Photo tour of a disused station building

“I am a hobby photographer, armed only with an idiot camera and an interest in buildings. I have lots of pictures of one of the remaining buildings on the station car park site, taken from various vantage points.

I think it has a wonderfully complex structure, with a precariousness about it that is delicious. I hope this building shows that a ruin can be beautiful, not only once it has ceased to exist and has acquired a spurious patina in the memory, but also while it is still very much alive.”

Nicky’s full photographic tour of the disused station building and other places in Brighton and Hove can be seen here.

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  • Nicky’s pictures inspired me to start exploring the area. Had great fun looking round the old house and the pillars and everything. Shame the site is soon for demolition.

    By Big C (15/04/2004)
  • Great photographs. More people should take the time to look around them rather then rushing about the city completely unaware of the great history surrounding them everyday.

    By Clare Thompson (25/01/2006)
  • It was great seeing these pictures, both my grandfather and great grandfather were fitters and worked here at Brighton Station. In the latter years my grandfather moved to Lancing to work before eventually retiring and then getting a job because of the boredom at a engraving factory near Hove Tip.

    By Donna (19/06/2006)
  • I used to stand on that bridge in the top picture, aged about 7 years old. My father used to work as a carriage and wagon examiner in the works at New England Road. He used to take me with him to collect his wages every Friday. I used to love standing on that bridge watching all the tank engines shunting and using the turntable in the shunting yard.

    By John Sandys (20/08/2006)
  • I am a train driver at Brighton and one of my older colleagues told me this used to be the Railway wages office where staff used to collect their wages.

    By DH (17/09/2007)
  • That was my impression when I had a look around that building. As I recall it had a cash office and yard workers would walk through the building from one ramp to another to clock on and off, collect wages etc. It all seems a bit overblown, but of course this was the biggest railway engineering works in Europe at one time.

    By Tony Ling (05/01/2008)

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