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1952/53 scouts/cubs

Photographed in 1952/1953; click to open large version
From the private collection of Ray Hack

Thursday night was cub night

This photograph was taken about 1952/3 and shows the wolf cubs in the cubs/scout hall, St Andrews Road, Portslade. The building was an old green painted corrugated metal scout hut which has long gone and is now replaced with a medical centre. The photo shows the senior scouts at the back including the chief scout (5th from the left) and the Akela a very helpful lady who is fourth from the left. Thursday night was cub night and usually well attended!

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Camping at Small Dole

As for the cubs we have Peter Wickens in the back row second from left; myself, Ray Hack fifth from the left; and fourth from the right was Gerry Wickens. In the middle row seated, we have Roger Bennett fifth from the left, and I am sorry I cannot name all the others. In the spring time we had weekend camps at Small Dole at the back of the Downs and as far as I know the Scout Camp is still operating in Small Dole.

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  • I joined this cub pack (the 14th Hove pack?) a couple of years after this photo was taken. One or two of the adults seem familiar such as the vicar of St Andrew’s Church, Portslade at the time who was, I believe, Revd. Chisholm (third from the left in the back row) and Audrey Woolgar (on his right). Another adult was Fred? – possibly on the left of the vicar. Mrs Mower was in charge when I joined. One of the best parts about being a cub was the football team. We played on Portslade Rec. on Saturday afternoons on a small pitch tucked away in the north west corner. I can remember heading the ball one day after heavy rain. It nearly knocked me out – no plastic coated footballs in those days but they were good days!

    By Dudley Whittaker (27/10/2015)
  • I am probably one of a few remaining ex Boy Scouts & cubs .( I will be 88 on the 22nd of this month.
    June 2021.
    Born in Brighton 1933.
    I was in 4th North Brighton Scouts based at St Augustin’s church.
    I emigrated to Australia in 1970 and am still there.

    By John Starley (13/06/2021)
  • This would have been the 14th Hove (St Andrews Portslade) Cub pack. We are still going and have been in our current building since 1991 located inside Vale Park.

    By Tim Thorley (21/03/2024)

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