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Photograph published c1910

Scanned from an original copy of '67 Views of Brighton, Hove and Neighbourhood', circa 1910, by kind permission of David Burgess

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  • Within the graveyard, there is a headstone with a skull and crossbones on it. It is the grave of a local hero who was known to be a pirate. Does anybody know the exact location of the grave? I was 15 when the church gardener showed it to me. I am now 51 and cannot find it to show my children.

    By Alan Bayley (20/09/2003)
  • The skull gravestone is on the south side of the church – follow the path towards the memorial garden.

    By Anonymous (04/04/2004)
  • To add more to the comment made by Anonymous on 04-04-2004 – walk towards the main church entrance, turn right along the side of the building, look along by the pathway for a small white grave stone about 1 ft high, next to a grave stone about 4.5 ft high with a ‘crown’ top. The engraving has worn away, but a skull and cross bones can be seen with 2 other emblems, and written ‘here lies the body of John Morris (or Norris), died aged 59’. I think it says a date in the 1600s.

    By Joseph Keely (25/04/2004)
  • Does anyone know anything about “Little Gertie” who is buried in the churchyard?

    By Lynda (14/01/2009)

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