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1950s Petrol Pumps

Local listing is different to statutory listing; it does not provide further legislative controls. and does not affect when planning permission is required.  However, when planning permission is required, the ‘special interest’ of a locally listed heritage asset will be taken into account. In 2013 the council asked for nominations for inclusion in the list; over five hundred submissions were considered. The Local List of Heritage Assets was adopted on 18th June 2015, it will be reviewed in 2020; other items in the current list can be seen here.

Richard’s Garage

These two 1950s Shellmex petrol pumps in Bath Street might seem a surprising addition to the local listing of historically important landmarks, but they were nominated by residents for inclusion. It is believed that the petrol pumps were among the earliest in Brighton.

Richard Busse was the proprietor of Richard’s Garage, Bath Street, Brighton from around 1962; he died in 2011. The pumps were serving petrol until 2010; the garage is now a private house.

Richard Busse: proprietor of Richard's Garage
Brighton and Hove City Council
The former Richard's Garage
©Photo by Tony Mould: images copyright protected

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  • These petrol pumps have certainly been spruced up since I took some photos of the garage frontage in 2008. At that time, the pumps were painted pink, red, and murky yellow. A sign in front of the doors, mounted on an old car tyre, stated: “DO NOT PARK HERE used nights POLICE TOW SQUAD IN ACTION”. I rather doubt that!

    By Alan Hobden (05/06/2015)
  • Lovely Morris Isis in the background, I had one of these, they had a lot of torque with the 6 cylinder engine pulling it along. Used to get to London in no time at all, or so it seemed.

    By Mick Peirson (06/06/2015)

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