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Graffiti on a car park wall

This photo shows Triffid Graffiti at the Prince Regent Swimming Complex Car Park.

Now, graffiti is a slightly taboo subject at the moment with the Council trying to ‘clean up’ the city. Personally, I love a lot of the graffiti in Brighton and have seen many marvellous pieces of street art. I’ve also seen lots of cases of mindless vandalism with tags and indiscriminant spraying.

I think that graffiti is part of what gives Brighton its creative soul. This particular piece will probably disappear under the great glass library going up soon.

Grafitti at Prince Regent Car Park
Photo by Jeremy Nicholson

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  • I don’t think much of the car park at all. It’s a playground for insolent yobos to spray their filth and brand the historical walls of our city. Roll on the bulldozers!

    By Mike Hunt (04/08/2004)
  • No, some street art is good, still in Brighton you get large walls covered in it and it does look good, but when it’s done badly and in the wrong places then it really looks bad.  Who is the DEAN? I see that name all around, even on the by-pass.

    By Tom Taylor (26/02/2008)
  • Hi Tom. Thank you so much for all your help yesterday, as you know it was a very hard day for me, but you made it so much easier and for that I am very grateful! Best wishes Annabelle

    By Vernie (28/05/2012)
  • Well I was just in a FB converstation with the other SIlly Rabbit about this very Mural. It was done by us as a commissioned by Brighton & Hove Council back in 1990 to brighton up the disused areas of Brighton during the Arts Festival month. We were art students from Brighton Art School at the time. So you may think its gaffitti but in is in fact an Historic relic from the more glamourous days of public art. Now its been knocked down and now the council built a glass monstrity and I don’t know who Dean is. Silly Rabbits I & II.

    By Silly Rabbit II (05/08/2013)
  • I was happy to meet the infamous graffiti writer Dean (graffiti not street art). This was probably around 2000. He was highly respected by other graffiti writers – not for artistic stills, but for how much his name was around and where. As someone else commented you could see his name off the bypass, A23 on cow troughs. Also all around the railway network. Proper graffiti not some legalized street artist like Banksy.

    By David Hampton (08/03/2015)

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