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St Martin's School

This is an old photo of a swimming class taken about sometime in 1940—42.

The swimming class was from St. Martin’s School in St. Martin’s Street. by Lewes Road.

The pool was at St. Luke’s School, St.Luke’s Terrace.

The teacher at the back was Miss (?) Baker.  I can barely recall the names any of the other students, maybe someone else will.

If you can help with naming the pupils, please leave a comment below.

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Pupils from St Martin's School
From the personal collection of Gordon William Wonham

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  • Myself and the cousins , are fairly sure that 2 of my aunties are in this photo :- Second row back, left hand end, Sally Williams; same row, third from right, Phyllis Williams, the older of the two
    My mum, Jess, was the youngest sister, after the other sister Christine and they had a brother , Alfred, the youngest.
    My mum & Christine would have been in one of the lower classes.
    Apparently there were 3 classes in the school ( infant class, middle class, top class, as mum remembers).
    Mum remembers Miss Baker (deputy head) as being lovely. She was teacher for the the top class.
    The head mistress was Miss Holland (also lovely. she taught music)
    Miss Wingrave, taught the infants and Miss Goode taught the middle class.
    Miss Goode accompanied the children when they were evacuated to Yorkshire.

    By Elaine Andrews (12/10/2020)

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