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Choir, Servers and Vicar c1952

The man on the left in this photograph who is holding the staff is Mr Rhodes, the Sacristan. Peter Kite (black wavy hair), a very good tenor in the Choir, is right at the back on the side of Mr Rhodes. Mr Taylor the organist is next to him at the rear. Mr Munch, the Head of All Soul’s School, is on the far right in the suit. I am two to the right of Mr Rhodes. John Brookshaw (with black hair, son of the caretaker of All Souls School) is just in front in between the Vicar and the priest to his left hand – Munch’s – side).

Other faces are familiar but names escape me.

All Souls church choir c1952
From the private collection of Dennis Parrett

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  • Thanks Dennis for sharing this picture.  I am John Brookshaw’s daughter and was so pleased when I found this picture on the internet. Sadly Dad passed away a couple of weeks ago but Mum and I were really happy when we came across this picture.

    By Mandie (10/08/2007)
  • Mandie, I am sorry to hear that John has passed away. We used to go to Saturday morning pictures together at the Odeon in Kemp Town. I used to live in a flat, the back of which over-looked All Souls School, so I could see where John lived. I remember going to birthday parties there. In between us was waste ground with a very old rusty car on it. I think he had two sisters, Audrey and Ann. I am pleased that the picture helped.

    By Dennis Parrett (06/10/2007)
  • Hi Mandie I am sorry to hear that your Dad is know longer with us.I was friends with John when we were kids. We worked on the railway together as engine cleaners, firemen and drivers. When I was a Supervisor in London your Dad was the Depot manager at Brighton. I returned to Brighton as a Supervisor but your Dad had taken early retirement or promotion. i also remember your Grandfather who was caretaker of All Souls School.

    By Bob Dainty (02/06/2008)
  • Hi Bob, thanks for your further comments about Mr Smith at St Mary’s; very interesting. I see you also knew John Brookshaw. My father Frederick Parrett, now deceased, was a steam fitter for many years at Brighton until the works closed down. Luckily he was then given a routine job until he was 65 when he qualified for a pension. My uncle, Albert Terry, had also been a carriage cleaner at Brighton until he died around 1960. What took you to the website of All Souls Church? I don’t know if you or your brother went to Queens Park Infants School but I have also put something there, including class photos.

    By Dennis Parrett (06/06/2008)
  • Hello Dennis & Bob, I am the Audrey to whom you refer in the above comments. Sadly my sister Ann has died also. I too went to early morning Communion, 11 o’clock Mass, 3pm Sunday School, taken by the Bennett sisters, and my favourite – Evensong. The Steele twins, David and Michael are standing behind the vicar, behind them to the left is Mr Collins. My grandmother, Mrs Bean, and auntie, Mrs Swain, cleaned the church until it was demolished. What a sad day that was as we had all been baptized, confirmed and married in All Souls and no other church will replace the wonderful childhood memories we have of that special place. The statue of Mother Mary I am told went to St.Peter’s Church in London Road, Brighton. I went to Queens Park Infants School and later All Souls Infant and Junior School when my dad took over as caretaker. What fun we had as children there, but that is another story.

    By Audrey O'Brien (nee Brookshaw) (13/11/2008)
  • Hello Audrey. I doubt that you remember me but I do recall some of the names you have now supplied. I do remember the sisters taking Sunday school and the twin brothers. I am not sure of the name of the Vicar in the picture but Father Bott definitely rings a bell. I started going to All Souls Church with two sisters, Linda and Jackie Hard, who lived next door to us in Hereford Street. Possibly the Brown sisters in Essex Street also went but memory fades. The Hards eventually moved to Hollingdean and Mr and Mrs Rhodes and their daughter Catherine moved in. Mr Hard used to play the trumpet at, I think, the Regent. I remember hearing him practice. I heard that Linda married and went to America. I do remember a nativity play performed several times. The crypt was used as a dressing/make up area. I was a shepherd. I was sorry to learn about your sister. Best wishes.

    By Dennis Parrett (27/11/2008)
  • Easter 2017 will be the 50th anniversary of the closure of All Souls’ and, in conjunction with St Mary’s Rock Gardens which is planning a commemorative exhibition at that time, I am preparing a booklet about the church and its history, helped by virtually all its records, registers, magazines etc., being readily available to access.  I would love to have contact with anyone who has photos or personal memories so that these can be included.

    By Malcolm Kemp (24/06/2015)

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