Built in a strange place!

Image from the 'My Brighton' exhibit

This is the church of St John the Evangelist in Carlton Hill. It was built in a very strange location. It was situated in what were the slums of Carlton Hill, the poorest area of the town. They had great difficulty attracting a congregation, because the people couldn’t afford pew rents.

It’s now been taken over by the Greek community, as the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, and the foreground is used as an American Express car park.

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  • My grandmother was baptised in this church in 1891 as were several of her siblings. Thank you for the history and photograph.

    By Denise Mckenzie (28/08/2005)
  • I sang in the choir in the late 1940s when it was St. John’s. The vicar was the late Rev. Eastham.

    By David H. Wickham (18/06/2006)
  • St John’s church was my family church. I used to attend every Sunday morning as a child and I remember running down St John’s Place, hearing the single tone of the church bell, trying not to be late for the service. In the afternoons we would go to the Sunday School which was held at the St John’s Primary School on the corner of Carlton Street, now long gone. The vicarage was a large, red brick house opposite the church; I suppose that has gone as well. I was so pleased when I found this page, to find that the building was saved and put to good use.

    By Ron Burtenshaw (27/02/2007)
  • I was born in 1944 and went to the little flint school of St Johns. To me it was a great little school, it taught me all the basics l needed to know in life, how to read, how to write and how to behave which is more than l can say for some of todays schools, and this is reffered to as a slum area. We were poor but proud. l now own my own home and hold my head high. Thank you St. Johns.

    By Sheila Jones (12/08/2007)

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