Girls' Guildry at the Dome c1950.

I have this photograh of the Girls’ Guildry taken c1950.  I am in the front row lst from the right, together with another girl from my group.  We were ‘Roses of England’.

The photo was taken at the Dome in Brighton, but I can’t remember what the event was.  I wonder if anyone else can remember the event, or even recognise themselves in the photo?

Girls' Guildry at the Dome in Brighton
From the private collection of Marion Baldwin/Upton

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  • Hello from Canada, re. the photo of the Girl’s Guildry at the Dome. I was a member of the 6th Brighton Coy, under the leadership of Miss Ditton. I did not take part in that part but we did a marching event as the 6th had won the national competition in London. We also did the physical training (a vaulting horse) with our male instructor. Like you, I cannot remember the exact reason behind the celebration. Neat to see the photo.

    By Diana Anstead nee bowyer (13/03/2008)
  • I am sure it is me! 6th in on the left second row from the front. I belonged to the Girls Guild attached to the Methodist Church in Stanford Avenue. I seem to remember we were called Thistles for this event and were quite put out about this as we were in fact ‘Bluebells’. My name was Pat Fox then. Our leaders were Miss Rogers and Miss Kent. My honoury aunt, Freda Mitchell, used to play the piano for the group.

    By Pat Salmon (06/09/2011)
  • I attended 15th Brighton from middle 1950s to middle 1960s, first as a sunflower? then a speedwell, then moving on to the older group. We had good fun and I enjoyed the pageants at the Dome.

    By Maureen Howell (06/12/2011)
  • Great memories of the shows we put on at the Dome! I belonged to 15th Brighton St Matthews. Marian – did you live in Freshfield Road?

    By Shirley Hobden (02/10/2017)

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