Quaker meeting house

The Friends Centre garden

This lovely walled garden is a calming spot. It contains an early nineteenth century Quaker Meeting House.

The town centre is full of non-conformist places of worship. There’s a Swedenborgian mission and a gorgeous synagogue nearby. Yet the Church of England church is on the hill outside the town, out of sight, out of mind.

This has always been a radical city. Brighton voted for the first Labour MP in Sussex. It is Britain’s largest gay city outside Central London. There are two universities. Brighton goes its own way and bucks the system.

The Quakers have never been the Friends’ Centre, this educational centre was part of Quaker outreach and is a common misunderstanding in the wide community. The Friends, Centre moved
from Ship Street two years ago and is now based in Vine Street,
Brighton with the same range of educational studies held at venues
throughout the city
Tony Tree

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  • Sorry Tony, but I don’t understand the first line of your update, when you say “The Quakers have never been the Friends’ Centre”. Do you mean that this was not a Quaker Meeting House? Alan Hobden

    By Alan Hobden (22/02/2012)
  • Alan, the building was always the Friends’ Meeting House since it was first used as a Quaker place of worship. The education block was a later addition. The Friends’ Centre was a separate educational charity, although set up by Quakers, and used the building and the education block during the week. Quakers continued to worship on a Sunday and at some other times. The Friends Centre used the building until a few years ago when it moved to Vine Street before closing in July 2020.

    By Jason Evans (07/05/2021)
  • The image is captioned “The Friends’ Centre garden”. It should be “The Friend’s Meeting House garden”. The title of the page, “Quaker meeting house” is somewhat correct, but should really be “The Friends’ Meeting House”. These may seem like small distinctions, but Quakers consider them important.

    By Jason Evans (07/05/2021)

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