Formerly St John the Evangelist

Greek Orthodox Church, Carlton Hill
Greek Orthodox Church, Carlton Hill

This church, formerly St John the Evangelist, is on the north side of Carlton Hill. It was built in the classical style by George Cheesman for the Reverend Henry Wagner, the Vicar of Brighton from 1824-1870. It opened in 1840.

At the time Carlton Hill, behind the East Cliff, was a deprived area of town with some of the poorest quality housing. Needless to say the church was not a success. Few people could afford even the cheapest of pew rents and there were 10 public houses or gin shops and 23 beer shops which proved more enticing to the parishioners.

The church which seats 1,200 worshippers and has large galleries, was declared redundant in 1980. There were plans to convert it into a detoxification centre but these were rejected following a public enquiry and it remained closed until March 1986 when it was taken over by the Greek community.

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  • What about after the Greek community took over the church?

    By Antonios Kolyvopoulos (08/04/2004)
  • The Riley Hall next door to the church held Christmas Pantomimes and the Youth Club in the Hall. The Youth Club is where I learnt a bit about boxing, but it wasn’t for me. It was a very busy community and the Hall was always in use for some activity or other.

    By David H. Wickham (23/09/2006)
  • Could you please inform me if on Christmas day there will be liturgy in this church? 

    Editor’s note: Sorry but we don’t have any information, or contact details for the church.

    By Apostolos (24/12/2009)
  • Taken from the Brighton Argus today 4th July 2010. Flames ripped through an historic Victorian church causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. Firefighters were called to the Greek Orthodox Church in Carlton Hill, Brighton, at about 2.45pm today. They are currently still at the scene assessing the damage to the Grade II listed building. Members of the church, who watched the drama unfold, said they were in a state of shock.

    By Maralyn Eden (04/07/2010)
  • I was married in this church in 1960.

    By Joyce Blackman (formerly Bryant) (08/05/2014)

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