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Did you know - Carlton Hill

'Did you know?' from the 'My Brighton' exhibit

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  • I was in the choir, when it was St. John’s Church, this would have been 1947/48/49
    and St. John’s School held the nativity play in the church.

    By David H. Wickham. (22/09/2006)
  • Hello David,we must have been at St Johns at the same time. l was born 1944. Do you remember: the little canvas beds for afternoon naps? The chalk line through the playground separating the boys and girls?
    The teacher that only had boiled water to drink? Birthdays celebrated with a cake? Palm Sunday with a biscuit and flowers of some kind for mother? Learning how to add up and take away by using a pretend shop and money and then moving to the new school opposite?

    By Sheila Jones (nee Cork) (12/08/2007)
  • I was in the choir at the same time as David Wickham and went to school at St John’s school. Small world.

    By A. D. Stephens (15/01/2009)
  • I was christened here at St Johns Church in 1945 and married here in 1964.

    By Jacqueline Thomas/Parker/Jones (19/03/2018)

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