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Brighton Water Works

A hard day at work?
From the private collection of Brian Howard

Where in Hove?

This photograph was taken when I worked for Brighton Corporation Water Works in about 1965/67. Can anyone recognize the road in Hove? The man in the hole is George Williams, the other man in the cap is George Harding the compressor driver. I’m in the middle working hard with my hands in my pocket. The British workman at his best!

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A great job

Has anyone got other memories of the Water Works? The depot was based somewhere round North Road I think, it had a big roller door which you could drive into. The man in charge was Vic Inkpen The gangs used to go out sitting on wooden platforms on the back of open back lorries. Of course that would not be allowed now with all the health and safety regulations. Usually I was more safely transported in the back of a van on the floor. It was a great job for seeing different areas each day.

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  • Could be 16 Boundary Road, Hove according to my Kellys.

    By Dennis Fielder (30/11/2014)
  • I’m sure Dennis is absolutely right. Number 16 Boundary Road, Hove and the properties to the left (north) as we look at the photo, have been replaced since. The newer property at No 16 is now occupied by Gyoury Self and Chantry Vellacott. 

    The pair of houses to the right (south) still survive though. Nos 15 and 14 can clearly be seen on Google Street View. The present-day downpipe, side window and architectural features of No 15 all match those in the old photo.

    Well done Dennis! Regards, Alan.

    By Alan Hobden (04/12/2014)
  • I worked on southern water from 1966-1969.The original depot was in Bond Street with the transport entrance in Church Street.The whole company Moved to brand new premises at Falmer in 67 or 68.Those of us who did not have a driving license we’re taught to drive free of charge by BSM and then given a brand new fully kitted out van to go out repairing leaks and laying on supply pipes to new homes being built all over Brighton and hove. I was a service layer as was George Williams. He was a great guy and a very hard worker. He lived just across the road from me in Tarner Road Brighton. Sadly he died of a heart attack soon after he retired. George Harding was also a good friend and I still see him around town sometimes Malcolm (ginger) Austin.

    By Malcolm Austin (27/06/2021)
  • My father, Bill Back, worked for the Corporation Water Dept at Bond Street and I remember very well the roller door into the garage! He was the waterworks Public Relations officer and used to show films and take photos for the magazine. He moved to Falmer and I worked there in the lab washing bottles and listening to test cricket as a summer job. The manager of the lab was called Don Moth and there was also a chap called Eley who I think was related to one of my teachers. And I also recall a Mrs Barron as a nice lady.

    By Phil Back (14/11/2021)

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