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Southern League champions: 1921-22

These photographs show my great uncle R. Phillips in Brighton & Hove Albion colours for the 1921-22 season when they became The Southern League Champions. Unfortunately I do not know what the “R” stood for and I never knew him personally.

In the second photograph he is third from the right and, by appearances, would have been around 6′ 6″, the same height as his brother, my paternal Grandfather, Frank Phillips.

Photograph showing R. Phillips in Brighton & Hove Albion Colours 1921-22
From the private collection of Alan Phillips
Photograph showing the Southern League Champions take the field 30 April 1921 (R. Phillips 3rd from right)
From the private collection of Alan Phillips

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  • My great uncle, R. Phillips, seen here, seems to bear a striking facial similarity to Frederick Walter Phillips in the strip of Hove Seaside Villas FC, also on this site (see under People/Local Folk/Seaside Villas FC). I believe my family lived in the Conway Street area in the early 1920’s, which is not too far from where Seaside Villas was located. Could these two have been related? Father and son perhaps? If so, that would have made Frederick my father’s cousin. David, I am contactable at

    By Alan Phillips (11/11/2007)
  • Reg Phillips was my maternal grandfather. He died aged 24 in 1923 the day before his 2nd wedding anniversary. I would be pleased to hear from Alan or anybody else who might be related to Reg Phillips (and me, of course!).

    By Dave Bruce (05/12/2008)
  • Dave,
    Hello, I only just saw your message I’m afraid. The fact that Uncle Reg died in 1923 would account for me not knowing him. That was the year my father, Leslie Phillips, was born and I did not appear until 1949. I’d be pleased to hear from you Dave, on

    By Alan Phillips (16/02/2009)
  • Dave Bruce,

    A few years on now but it would still be nice to be in touch if at all possible, regarding our common background. There are a few other family members around the area too.
    I’m still on

    By Alan Phillips (16/02/2021)

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