass, cash, glasses etc belonging to Ann Gravett in Brighton. If she is related to you then maybe you could put her in touch with me?
    Charlie 07816192689

    By charlotte High (01/12/2022)
  • I knew a marvellous Charles Gravett, a work colleague who like me taught A-level physics at Tottenham College in the ’80s. Charles had worked previously in the chemical industry, I believe. Charles was an excellent physics lecturer, very knowledgeable, conscientious, and precise. Charles took (early) retirement from Tottenham in 1987, when he was about sixty, I think, so may have been born about 1927 (possibly in the early 1930s if he was only in his mid fifties when he retired). Hence, Charles may have been Charles J Gravett, born in 1927, West Ham, mother Mancer; or Charles C Gravett, born in 1933, Guildford, mother Pullen. I understood Charles was married, but that he and his wife had had no children together. Charles was very kind to me. I’ve thought about Charles often over the subsequent decades. A truly wonderful man, one of the kindest people I have ever had the good fortune to know.

    By Chris Colenso-Dunne (23/07/2023)
  • I am quite late to this thread but researching family history, of course. My great grandfather is listed as Charles Gravett born in 1866 in New Shoreham with his residence in the 1871 census as New Shoreham. In the 1881 census he was listed as a boarder in Hove. There’s a huge gap until 1920 when he’s listed as a boarder in Cleveland Ohio. He had my grandmother quite late in life in 1923 with his much younger bride, my great grandmother. He is written as Charles George Gravett in one census but it was difficult to read so unsure if George was accurate. Given the Gravett name and general area I imagine we’re all somehow related but can’t get beyond him to any further ancestry. I haven’t seen his name listed in any of these comments so I’m unsure where else to look. There’s one very flimsy record that his father could have been named James but I haven’t gotten much from that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    By Jessica (06/12/2023)
  • Hello! My name is Handro Gravett, I’m 16 and my mother and father are Jolandi and Donovan Gravett. I saw the link to this post but I wasnt sure if you guys actually are part of my family. We have a branch of Gravetts in South Africa. My Grandfather was named Martinus Francois Gravett who married his wife Deney who is now called Deney Gravett.
    I do not know much about our family past but I do know that I am descended from Richard Gravett, High Sheriff of Bristol who was descended from John Gravett who served under Queen Elizabeth.
    That’s all I know so far, but, I am determined to learn more!

    By Handro Gravett (09/04/2024)

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