Brothers and blindness

Clermont Church

“Clermont Church is one of these things that’s cropped up at different times of my life. My other brother used to go to church at Clermont and one Sunday morning he took me with him to go to Sunday School. That was the only time I went to Clermont Church at that time but about five years ago it became the headquarters for the Brighton Society of the Blind. One of the most memorable days there was when the Princess of Wales came and opened the society’s new headquarters.”

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  • Not much to say, but I to went to Sunday School at Clermont church during WW2 years. I seem to recall that there was a Youth Group and a Girl Guide troop based there.

    By Dave Blackford (07/02/2006)
  • I noticed the name Dave Blackford in the above comment. I believe that you knew my brother Euan Bowyer, Compton Road. He and another brother, Brynmor, used to attend the Boy’s Brigade at Clermont as I attended the Girl’s Guildry. My husband and I were married at Clermont Church fifty years ago this past March. We visited the church last month on our visit to family and friends in the Brighton area, but couldn’t find anyone to speak with.

    By Diana Anstead (nee Bowyer), Canada (19/05/2008)
  • Just spotted your entry re Clermont Church. Yes, I do remember Euan Bowyer back in the 1940’s – I vaguely remember the names Donald Card, who lived in Hampstead Road, and Peter Barton at Inwood Crescent. I moved away from Brighton, joining the RAF as a pilot and lost touch with most of my school pals. Also did some training at Winnipeg, Canada and often thought of moving there.  But I do remember Clermont Girls Guildry – in particular a girl by the name of Hazel Thring – I was madly keen on her – but her family were well up the social scale from me and in those days I was too shy to press my attentions.  Anyway, nice to say hello to someone from those enjoyable times.

    By Dave Blackford (26/05/2008)
  • Great to get a reply-thanks Dave. I remember Peter Barton from Inwood Crescent, I always called him’Dick Barton-Special Agent’ that’s how embarrassing younger sisters can be. My brother Euan lives at Lancing, retired of course, and dabbles in ‘old cars’ not antiques but those like the Rileys etc. I do remember Hazel Thring, at that time there were several Guildry Girls who lived up at Withdean. Do you remember Deidre Crick, she lived on Millers Road? I met up with her about five years ago through a Varndean classmate.

    By Diana Anstead nee Bowyer (14/06/2008)
  • Not sure if we should correspond on this site – but lovely to get a reply from you – and here goes!  Yes, I remember Deidre Crick – she went to Stanford Road School with the rest of us. I seem to recall that all the people that I knew at Stanford Road, including myself, passed the 11+ and went to Varndean. Unfortunately, due to my parents’ financial situation, I ended up at Intermediate/Fawcett school in York Place. However, I still got my School Certificate, so nothing was lost.  I was in the RAF for 37 years and planned to retire to Brighton – but property prices have skyrocketed and I just make an occasional visit. My brother still lives in Brighton and I have very fond memories of my schooldays there, but I’m not sure whether Brighton is still the place I remember.  So perhaps I’m much better off here on the Isle of Wight which is peaceful and free from the rat-race that has blighted much of this country.  Take care, Dave.
    PS. Glad you remembered Hazel, she was gorgeous!

    By Dave Blackford (15/06/2008)
  • I belonged to the youth club at Clermont Church, It was run by a brother and sister as far as i can remember, The man’s name was Peter and he worked for the Brighton and Hove Gazette Newspaper. I remember we had a Harmonica Band. I remember one of the girls that went, lived in the big grocers shop next to Caffyns Garage in Preston Road. We all used to go up their sometimes.

    By Ron Jones (02/02/2009)
  • Oh! Yes – I remember Hazel Thring. My best friend was Warwick Whitaker (we were at Brighton Hove and Sussex Grammar School for Boys together). I frequently “stayed over” at his parents house in Hillrise. We found lots of excuses to go up to see Hazel who only lived a couple of hundred yards up the road. I somehow never got round to asking her out on a date. But met Diana Burnett (Varndean School for Girls) at a dance at Brighton and Hove High School for Girls, who was a very good Tennis player (which was my favourite sport) so we went out together for just over 2 years. She lived in Tivoli Crescent North. Happy days. I have lived in Southern Ireland for over 30 years.

    By Paul Tomsett (18/04/2011)
  • We moved to 4 Claremont Terrace when I was 9yrs in 1959. My parents got the house cheap (£1500) because it was in a very neglected state. It didnt have any electricity in it, only gas lighting! The garden was so overgrown we didnt know how long it was. When it was cleared, we found it ended at the siding at Preston Park station. I knew it was time to leave for school in the morning when the steam goods train went by.

    By kevin theobald (21/03/2013)

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