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Brighton Town Council Bye-Election, 1935

A lucky find

I fortunately found this original handbill which happened to be folded up at the back of a recently acquired second-hand book, dating from about the same period.  I’d guess it had lain there – forgotten about – all this time.  I thought it might be of interest to My Brighton & Hove readers.

Questions to be answered?

Anyone wishing to add information to that given in the document is welcome to contribute.  Maybe some personal words from a relative of Mr. Hussey?  How did his work in the Labour Movement develop from here?  Was he the Thomas Hussey of 74, The Avenue, Moulsecoomb (Pike’s, 1939-’40)?  Is anyone able to give some valuable background to the circumstances of the 1935 Council Bye-Election?  I haven’t yet found the results for St. Peter’s Ward in that year!  … And can anyone speak about Councillor Knowling?

Political handout - click and click again on image to open a large version in a new window
From the private collection of Sam Flowers

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  • I believe this to be Councillor T Hussey who was also a director (secretary of Management Committee) of the Brighton Equitable Co-operative Society and keen educator of the working class movement. I’d like to know more. Have read of him in ‘Brightons Co-operative Advance 1828 – 1938’ by W Henry Brown.

    By Martin Groombridge (17/02/2020)
  • This handbill is of interest to me because my grandfather – Horace Robbins – was elected to the town council in the Hanover Ward in the November of the previous year. Like Mr Hussey, he was a trade unionist, a keen supporter of education and a resident of Moulescoomb (Ringmer Road). I think we can say that they would have been allies and quite possibly friends. The bill gives an indication of the sort of material that might have circulated at the previous election. I am not sure whether my grandfather was associated with the co-op, although my father and his brother did later work there – perhaps Martin Groombridge would be kind enough to look in the book he refers to and see if Horace is mentioned?

    By Geoff Robbins (18/02/2020)

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