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Marmion Youth Club

A popular night out

The Marmion Youth Club in Marmion Road, behind the old ABC cinema, was a very popular evening out for the teens.  There were sporting events weightlifting and various bands playing including the popular Mark Adam Showband.  However it was usually just sitting around listening to the records of the day drinking Coke.

Recognise anyone here?

Do you remember the Marmion Youth Club? Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? Please share your memories by posting a comment below.


Marmion Youth Club
From the private collection of Rodger Olive
Marmion Youth Club
From the private collection of Rodger Olive
Marmion Youth Club
From the private collection of Rodger Olive

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  • Hi Rodger. Any dates for your photos? And is that a young Sid Mountain in the top picture, on the right, standing up with his right hand in his coat pocket? If it is, he lived with his family in St Michael’s Road, Portslade.

    By Michael Clark (16/11/2015)
  • Michael I think that I would have taken them sometime in 1962.  And yes I think that was Sid.  I think the young lady dancing on her own is Joy Cork who I believe was the daughter of John Cork, the leader of 5th Hove scouts.

    By Rodger Olive (22/11/2015)
  • Rodge that Mecablitz was a powerful flash gun, if a tad heavy. Photographs still look good and moody .

    By Keith Olive (15/12/2015)
  • I used to attend the youth club from 1966-1968 and have happy memories of this place with dances every Friday night. In the  upstairs room local pop bands would play, and there were lovely butterscotch milk shakes at the cafe, happy times.

    By Michelle Hillman (22/01/2016)
  • Hi Rodger, did you used to work at M B Metals in Portslade?

    By Margaret Bridle (01/05/2017)
  • Yes Margaret, that was me. I worked in the R&D dept alongside Tony. I often thought about the two of you. I live in Lichfield, Staffordshire now.

    By Rodger Olive (02/05/2017)
  • Margaret there are a number of pages on My Brighton and Hove dedicated to MB Metals.  Maybe there will be some memories there for you?

    By Rodger Olive (04/05/2017)
  • Hi Rodger, having asked about you I then completely forgot about it until I was looking at old emails recently. Good to hear from you and do hope you are well.  We have never left Sussex and doubt we will now as we are too fond of the area. I remember you very well from M B Metals.  Antony moved on from engineering to teaching in the 70s, but is retired now of course. All the best. 


    By Margaret Bridle (05/04/2018)
  • Great to hear you are both well. I also moved on and worked in sales for Computer and IT companies, but still tell everyone how enjoyable it was working at MB Metals. Married twice (clocked up 30 years this time) and we have seven grandchildren aged from 2 to 16. Five of them in the USA. All the best.

    By Rodger Olive (10/09/2018)
  • Hi does anyone remember me? I used to go to the club in the early sixties. Like to hear from anyone of that time. 

    By Valerie Calderwood (15/09/2018)
  • Hi there my name is Jeanette Haskell. At the time I went to the Marmion club in the mid sixties I was Jeanette Antonelli. I had a brother Lucien and an older sister Christine. The youth leader was Ted Milburn. Great times, I met my husband there listening to Beatles’ music.

    By Jeanette Haskell (26/07/2019)
  • Hi, I’m wondering if there is anyone who remembers the Ladies Football Team who were part of the Marmion Youth Centre? They entered the Pony Cup (Women’s F.A. Cup) in the mid-1970’s.

    By Tony Brown (24/11/2020)
  • My Dad – David Hutchin went here in the late 60’s, and was interested in these pictures, he was trying to remember the face’s and names.

    By Julie House (18/04/2021)
  • I am absolutely thrilled to have found this website, your postings, and these lovely memories of happy times at “The Marmion”. I was so happy there as Warden and have pleasant memories of a number of members and leaders. I served as Warden from 1965 to 1970, then left to take a degree at Sussex University. I am now retired (aged 82) and live in Kilbarchan, Scotland – 15 miles from Glasgow. I will look forward to reading more! Best wishes and good luck to you all. Ted Milburn.

    By Ted Milburn (29/05/2021)
  • The YMCA Marmion changed my life. Remember opening its doors (having been closed) about 1960 with Roy Holgate its leader. He introduced us to the D. of E. Award which led onto rock climbing & mountaineering in Nth. Wales & beyond. Cyril Love was an assistant leader who was instrumental in leading many of these mountain trips. A small nucleus of us started running our own climbing trips hence becoming more independent of the club. Some names from that group: Greg Norman, Laurie Edwards, Peter Shears, Mike Braines, Tony Dunn (charismatic but not a full club member), Neville … ?, Sav Whitaker, “Fagin” Roger ….? & many more. Wonderful experiences that steered me to an outdoor pursuits/guiding career & now retired in New Zealand. I’m so grateful for chancing upon the Marmion & particularly Roy.

    By Ray Button (30/04/2022)
  • Correction previous page: Greg Norman should read Greg Morgan.
    How does one download photo’s on this site?

    By Ray Button (21/05/2022)
  • I am researching the history of women’s football in Sussex and would be keen to hear from anyone who remembers the women’s team of the late 1970’s. They won the Sussex Martlet League in 1976/77 and competed in the Women’s FA Cup every year from 1975/76 to 1979/80, reaching the 4th Rd in 1977/78 (when they lost to Wolverhampton Wednesbury) and in 1979/80 (when they lost to seven times cup winners Southampton). My email address is
    Kind Regards, Tony Streeter.

    By Tony Streeter (10/06/2023)
  • Hi, my name is Emma Beech but I was called Emma Wakely when growing up. I have a brother called Gavin who was 3 yrs older than me and we both mixed with a fairly big group of us and all went to Marmion youth club from 1978 to when it shut it’s doors and everyone went to the youth club under the flats in Clarendon Road, Brian Howat and his sister Deanna, Paul Scholefield, Simon and his twin Mathew Row-Barnett were just a few names I remember and I was wondering if anyone else remembers those time’s? We always hung out in Stoneham Park when the club was shut. I’m always thinking back on the Marmion with fond memories especially now as I have terminal cancer and I would love to hear from someone from back then just to talk about old times.

    By Emma Beech (wakely) (11/07/2023)
  • Just chanced upon Ray Button’s post which mentioned my Dad, Roy Holgate. How lovely to read that, thank you.

    By Fran Holgate (02/12/2023)

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