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Brighton Pierrot troupe

This photo is on a postcard sent to my grandmother in London, from her aunt in Brighton. The date is illegible but probably around 1911. Jack Shepherd formed The Highwaymen in the early 1900s, and it is quite likely that this is the troupe portrayed in Walter Sickert’s painting ‘Brighton Pierrots 1915’.

The Highwaymen
From the private collection of Pip Tindall

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  • Was there a separate Hove Pierrot group? I have an article from the Herald on May 7 1960 reporting the death of Alice Elizabeth Nash who was the last of the family of seven of William Hollamby. The article is entitled, ‘Last survivor of ‘Pierrot’ family dies’. The family were once well known as the Hove Pierrots. William’s daughter Elizabeth was my grandmother.

    By Liz Windaybank (14/12/2008)

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