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Jaycee Furniture workers 1958

I was an Apprentice Cabinet Maker at Jaycee Furniture from 1955 to 1960. I started at the Hove workshop, Old Shoreham Road (next to the Goldstone Ground) in 1955 and then moved to Regent Hill, Brighton the same year.

Tea and lunch breaks were often taken outside in the sun, behind Marks & Spencers, as can be seen in photo. George Williams, seated left, was my Cousin’s (Roche Family) Uncle. George was a thorough Gentleman liked by all. The others are Cabinet Makers, Labourers and apprentices.

Some names escape me but from what I can remember, left to right: George Williams, Jimmy ?, Geoff Lewis, ??, Colin ?, should know! he was at my Bucks night, and I should know the Apprentice standing? He lived at Worthing and I used to give him a lift to work on my motor bike, in the ice and snow, scared the stuffing out of him!

Lunch Break at Jaycee Furniture summer 1958
From the private collection f Keith Upward

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  • I worked at Jaycee Furniture from 1963 until 1982. Although I started at the new factory at Woodingdean I do recognise some of the faces in the 1958 photo.
    Second from left is Jimmy Edwards, then Geoff Louis, fourth from left I think is David Knott and next to him is Colin Richardson. I am still in contact with David Knott and will ask him if he knows the names of the others.

    By Roger Albrow (10/09/2008)
  • No Roger, that’s not Dave Knott Dave was a mate of mine and he attended my Wedding in 1959. You are right about the others. The Guy 4th from left was a young labourer who was learning to use the belt sander. When you speak to Dave, give him my regards and remind him of the time we were on the top deck of a bus after a night out when the ex Albion Winger Frankie Howard, wanted to take us apart for what he misconstrued as insulting behavior to a young lady. We were infact minding our own business and laughing about a recent Goon Show episode while mimicking some of the Characters. We hadn’t even noticed the lass. But Frankie was adamant that we were in the wrong. There were only 4 of us on the bus. Frankie was in no mood to listen to our explanation of Goon Show humour, so we sat out the rest of the journey in silence.

    By Keith Upward (12/09/2008)
  • I can confirm the names that Roger Albrow listed above and have also spoken to Ray Stevenson who thinks that he may have taken the photo.
    I remember Keith Upward who I thought went to Australia ? Any more photos Keith?

    By David Knott (12/09/2008)
  • Oh Wow Roger. Thanks so much for posting this photo. Jimmy Edwards is my dad who is now living in Derby.
    I shall print this photo off (with your permission ) and send it to him. He will be amazed.
    Thank you again

    By Lorraine Luke (14/09/2008)
  • Sorry – thank you to Keith for the photo.

    By Lorraine Luke (14/09/2008)
  • Lorraine, you’re welcome to use the photo. I knew your Dad quite well, he lived in Westbourne Street, Hove, I believe. I think I’m right in saying, that your Mum was only 14 when her and Jimmy were engaged! He had to do his National Service before they married!  It probably was Ray Stevenson who took the photo with my 127 Kodak bellows camera. I caught up with Ray when he came out to Australia on a promotional visit for Jaycee in about 1980. I was working as a Building Inspector in Melbourne and while walking to work one morning, I spied Ray demonstrating wood carving in the front window of a department store! I walked up to him and just stood there until he recognised me. I hadn’t seen him in 20 years. I invited him to have dinner with my family that night. He knew my wife Mary, who he had actually dated before I did, back in the mid 1950s. I don’t know if Ray remembers, but we were in a school play together at Hove Manor School (Connaught Road). Ray played the part of my Mother! I had one line which I muffed but Ray was very good! We were in the class that designed the new school badge, under the guidance of Jack Mutton our art teacher. Yes Dave! I’m still in Australia, nearly 50 years now! I’m now living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, I’m retired from building but pretty active as a football coach, coaching kids at local schools and a women’s team at club and rep level. Still married to Mary! 49 years in December. My e-mail address is: if any of you want to contact me.

    By Keith Upward (15/09/2008)
  • Thanks so much. I spoke to Dad on the phone last night and read out the names mentioned here and he couldn’t believe it! As soon as I get the printer working, I shall print it off and send him the photo. I sure it will take pride of place in his workshop – yes, he stills makes beautiful furniture from time to time. You are correct, Dad did live in Westbourne street. They say its a small world. Darren (Jim’s youngest ) moved out to Oz three years ago and joined the Australian Army. They are in Toowoomba. Lovely to hear from you and thank you for bringing back all these wonderful memories.

    By Lorraine Luke (15/09/2008)
  • I worked at Jaycee from 1957 to 1982. I started in sub-assembly with Mick (Shaggy) Lane, Mike Cheesman, Terry Dowden, George (Knock it up Wrong) Carter, Jack Fraser. My take on the photo starting from the left: Ron (Rip) Kirby, Jimmy Edwards, Bill Howells or Geoff Louis, Mick Chivers, Colin Richardson. I don’t know who it is standing – a guess, Ken Townsend? I’m with Roger Albrow and David Knott this Saturday 11th at my daughter’s wedding.

    By Bob Andrews (07/10/2008)
  • Hi Guys, Dad ( Jim Edwards ) has been thrilled to know that you have all been making contact through this site. He is full of memories of you all and the great times he had at Jaycee. He has been telling me about the dreadful winter when the weather had all but snowed everyone in. He apparantly walked some of the way from Portslade and at one stage, hitched a lift with a milk float! (That’s what you call dedication to work). Hope your daughter’s wedding goes well at the weekend Bob. Could you pass on Dad’s regards to the other guys please? Thank you.

    By Lorraine Luke (08/10/2008)
  • Hi Bob, Unfortunately you are wrong on most counts!
    From the left: 1. George Williams, 2. Jimmy Edwards, 3.Geoff Lewes, 4. A young labourer who took over in the sanding shop, 5. Colin Richardson, 6. can’t remember his name but his two older brothers worked at Jaycee, one a leading hand, he came to my Bucks’ Night! 7. standing, apprentice who was fast tracked to the office. I used to give him a lift to work on the back of my motor bike from Worthing.
    Most of the others you mention, I knew very well. I went to Mick Lane’s wedding. He and Mike Cheeseman worked at the Hove factory where I started in 1955. Terry Dowden was a mate who I used to go chasing girls with at the Court School of Dancing. George Carter (Orson) was Mr Nice Guy, no longer with us. Jack Fraser was an ex coffin maker in the Indian Army and a story teller of note. (We worked in the assembly shop with Mick Lane, Mike Cheeseman & Tony ?? under leading hand Tom Evans, until I was moved up near the Carving Shop. Mick Chivers worked in the same shop as Colin Richardson. Ken Townsend was a mate of mine, I think he was doing his National Service when the photo was taken (which I took with my 127 Kodak bellows camera!). Dave Knott (Knotty) was also a mate that I used to socialize with, he attended my wedding on 19/12/1959.
    But I’m sorry to say Bob, I can’t remember you! Maybe you can jog my old memory. Hope your daughter’s wedding went off OK.

    By Keith Upward (19/10/2008)
  • I joined Jaycee in 1966 as an apprentice. By this time they had re-located to Bexhill Road, Woodingdean but many of the names listed above I worked under in my early years. The names I remember are:- Dave Knott, Geoff Louis, Bob Andrews, Colin “biker” Richardson, Roger Albrow, Jimmy Edwards etc. I learnt a lot from you all which enabled me to open my own factory in Sunderland. I had to take early retirement to care for my wife Colette who has been very ill and is now disabled. Many thanks to you all as you helped to shape my career, kind regards.

    By Andy Bates (25/10/2008)
  • I learnt today that Ted Leaver has died at the age of 71. Ted, I believe, worked at Jaycee in the sales office all his working life. He started in 1953, left to do his National Service and then returned. He was another great character that I have great memories of.

    By Roger Albrow (04/11/2008)
  • Hi everybody, I attended the Manor from 1954-58. We were under the control of Mr Rothwell and cane then. He followed Mr Ralph. I wonder if anybody has a picture of the school badge? It used to be on all excersize books etc.

    By Colin Crashley (18/03/2009)
  • Managed to track Ron (Rip) Kirby down and you are right – he is not in photo. He started on the same day as Ray Brinkhurst at Scarborough Road by Preston Park, he never worked at Regent Hill! Is Jimmy still playing football – ha ha, or can he remember the Jaycee team, Hollingbury Park our home ground?

    By Bob Andrews (18/03/2009)
  • Hi Bob, Dad (Jimmy) is no longer playing football. His mind still thinks he is ‘George Best’ but the legs and feet think differently (he will kill me for that)! He is currently in Australia visiting my brother so I will send them the link while he is there and perhaps send a message to confirm whether he remembers his ‘playing days!’

    By Lorraine Luke (25/03/2009)
  • I have just stumbled across this page on the web and have really enjoyed reading it. Thank you! I remember Colin Richardson and Mike Cheesman, in fact Mike is my dad, who is very well and living in Norfolk. I am not sure if you will remember my mum Rosalind Thurston (now Cheesman) who also worked at Jaycee in the late 60’s/ early 70’s. She was in payroll I think. I will be sure to speak with him later today and tell him all about this. He isn’t on the internet but next time he is at my house, he will be sure to read it for himself. Many thanks again

    By Samantha Cheesman (22/06/2009)
  • Hi Samantha,I remember your Dad very well. He was at the Old Shoreham Road, Hove workshop when I started in 1955.I remember he had a Triumph Trophy Motorbike and also a Bubble car! I believe he shared a birthday, or was the same age as Petula Clarke!Please give my regards, he new me as Jim.RegardsKeith UpwardAustralia

    By Keith Upward (01/07/2009)
  • Hi Keith. Thanks for getting in touch, Dad does remember you now you said you were called Jim. I am busy looking for a photo of his where some of the Old Shoreham Road crew are sitting on one of the work benches.  It includes Colin Richardson and I will check who the others are and then try to post it on this site. Did you know that Colin passed away a few years ago? Dad was still in touch with his wife but hasn’t heard from her for a couple of years now. Do you have the contact details of Lorraine Luke? Dad would like to get in touch with Jim Edwards as they used to be good friends before we moved away from Sussex in 1974 so if you have, could you email me at Oh and by the way, the bubble car was actually a VW Beetle and he is just 6 months older than Petula Clark, what an amazing memory you have – I didn’t even know that! Sadly no Triumph Trophy anymore though in his mind he still races around the Isle of Man’s TT course once every year in July. Thanks for starting this link on the website, what a great idea. Regards Sam

    By Saman (15/07/2009)
  • My Dad Ted Applin worked for Jaycee’s for most of his life, right up until 1998. Does anyone remember him? I would love to see any photos of him at work or if anyone has any memories of him. My brother Terry also worked there for a while.

    By Carol Homewood (26/10/2009)
  • Does anyone remember the bread pudding?

    By Jean Nunney/June Harris (04/11/2009)
  • I worked at Jaycee until they closed. I well remember Bob Andrews, Dave Knott, Roger Albrow, Ted Lever, Jack Fraser, Ron Kirby and many more, with very fond memories. I would love to hear from anybody who remembers me.

    By Paul Hardy (28/12/2009)
  • Hi Paul Yes we had some good times in the upholstery at Jaycee. 7.09 for a loose seat, 90 minutes for 411 or 447 I think! We also worked together at William L Maclean, furniture makers for 4 and 5 star hotel’s. All the best to you Paul and maybe we will meet up sometime.

    By Bob Andrews (29/12/2009)
  • Hi Bob – would love to meet up sometime – a lot has happened in the past few years. Hope to hear from you soon.

    By Paul Hardy (02/01/2010)
  • Can anyone tell me whether Jaycee is still trading? I ordered a piece of furniture in May 2009 from a local furniture retailer but they can’t get any response on the phone from Jaycee. I’d be very grateful for any info.

    By Shirley Murray (07/01/2010)
  • While living in England (U.S.A.F. RAF Mildenhall) in the late 60s and early 70s, my parents purchased a beautiful wall unit model # T930. I must say it, nearly being 40 years old now, has held up quite nicely and looks very regal. I guess they either can’t or just won’t make furniture of this quality these days. It is in my home in Orlando, Florida now, so just thought you lot would like to know.

    By DAVE MARSHALL (30/01/2010)
  • Isn’t life very strange as I came across this tonight and tomorrow it will be 7 years ago that my lovely dad Colin Richardson passed away. It’s so nice to see that you remember him, funny to see him in that photo from all those years ago. I will show my mum this tomorrow. Ray kindly made me a beautiful carved sign for my day nursery when I opened it many years ago – still have the sign but no longer the nursery. I am currently trying to get in touch with Dave Knott’s daughter Angie as I was very good friends with her – but can’t seem to find any contact for her.

    By Nicki Newman (19/02/2010)
  • I worked at Jaycee Furniture in the late 60s early 70s, in the “computer department” using card decks and programming. Worked in an office with I think Slyvie the bookeeper or payroll person and a lady in the computer room, can’t remember her name! Anyone who knows any of these people let me know. I am in Canada now have been here since 1974!

    By Glynis Corral (Colbeck) (20/08/2010)
  • I joined Jaycee as an apprentice in 1975. Along with Graham Geal, Kevin Gander, Geof Green and a few others. I remember the training school area, the phone would ring asking for one of us to go and work on one of the flow lines, and carting those ammo boxes, excuse for tool box, around – until we made one out of a drawer and fixed a hindged lid. Those were the days. The Regency dept, great bunch of guys, George, Mick, Ray, Glen and more – sorry, can’t remember names. Lunchtimes, summer or winter, I would check what the wind was doing. If anyone remembers me, you know I was a surf nut – well I still am, and make surfboards for a living now – have done for the last 21years here in Bude, Cornwall. Be great to here from you all.

    By Steve James (05/12/2010)
  • Was interested to see your comments about the factory in Woodingdean and thought some of the people who responded might be interested in an event called ‘Then & Now’ taking place in The Church Of The Holy Cross that aims to involve people in finding out about the history of Woodingdean. If you would like to come along and participate or just take a look please contact me via email. 

    By David Smith (29/01/2011)
  • Hi Steve long time no see, nice to hear ur still doing ur thing down in Devon. I haven’t seen Graham for about 18 months and see Geoff Green at football occasionally. Let me know a bit more about yourself and hopefully one day we’re all get together again. Bye for now

    By Kevin Gander (17/02/2011)
  • To Nicki Newman. Hi my name’s Kevin and Angie is my cousin. Can I help in any way?

    By Kevin Gander (18/02/2011)
  • I have stumbled across this site while searching for early Jaycee furniture. My grandfather Jack Cohen founded Jaycee after the war and sadly, as far as the family tell it, my uncle Clive Cohen ran the company into receivership after Jack died suddenly in his mid 50s. If anyone has any memories to share or history they can impart of Jaycee under Jack it would be greatly appreciated.

    By Tom Bonnett (17/06/2011)
  • Hello Tom. My father, Harry Washington, used to work at Jaycee with Jack Cohen, your grandfather. I think Dad used to do office work, ordering supplies etc. I remember going there a couple of times when I was about 3 years old and seeing all the sawdust on the floor, and sitting in his chair. I believe the workshop was in Hove, this must have been 1949/1950? I cannot give you any more info as Dad passed away 6 years ago.

    By Jill Mundy (15/08/2011)
  • I lived in 104 Langley Crescent. I used to take my 4 girls down the hill to school in all that ice and snow in 1958-9. Littlest on a sledge. Did anyone remember my friend Pam Lindsley who worked at Jaycee? Sadly she is now gone. We met aged 11 at Varndean and were friends until her death. I now live in Crawley.

    By Stevie Hobbs (17/08/2011)
  • Did anyone know Dave Jarvis, cabinet maker, who worked at Jaycee’s?

    By Barrie Searle (22/08/2011)
  • To Tom Bonnet, Hi Tom, my name is Keith Upward, the one who started this site. I have many memories of Jaycee, much of which I would prefer not to discuss on this site. I had great respect for your Grandfather, but alas, not for some of his management staff between 1954 and 1960. I still have three Jaycee furniture catologues in my possession. I am willing to part with them if you are interested but I will need your postal address. I can also provide some of the history from 1954 to 1960. My email address is Regards

    By Keith Upward, Queensland, Australia (21/09/2011)
  • I came across this site by chance. My wife believes her mother, Ethel Jay, worked in the upholstery department in the early 1960s. We bought a Jaycee three-piece suite in 1965 which is now on its third re-covering.

    By David Lawrence (01/12/2011)
  • When I was about 4yrs old, we lived next door to Jack Cohen in Hove. I was in love with his daughter (Christine?) who was a few years older than me. I remember Jack had one of those Victorian wind-up electric shock machines.

    By Brian Wall (06/12/2011)
  • Does anyone remember my grandad Graham Rowland (Rowley) from the Woodindean factory? He is well and living in Lewes.

    By Finlay Whelan (22/12/2011)
  • I remember Rowley, quite a character –  say Hi to him. I started at Jaycee in 1988 sweeping the floor and now have my own cabinet making business over here in Oregon. Jaycee was a great place to work and I bet it is sadly missed. They where brought out by Stag Furniture of Nottingham who ran into problems and took the Jaycee product to save themselves but alas I understand they couldn’t keep up the quality. Stag have gone too!

    By Shaun Anscombe (17/04/2012)
  • I was apprenticed at Jaycee in 1965. There were seven of us in Geoff Louis’ training school. Stuart Purser and ? Bates were apprenticed at the same time. Although I had a jolly good apprenticeship with experience in most departments, once I had tasted the Contracts department where Jaycee furniture was made by hand to order (using some common components), I did not want to return to the flow line when the Contracts department later closed down. I remember Roger Albrow who was No. 2 to Trevor Rowbotham, Rod Piert from Manchester and difficult to forget was ? Rollins who leaned around corners when walking briskly around the factory. Presumably he thought he might spin off the gangways. Geoff Louis told me a story one day about his apprentice days at Jaycee, Regent Hill I believe. There was some building work in progress and seeing sand around he decided with the other apprentices to make a volcano. They piled sand up in the middle of the floor, made a hole in the middle and filled it up with French polish. After setting light to it, it burned pleasingly. Unfortunately polish expands when hot and at first the polish trickled over the top of the sand and ran down the outside alight maturing the volcanic effect, but it started expanding too much until it was running over the floor causing them to panic, hurrying them to extinguish it. The room was filled with smoke just as Jack Cohen walked in. Geoff told me they told Jack it was the smoke from being overworked but he took a dim view of it (through the smoke haze no doubt).

    By Peter Plassing (26/07/2012)
  • I’d be very interested to learn about the Regent Hill site. I work in Crown House, the ugly office block on the corner with Upper North Street, and I imagine over your old factory. Just how big was your site and were houses also demolished to build Crown House?

    By Ken Valder (29/07/2012)
  • Peter, that Volcanic trick would have been in Farm Rd where Jaycee started. Geoff was still doing his National Service when they moved Regent Hill. I started my apprenticeship in 1955 at the Old Shoreham Rd, Hove factory. We moved to Regent Hill in about 1956 and I was there for the start of the Flow line. I was hanging doors, pumping in 4000 half inch four screws every day. I didn’t like that either.

    By Keith Upward (16/08/2012)
  • Anyone remember my lovely old dad (r.i.p)? His name was George Carter and he worked at the Woodingdean site as a machinist until he took early retirement to look after my mother in the 90s.

    By Andy Carter (16/08/2012)
  • Yes Andy, I remember your old Dad-he was a good mate of mine and a friend of my late Mother, Margaret Moore. They used to rib him at work and called him “Orsen”. He helped me fix a puncture back in the 60s, on my motor bike and side car. I had the wife and kids at the beach at the time. He had a lovely nature and was one of God’s gentlemen. Regards 

    By Keith Upward (17/08/2012)
  • To Keith Upward. Why ‘Orson’ ? Did you live in Woodingdean? We lived on Bexhill Road. Nice to know he had friends- he never seemed to have many mates as it were and didn’t hit the pub much.

    By Andy Carter (18/08/2012)
  • Hi Andy, “Orson Carter”! He didn’t like it much, but he soaked it up. I certainly regarded him as a friend. I lived in Byron Street, Hove until I got married, then I moved to Worthing until I emigrated to Australia in 1960. I then returned to England in 1962 for 4 years. It was soon after that I met up with your Dad again at the beach at the Hove/Brighton border when he helped me with my puncture. He went on holiday to the Isle of Wight in 1986 with his friend, John Moore. It was there that they met my Mum. I always wished it was your Dad that Mum had married. Regards Keith

    By Keith Upward (05/09/2012)
  • Does anyone remember my dad Fred Covey, the saw doctor? He worked at both the Regent Hill and the Woodingdean factory for many years. Unfortunately he suffered a fatal heart attack while at work in the Woodingdean factory and died there, this was in June 1992, 20 years ago this year, where have all the years gone? My brother Richard Covey also worked there as did one of our neighbours from Batemans Road, Jack Larsson.

    By Val Staveley (30/09/2012)
  • I worked at Jaycee as a diesel mechanic working with Les Taylor for about 10 years at Woodingdean until the workshop moved to Eastbourne. I now live in Perth in Australia and have for 30 years. I met Peter Leonard here when I first arrived but sadly he died about 20 years ago. I used to play football in the Jaycee team when we won our division cup,  nice to see that Bob Andrews is still about. I wonder if any more of the old team is still about? Wonder if they still play football at Hollingbury on the sloping pitches (that is where I broke my leg!). Glad to hear from anybody who remembers me.

    By Mike holt (30/10/2012)
  • Wonderful to read about a great company and the proud workers. I bet being so proud of Jaycee Furniture is the reason I purchased a load in 1996 from a store in Moseley Birmingham, Modern in terms of traditional furniture but still fabulously made and great Quality, The traditional Pine range was so well made. If anyone knows if there is any Jaycee refurbishers still performing their trade there are a few items I need repairing and refurbished, Does anyone know what matt type varnish they used on the Pine selection? anyone know of restorers/refurbishers please let me know. Regards Tony Birmingham

    By Tony Cant (03/01/2013)
  • Seeing many of you here worked for Jaycee Furniture Ltd, Brighton Sussex, can any of you enlighten me to this rather strange low table we acquired recently? We are bamboozled by it and thought some of you who had worked in this company could help! It is horse-shoe shaped and low. It has extenders each horseshoe end. If any of you can give me any idea as to how we can identify, I would love to hear from you. Oh, its oak and has the Jaycee Furniture Ltd plus logo with ‘craftsmanship in wood’ and an engraving of hands. Thanks.

    By angela (07/01/2013)
  • I came across this site by accident and enjoyed reading it. I joined Jaycee on September 13th 1965 as a skilled cabinet maker and worked there until Stag took over in 1982. I spent two years on the flow line under Derek Venner, then a year in the Regency shop under Ron Kirby. I took over from Jack Fraser on inspection when Jack retired. A contract section was started up over at Eastbourne under Eddie Collins- a real character. After a year I came back to Woodingdean and started the prototype shop in the lower factory. I enjoyed the work and travelled about quite a bit on exhibitions and displays. I remember a lot of the names on the site. Are there any get togethers organized? Best wishes to all the old hands

    By James Harman (19/01/2013)
  • Hi, yep I remember Fred Covey very well- he was very fond of his music. He was such a nice man, unfortunately I remember the sad day he died. But on a brighter note I remember Richard (Moley) shared many a pint with him and the lads in the Downs hotel. Ask him if he remembers the great games of football we used to have every lunch time. Regards

    By Mick Bonner (19/01/2013)
  • I am Ted Lever’s daughter. He worked at Jaycee all his working life travelling from his home town of Burgess Hill to Woodingdean by train and bus. He loved his job and all the friends he made there. I have very happy memories of my dad, visiting him and going round the factory. Unfortunately dad was taken from us far too early but he always talked at length of his time at Jaycee.

    By Shirley Williamson {Lever} (14/03/2013)
  • Does anyone remember me? I worked for Jaycee Woodingdean about 1996 to 1998’ish in the Antique department. ‘Scouse’ they called me, best footballer. Anyone remember sanding and age-ing the clocks, tables, etc? Good times. All best to all.

    By Kevin Howard (17/06/2013)
  • Hi to you all. I came across this photo by chance. Kieth Upwards? Is this the Kieth that lived above the hairdressers in Byron Street, because I lived at 25 with big brovs Bruce and Tony. Does anybody know them? I work under Ray Stevens at Jaycee 86-87 top class carver. My brothers went to Hove Manor back in the 50s. Ray went to school with Tony so he told me. Has anybody got old photos of Byron St or know where to get some? Good luck to all

    By Stuart Heard (05/07/2013)
  • Hi everyone… fascinated by all your comments. I have inherited some Jaycee furniture from my parents and have recently purchased a TV Unit to match. I was trying to find out some history on Jaycee furniture and also to try and work out why there are also so many similar items made by Wood Bros – Old Charm – can anyone throw any light on this and whether there was an original connection with Jaycee cabinet makers…. who came first Jaycee or Wood Bros, Old Charm.? The item I recently purchased was listed as Old Charm, but I knew it was Jaycee. Why are Old Charm using a lot of the same techniques and styles and fixings? And where do Old Charm stand in the market place compared with Jaycee? Any info would be gratefully received. Thank you kindly. Rachel.

    By Rachel (10/07/2013)
  • It would be great to have a reunion of many of those who worked at Jaycee.  Please comment if interested and I will organise.  Look forward to hearing from you.
    Regards Kemmy (worked in the fitting up warehouse alongside Steve Dartnell, Paul Hardy and Graham ‘Rolly’ to name a few)

    By Kemmy (03/11/2013)
  • My dad, Ted Applin, retired in 1998 and sadly died of cancer of the oesophogus a few months after retiring. I always wondered if it was a result of breathing in all that sawdust and chemicals over the years? He worked for Jaycee’s as a furniture inspector from a teenager up until he retired. Does anyone remember him, I know I’ve asked before? He was related to Danny Guile who also worked there.

    By Carol Homewood (10/01/2014)
  • Does anyone know a John Cohen? I was at school with him from 1960 to 1965. I think his father / family ran the factory. He would have been born in the early 50s.

    By Kass Verjee (10/01/2014)
  • Does anyone remember my dad Bill Humphrey? He worked at Jaycee’s as a Furniture Inspector and was friends with George Carter. I also remember meeting some of his other colleagues: Dennis Rowlins and Richard Smith.

    By Sue Smith (24/02/2014)
  • To Kevin Gander: Hi, sorry I have only just seen your message to me from 2011. I used to live with Angie years ago and we did lots of boot sales together. I would love to get in touch with her and catch up.  Is she on Facebook? I have searched for her but she is probably married with a different surname.  Thanks

    By Nicki (23/03/2014)
  • For Carol Homewood: Sorry to hear about your dad. My dad, Colin Richardson, died of a brain tumour and it was proved to be caused by the dust. He was diagnosed just before his 65th birthday so like your father sadly did not get to enjoy his retirement. Best wishes

    By Nicki (25/03/2014)
  • To everyone who remembers my uncle David Knott, I would like to inform you all that David passed away on the 14/3/14. RIP uncle

    By Kevin Gander (28/03/2014)
  • Hi Nicki, are you on Facebook where I can forward you her contact details?

    By Kevin Gander (28/03/2014)
  • Hi Kevin -I am on facebook under Nicki Midgley Newman.  That would be great thanks.

    By Nicki (31/03/2014)
  • Thank you Nicki. I am also sorry to hear about your father. I wonder how many others there were that died this way?

    By Carol Homewood (03/04/2014)
  • Sorry to hear about Dave Knott. He was a great friend of mine during our Jaycee days in the 1950s. He attended our wedding in 1959.

    By Keith Upward (06/08/2014)
  • I knew Jack Cohen and his family more than 50 years ago. My father, Harry Stolerman, was a personal friend of Jack’s and had been trained in the construction of hand-made and carved oak furniture. I was less than 10 at the time but recall going to great birthday parties for Jack’s children in a big house in the Sussex countryside. I would be interested in catching up with Jack’s descendants via my easily accessible email and hope that one of them will contact me.

    By Ian Stolerman (08/10/2014)
  • My dad, Ray Brinkhurst, sadly passed away on Tuesday (14th October, 2014) aged 79. He will be missed by all his family and I just wondered if anyone has got any stories I can share  with family. He loved his job and worked at Jaycee for about 40 years till 1998. He often told us stories about walking up the Falmer Hill in all weathers and his time at Jaycee. The funeral is at St John’s Sub Castro, Lewes at 11.30am on Friday 24th October. My email address is . Thank you


    By Paul Brinkhurst (16/10/2014)
  • I served my apprentiship as a woodcarver at Jaycee from 1955 to 1959 under Jack Garrett until he retired. Ray Stevenson and I were friends. He was an advanced ballroom dancer at the ‘Court’ and encouraged me to join, along with Terry Dowden. Ballroom dancing has been a tremendous asset ever since, so thanks Ray, if you are still with us. I actually started as a cabinet maker but envyed Terry working in the carving shop beside us. Fortunately for me he want to swop with me and it was agreed by Charly Bull the manager and so my lifetime career as a carver came to be. So many stories now come to mind. In a whim of nostagia I googled Jaycee Furniture ltd and the past flooded in. Wonderful! Email:

    By Anthony Powell (05/11/2014)
  • Dear Glynis

    Sorry but we have had to delete your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy. We recommend you try Friends Reunited website if you want to track old friends or neighbours.

    Comments Editor

    By Glynis Corrall (02/08/2015)
  • I saw the comment you had to delete the request to give me info on Clive Cohen, but I did work at Jaycees in the late 60’s and early 70’s, is that still considered “third party”?

    Editor’s note: Sorry Glynnis, the point is that we do not allow requests for information on individuals who may not want their personal information shared.

    By Glynis Corrall (02/08/2015)
  • Colin Richardson (chunky) if that is his nick name. I sold my Norton bike to him around 1960-1 . Happy days 

    By Ejcolbran (24/11/2015)
  • I was a driver with Jaycee from 1969 till Dec.1993 when we (the drivers) were all made redundant. Happy days.

    By Gil Tipping (06/05/2016)
  • Hi there. I came across you whilst researching a project on ‘old’ buses used as Staff Transport. Have a couple in JayCee name. Can anyone please advise when JayCee finished up etc, how many buses roughly did they use, and where did they ferry their workforce to/from, please? Any information gratefully received and the same for any images of staff buses. Thanks and best wishes from Scotland.

    By Doug MacDonald (02/07/2016)
  • While I was working at Jaycee I only remember one bus. It was used to bring workers from Brighton & Hove to the Woodingdean factory. When more factories were opened in Eastbourne it’s run was extended to there. 

    By Roger Albrow (22/08/2016)
  • Hi. I have not seen any comments about the Eastbourne factory. I worked for H.A.the mid 1970s. We did a lot of dust extraction for all Jaycee factories.The last one being Eastbourne where me and Sid Bennett with others made and installed the extraction system. Shortly after I took my family to Australia.

    By Len Booth (05/11/2016)
  • That sounds a bit rough getting made redundant in Dec 1993 just before Xmas. I used to work with a G.Tipping on Southdown buses in the 1960s and also Green’s sponge mixtures.

    By Len Booth (06/11/2016)
  • I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Most of my furniture was made in the Jaycee Brighton factory.  I purchased it in the 1960s and early 70s.  Does anyone know Ray Stevenson (head carver at one time)?  I’m still in touch with him (Christmas cards).  Even though he’s retired, he’s still carving some magnificent pieces on his own.  I’ve never grown tired of my lovely English Oak furniture made by the Jaycee craftsmen.

    By Kimmy (08/11/2016)
  • I used to get the bus from Hove to the factory at Woodingdean, it was a minibus with benches down both sides that we all sat on. Bill Hood who worked in the polishing shop used to be the doorman at the back to let us on and off at our stop. I can’t remember the drivers name, but if the oldies were late, he would wait a bit for them, but us youngsters he didn’t stop if we weren’t there. Fond memories.

    By Kevin Gander (10/11/2016)
  • I have bought a piece of furniture made by Jaycee an old piece and it has 66 stamped on it at the back it’s a dressing table and would love to know a bit more about it. I will try and upload a picture and then if someone out there knows a bit more information that would be great!

    By Nadine Gale (13/11/2016)
  • Was the Jaycee logo an owl?

    By Susan Brown (13/01/2017)
  • Hi I’ve just aquired a beautiful oak cabinet made by you Jaycee workers,  but no key – lost in charity shop. It’s a lever lock, has anyone a photo of one of the keys, so I know what I’m looking for? I also have a small sideboard, which is a dream, it’s been polished with love for many years. The patina on it is absolutely fabulous. I love this sideboard a lot.

    By Susan brown (16/01/2017)
  • Fred and Richard Covey are names I remember especially as Fred taught me how to use all his saw sharpening equipment as I covered him when he went into hospital, I think for varicose veins to be sorted. Many happy memories from 1983 to 1991

    By Gary Edwards (17/02/2017)
  • Hi Gil Tipping. Remembering your name, Do you remember working up at Woodingdean as a driver with our dad Terry Burtenshsw?

    By Tracy Bridle (Burtenshaw ) (19/03/2017)
  • Hello, I remember taking that photo, and still have a copy!  Only recently ‘retired,’ but I still do a bit of carving from time to time.  Best wishes to all the old Jaycee workers out there!
    The Jaycee logo was two crossed chisels… I’ve still got them. I think the owl was used for one of the brochures but was never the proper logo.

    By Ray Stevenson (17/04/2017)
  • To all of Dad’s amazing old buddies from Jaycee, I am devastated to inform you that Jim Edwards passed away after a short illness last Saturday (6/5/2017). He spoke so fondly of his time at Jaycee and the friendships he made.

    By Lorraine Luke (13/05/2017)
  • Sad news about Jim Edwards, he genuinely was Gentleman and an all-round great guy. Through his lovely Daughter Lorraine, we had recently reconnected and I spoke to him on the phone recently when he visited his Son Daz, in Toowoomba, Australia.

    I’d known of Jim along time before I actually met him at Jaycee. We both grew up in the same community of Hove known as Poets Corner. He was a couple of years older than me and went to a different school. So our paths never crossed then. We got on well at work and I remember mostly, the mature adult conversations about life, that we used to have.

    My sincere condolences go out to his family and many Friends, especially to Lorraine, who has become a firm and dear friend on Facebook over recent years.

    To my old mate Ray Stevenson! I’m sorry Ray, but it was me who took that photo with a little 127 Brownie bellows camera. I have probably still got the negative. But if you have got a similar photo, then I would love to see it. You can find me on Facebook.   

    By Keith Upward (16/05/2017)
  • Just found this page.  My dad, Les Taylor, worked for Jaycee for many years as a mechanic with Micky Holt, I remember his name. Dad was at Regent Hill, King Street, then Woodingdean. He serviced some of the cars of the people there at weekends. Sadly he passed away 6 months ago, aged 87, he would have enjoyed reading these memories from other people who worked there.

    By Ann Watts (22/05/2017)
  • Hello all. I just stumbled onto this page. My family were the Australian selling agents for Jaycee from about 1959 till they finally closed. We enjoyed a long and pleasant relationship with many of the Jaycee names I read here and many others. My parents had a strong friendship with Jack & Doris Cohen. I remember staying overnight at the Cohen house early in 1966.

    I still to this day have a wonderful friendship with Ian Smith (export sales manager around 1973). Keith Endersby was there along with Ted Lever. Keith is still well and long retired. I well recall the time Ray Stevenson came to Australian and  was doing carving demonstrations in some shop windows.

    Ray, if you read this, my parents are still alive and well. I think you used to exchange Christmas cards at one time.

    And Susan Brown. I think I would be able to find you an original Jaycee key if you still need one. Still got a few bits and pieces around.

    My email is

    By Ian Buchan (14/07/2017)
  • I started work at Jaycee Furn in Jan 1963 at the small shop in Brighton, later that year we moved to Woodingdean. I apprenticed there until 1968 when I emigrated to Canada. My first foreman was Colin Richardson and the on the flow line with Derek Vener.  Names that come to mind  are Beryl Cager, Alan Orr, Dave Knott, Dave Evans to name a few.

    By David Marcantonio (09/09/2017)
  • Hello Ray, been a long time, how are you? It’s Paul. found this site trying to find old photos of Jaycee.

    By Paul Willard (13/06/2018)
  • Hi Keith, is this the same Jaycee furniture company that operated from Nottingham? Not sure if they are still doing so today.

    By John (26/06/2018)
  • Does anyone remember the name of the jig maker next to the maintenance shop? I meant to ask Stuart Buckman before he retired. Stuart was head of the maintenance department, a tall dark haired quietly spoken chap circa 1965 – 1972+ and left to build a wood machine business in Albourne, and was able to keep in touch as a customer.

    By Peter Plassing (24/08/2018)
  • I’m very sad to tell you that Mike Cheesman my father, sadly passed away on the 15th May 2018. we both enjoyed talking about his days at Jaycee and his many great memories. We also enjoyed reading this page and discussing the names he remembered. I know I have a wonderful photo somewhere of him sitting on his workbench which I will post when I find it.  Thank you for starting this great page about Jaycee, he really enjoyed it.

    By Sam Ramsay (Cheesman) (24/08/2018)
  • Wonderful to read all the old names that come up   If I remember correctly the jig maker was Bill Parkes, an extremely clever but sometimes grumpy individual. I look back on my time there with great affection. It was a superb company to work for, particularly in the days when Jack Cohen was alive. I am now retired but when working had a Korean lady as one of my customers. She would buy up any Jaycee oak that she could find at auctions where it sold for practically nothing. She would then ship it out to South Korea where they could not get enough of it. So the old company lives on in perhaps an unexpected way. 

    By Ian Smith (16/10/2018)
  • Hello Peter only semi-retired but getting closer to retirement.When I started SB Woodworking Machinery in 1986 there were ex Jaycee people everywhere in the local woodworking industry but now I cannot think of any still around. I remember a lot of the names mentioned above Micky Holt was a great friend I bought my first house from him and I bought his old Wolseley 1500 car. He, in turn, bought a trailer off me and parked it by the boiler house where a spark from the boiler set light to the cover. The dates are slightly out, I started in 1967, left in the 1970s and came back again until 1986.
    Just thought of one old Jaycee person I see occasionally. Sean Geoghan who was Fred Covey’s lad from 1967 for a couple of years and saw Jim Harman the other day but not to talk to. This has been a great walk down memory lane

    By Stuart Buckman (22/02/2019)
  • I saw my dad Tom Evans mentioned on here. Visiting a local furniture store, I wondered if Jaycee still existed. My dad went to school with Jack Cohen somewhere near the Hove site. I only know that dad became a supervisor at some point. Does anyone else remember him?

    By Jean Honour (18/03/2019)
  • I’ve tried rather fruitlessly so far to track current information relating to the demise of Jaycee Furniture however I came across this page at the following URL which mentions a number of past Directors of the company and one who is registered as a current Director of Jaycee Furniture, since 14 April 2000. Ms Lisa Flannery

    By Ashley Dixon (23/05/2019)
  • Can anyone help … one of the handles has broken off on my Jaycee cabinet … can anyone recommend where I could get it repaired ?
    Many thanks.

    By Sharon Appleton (18/04/2020)
  • I was just trying to find if anybody new Eddie Collins does anybody remember him? he worked for JC for years.
    Would be nice if he was remembered .
    Once found a photo of him at JC on the internet but now can’t find it.
    Shame, I wanted to send it to his Daughter. Thank you all. Christine.

    By Chris badger (21/04/2020)
  • I worked as part of the sales team with Kieth Endersby and David Poulton covering the Northwest of England. I can honestly say it was the best time of my working life.

    By Tim Booth (26/04/2020)
  • I was a woodmachinst apprentice at Jaycee from 1970 to1975 .names I worked with Bob Valsher,Brian Cook,Ray Blaber,Fred Kennard,Fred Covey,Bill Watts,Peter Knight,Les Dawe, Dave Shelley, Harry Bellringer,Sean Geoghan,to name but a few. Happy days. First job from school. So lucky.

    By Sam O'Neill (01/06/2020)
  • Did anyone know George Baker. I believe he was known as Jim? Worked for Jaycee in the 70s.

    By Anna Saunders (23/01/2021)
  • My Dad worked at Jaycee in the 50’s & I think he was number 4 in the photo “A young labourer who took over in the sanding shop”. His name was Frank Parsons. Does anyone remember him?

    By Nikki Davies (08/02/2021)
  • I have acquired from a relative the most unusual chest of drawers. On the back it has Jaycee Brighton label 1958. Alongside the label drawn in ink are the initials GW with two music notes. Wondered if anyone on here can confirm that it is a Jaycee piece of furniture. I do have photos.

    By Chris Reavell (14/02/2021)
  • For Sharon Appleton who wants a replacement handle
    I listed a few years ago. We were the Australian agents for Jaycee. I still have a few spare parts such as keys and a few locks and handles etc. Send me a picture of the one you need and I might have one for you. email it to
    Ian Buchan.

    By Ian Buchan (22/03/2021)
  • Hiya,

    I have a nice piece of jaycee furniture with the sticker still on the back. Its a sideboard with the arches pattern on the front. I was just wondering what the 4/74 meant on the label? Would it have been made April 1974? Or would it mean this piece of furniture was number 4 of 74 pieces made? I can’t believe only 74 would have been made. I wonder if any of you that worked there remember? Not much about the jaycee furniture apart from here. Lovely to find though and see you all connecting .

    By Lyndsey Radford (04/04/2021)
  • Oh yes I remember most of the names on here as I worked at Jaycee from 1968 till 1993, I think it was a long time ago now and I used to run the antique shop and was a training officer for a few years.

    By alan smith (12/07/2021)
  • Hi
    I am amazed to find this. My father Gerald Warbrick worked at Jaycee furniture workshop in the 50’s and possible 60’s. We lived at 35 Robertson Road and I think the workshop was in Scarborough Road just round the corner. he used to wait for the bell to ring then run round.
    He was a union rep.
    I am his oldest daughter Jill, now 70. My mum was Elsie.
    I was looking up Jaycees because my dad made furniture or restored Regency furniture before he worked there and maybe during.
    He has died and I am trying to find a good home for the amazing furniture still in excellent condition and I need more information about it. It would also be interesting to hear from anyone who knew him although I guess they would be getting on a bit.

    My telephone number is 07720437487, in case I lose this site.

    By Jill Sinclair (27/09/2021)
  • Some names from my time at Jaycee Furniture, apologies if any spelt wrongly and condolences to the friends and families of those no longer with us.

    Reg Howick
    Jonny Jones
    Bill Watts.
    Fred Covey.
    Ray Everett.
    Bob Column.
    George Ecotte
    Ray Stevenson.
    john knowldon.
    Chris Banks.
    John Lyndsey.
    Tony Meadows.
    Pete Leonard.
    Dave Roberts.
    Albert Whittaker.
    Jez Ribinson.
    Nigel Nailor
    Fred Kenard.
    Jonny Hayden.
    Ray Everett.
    Larry Kasnor
    Alan Jupp.
    Dennis trangmire
    Mick Chivers.
    Jonny Jones.
    Mick Lane.
    Rita Lane.
    Dave Taylor.
    Lee Chapman.
    Kieth Funnel
    Bill Turner.
    Barry Oshea.
    Pete lucy.
    Tony Dawes.
    Jim Valser.
    Ray Blayber.
    Larry Kasnor.
    Malcom Sedgwick.
    Fred Thomson.
    Mick harmer.
    Kieth Funnell.
    Dave Holley.
    Dave knott.
    Chris kemshall.
    Nigel Bains.
    Mick Herriott.
    Caroll Heriott
    Graham Rowlands.
    John Marchant.
    Bob Habraska.
    Ray Barnard.
    Dick Smith.
    Paul Hardy.
    Dave Hardy.
    Sue Daniels.
    Dave Burbery.
    Bob Andrews.
    Terry Wilmshurst.
    Barry Stevens
    Ian Gotcha.
    Colin Richardson.
    Ray Elliott.
    Charlie Harriss.
    June Harriss.
    Ted Leaver.
    Dave Standing.
    John Freemantle.
    David Grimes.
    Reg Caddy.
    Ron Kirby.
    Graham Kirby.
    Mick South.
    Brian virgo.
    Bill Ford.
    Andy Ford.
    Bob Adsett.
    Jonny Jones.
    Dave Parker.
    Ken Cole.
    Ian Smith.
    Jack Burton.
    Bill Osbourne.
    Mick Verbiest.
    Stewart Buckman.
    Micky Marre.
    Bob White.
    Bill illsley
    Paul Westbrooke.
    Vic Dodds.
    Terry Mockford.
    George Moore.
    Chris Hamond.
    Jack Blomfield.
    Des jones.
    Mick Chivers.
    Ray Hogbin.
    Mick Nunney.
    Tony Lampreda.
    Morris Lampreda.
    Bill Hood.
    Maggi Denyer.
    Jack Renshaw.
    Steve Daniels.
    John Brady.
    Pete Cooper.
    Ted Lever.
    Jim Edwards.
    Geoff Green.
    Sue Denyer.
    Bill Humphreys.
    Sean Waters.
    John Marsden.
    Sully. Sulliman
    David Millson
    Bill Price.
    Chris Parsons.
    Geoff Byeford.
    Pete Cooper.
    Phillip Denyer.
    Ray Brinkhurst.
    Colin Pattenden.
    Brian Beck.
    Mick Jackson.
    Jonny Weller.
    Ron Moody.
    Jack Larsson.
    Tony Colburn.
    John Cohen.
    Clive Cohen.
    John Higgs.
    Dave Hollie.
    Bob Parkes.
    Brian Tullett
    Kieth Teage.
    Ron knight.
    Barry Davis.
    Bob Prodger.
    Roger Albright
    Tony Hobden.
    Ken Longhurst.
    Ray Hillman.
    Brian Tullett.
    Harry Bellringer.
    Aiden Lawday.
    Ray Taylor.
    Nigel Bartup.
    Clive Wingrave.
    Roger Wingrave
    Bill Bonner.
    Derek Venner.
    Ken Visor.
    Reg Bryant.
    Arthur Jeans.
    Kieth Funnell.
    Brian Wheatley.
    Tony Dawes.
    Corky salted drinks bucket.

    By Mick O'shea (02/02/2022)
  • Amazing list of staff Mick !
    What a record to keep their names remembered, thank you.

    By Lorraine (20/02/2022)
  • To Jill Sinclair, I knew your Dad, Gerald Warbrick (Jerry) in the 2nd half of the 1950s. He was a bit older than most of us. He was just old enough to have served in the last part of ww2. I think I’ve got the right Jerry. As a Cabinet Maker, He was a very fast worker which was appreciated by the management. I met him again in 1967. We were both working as Carpenters on the new Bedford Hotel. We used to sunbake on the beach during our lunch break. Sorry to hear of his passing. Regards, Keith Upward.

    By Keith Upward (21/02/2022)
  • To Nikki Davies, Yes I remember your Dad, Frank Parsons, couldn’t remember his name though. I took him under my wing for a while. We used to go into Woolworths, Western Road at lunchtimes to get an Ice-cream and chat up the Girls. Thanks for the post. Regards,
    Keith Upward.

    By Keith Upward (25/02/2022)
  • Yes Jean Honour, I remember your Dad, Tom Evans, He was my Leading Hand at the Hove Factory in 1955. He was in the Boy Scouts with My Uncle Bob Marsh. Also My Mum Margaret Violet Marsh went to School with Jack Cohen. I think that’s how I got the Job, a little bit of nepotism I suppose. Yes Your Dad did become a Supervisor in 1959, just before I left for Australia. I remember Tom was an old school trades man who always wore collar and tie to work.

    By Keith Upward (25/02/2022)
  • Les Geal: leading hand.
    Peter Trevit.
    Ron Hyde.
    Gerry Warbrick.
    George Carter.
    Brian Gent.
    Anthony Powell.
    Terry Dowden.
    Peter Scutt.
    Melvin ???
    Dennis Rowlings.
    John Williams (Willy) 1st one to have a car.
    Keith Upward (I was known as Jimmy due to the way I used to mimic a well known Radio Comic!
    Dennis Wright.
    Les Purvis Leading Hand + 2 Brothers. Youngest came to my stag night.
    George Williams (Uncle to my Cousin)
    Geoff Loui.
    Tom Evans (My Leading Hand)
    Mike Cheeseman.
    Tony Heaseman (went to his wedding)
    Frank Parsons (Sanding Shop) in photo.
    John Smith also sanding shop (WW2 Rear Gunner, shot up a bit)
    Ken Townsend.
    Jack Frazer.
    Stuart Heard.
    Harold Denyer, Cousin of Jack Cohen And Machine Shop Foreman. All-round Nice Guy.
    Some of my workmates Already Mentioned: Ray Stevenson, Mick Lane, Dave Knott, Dick Smith, Jim Edwards, Ray Brinkhurst, Derek Venner, Colin Richardson, Mike Chivers, Ian Gotcher (polisher, wartime neighbor) (polisher, wartime neighbor)I remember Ian’s Dad made me a balsa wood model of a German Doodle bug, during the war. I was about 4 years old.
    I knew them all either at the Hove factory or the Regent Hill Factory. I never worked at the other factories.
    I too am sorry if I have got names wrong or misspelt them.

    By Keith Upward (25/02/2022)
  • To the Editor
    I’m the Keith Upward who started this page. Q. can photos relevant to Jaycee be added to this page?
    Keith Upward.

    By Keith Upward (27/02/2022)
  • Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jack Cohen’s son, Clive Cohen? I remember him well when I worked at JC in export sales. Stan Gater.

    By Stan Gater (04/03/2022)
  • Hi, I started at Jaycee in the early 70s in the Upholstery shop these were the best days of my Working life I worked in the factory until we were made redundant I thought this was the end of my upholstery days until I contacted Bob Andrews who gave me a very big chance and I enjoyed the rest of my upholstery days .Thanks again Bob.

    By Paul Hardy (21/03/2022)
  • Mick O’Shea ,a name from the past.
    I used to repair your machines when you and Bill Watts had William Michael .
    You had an old Router with worn out Bearings and Bill wouldn’t replace them so the whole machine was covered in masking tape so it wouldn’t rattle apart
    Is Bill still with us?
    Great Days.

    By Stuart Buckman (25/03/2022)
  • My dad Peter Padovan worked at Jaycee in the late 60s and 70s. He was a cabinet maker and wood carver. Wondering if anyone remembers him?

    By Sue Gillibrand (27/03/2022)
  • Reply to Stuart Buckman
    Hi Stuart, great to hear from you, hope you’re keeping well. Yes I remember that router in fact my ears are still ringing, lol I often tell people you had the first mobile phone I’d seen, I remember it was the size of a car battery, unfortunately, Bill passed away some years ago.

    By Mick O'Shea (27/04/2022)
  • Hello Mick
    I was in a factory in Lewes and that phone rang
    one of the workers picked it up and ran outside with it I am sure he thought it was a bomb.
    Sorry to hear about Bill he was a great guy.
    Any problems he would sort them out behind the timber shed by the compressor house .

    Ha Ha Happy Days.

    By Stuart Buckman (04/05/2022)
  • Interesting to see so many familiar names on here – some that I remember from my own time at Jaycee, and lots that my Dad, Ray Stevenson, used to talk about. Sadly, Dad passed away last January after a short illness. We carried on carving together for quite a few years after Stag killed off Jaycee, and in fact he didn’t officially retire till he was 79! I recently came across a rather large metal box in his garage, full of all the old Jaycee carving patterns – tudor roses, daisies etc etc – Dad didn’t like to throw things away!

    By Lee Stevenson (17/06/2022)
  • I worked at Jaycee from 1959 until 1982 in the machine shop when along a with a number of contributors to this site I was made redundant.
    I enjoyed my time there and remember many of
    the people listed. I’ve seen quite a few over the years including Reg Howick,Roger Albrow,Ian Smith, and I still see Bill Richardson most weeks.

    By Brian Cook (23/06/2022)
  • I started work at Jaycee as an apprentice wood machinist in January 1959 and was with them until I, along with a number of others, was made redundant in 1982.
    I remember many of the names shown.
    I have seen or worked with quite a few over the years since including Ian Smith,Roger Albrow, Stuart Buckman, Reg Howick, Bob Andrews (who,sadly, we lost to Covid).
    I still go out most weeks with Bill Richardson who also worked in the machine shop.

    By Brian (23/06/2022)
  • I used to come along once a month to service all your staple guns in the 1980s. I used to raid the rubbish skips and give the bits to my dad who made coffee tables out of the bits which we’ve still got. I remember coming one month and the skips were empty, they decided to burn it instead. So I couldn’t have any. I also remember sitting in my van with the back door up and a forklift truck came along and banged into it taking out my back window and someone quickly made a plywood one.

    By John Marsh (25/06/2022)
  • Lee Stevenson. I’m sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad. All the Dads had a wonderful working relationship and I’m pleased to hear that Ray didn’t throw things away. They are all treasures that’s for sure.

    By Lorraine luke (16/08/2022)
  • Does anyone know Brittany Warbrick
    from Hove County Grammar School? I arrived there from the US in 1975 and so many were so kind including Brittany.

    By Christine Wylie (25/08/2022)
  • Does anyone from Jaycee remember a man that did all the maintenance work in the 60s. His name was Richard.(I think) Can’t recall the surname. Tks

    By Graham Sharp (11/09/2022)
  • That would have been Richard(Dick) Parker.
    Dick was an apprentice at that time.
    Eventually becoming the departments manager.

    By Brian Cook (29/12/2022)
  • Just stumbled across this topic.
    HAROLD Denyer the Production Manager and cousin of founder Jack Cohen, was my Wife’s Father. He moved with the company to Woodingdean, to live in Vernon Avenue. He had many fond memories of the company and indeed was a skilled cabinet maker himself. Like Keith Upward documented in 2011, after Jack Cohen died, his Son Clive took over and basically run it down, so much so that Harold had a falling out and left the company.
    He stayed in the trade for many years, and made his own furniture, often mistaken for factory copies.
    Harold sadly died in 2018 when living with us close to the old factory site in Downsway. His Wife had passed in 2010.
    PHILIP Denyer also mentioned was his Brother.
    Tom Bonnett states he was Jack’s grandson. My wife has done her family tree and would like to know who was Jack’s Mother as she would have been my Wife’s great aunt. We have also recently made contact with a second cousin who knew of Jack.
    Would love to hear more on this.

    By Colin and Jane Fines (20/07/2023)
  • My father Brian Ballinger was the Agent for Jaycee in the 1960s in the North West.He died at the age of 52 and my mother Jean (who had always assisted Dad at exhibitions) took over the role. I believe she was one of the First Lady agents on the road! I remember accompanying my mother to the Agents annual dinner hosted by Jack C at the Ship Hotel.
    A wonderful group of sales Agents many of whom had been with Jack since he started the company… Mr Benjamin who covered the south coast and Mr Brighouse covering London… all lead by the charming Sales Director Bert Dearson.
    I became a Furniture Agent myself in the south of England having been told up north that the streets of London were paved in gold! Aged 77 I’m still at it!!
    Thanks Jaycee for everything you did for my folks and indirectly inspiring me!
    John Ballinger.

    By John Ballinger (23/07/2023)
  • What an amazing find this page is! I’ve just purchased a Jaycee sideboard in Glasgow. I’d never heard of the company but after spotting a faint mark in one of the drawers I thought I’d do some research. So, it’s been so fascinating to read all these wonderful personal memories from so many people who may have made my sideboard!
    Has anyone written a history of the company? Are there any catalogues still around? I’d love to be able to identify my beautiful sideboard and work out when it was made!
    Any help would be so appreciated.
    My email address is

    By Ros (04/10/2023)
  • Great to find this site. I worked in Sales with Keith Endersby, David Poulton, David Fothergill, Tim Booth, Graham Webb and Brian ?? Sorry one name I can’t remember. Great Times, easiest sales job you could ever have, you were given allocations to sell not targets; we could have doubled sales over night but hand carving prevented greater production . I have a house full of product, still looking good after 35 years- even the experimental limed oak and pine ranges. Fantastic.

    By Neil Puttock (03/12/2023)

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