Built in Perpendicular Style in 1896

A large red brick edifice in Perpendicular style. It was built in 1896 by G.E. Streatfield. It has a clerestoried nave and an apsidal chancel. The church has stained glass by Charles Kempe of 1901-2. The Church Hall was built in 1901 in memory of Queen Victoria.

The church has been deconsecrated and combined with St. Saviour’s Methodist Church, Stanford Avenue.

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  • This is the church where I attended scouts in the hut at the rear of the church, at the age of about 13 in 1955. I was confirmed around 1957 and Chris and I got married there in 1966. We have wonderful memories of the church and all the amenities. After marrying we moved to Hove then eventually settling in Lancing and are sorry to see the way it has gone to seed.

    By John Desborough (11/06/2008)
  • How nice to see one of Brighton’s less well known churches as a feature. More so for me as I was christened there in 1950 by the Rev Johnston. Sunday School and church choir followed, I seem to remember that payment was calculated for choir and weddings at a rate that included a farthing! I entered the 4th Brighton Cubs followed by the Scouts who met in the old wooden hut round the corner in Florence Road. My doctors is opposite and recently I saw the hut was still there! Can it be the same one? The church hall was great inside, having a balcony on three sides which was great for the jumble sales always run there. It was like a department store of jumble!
    During a storm in the Sixties a big tree in front of the church blew over and us Scouts dug out the [deep!]roots. Passing by last week I noticed the broken church railings still there where the tree struck them.

    By Geoffrey Mead (12/06/2008)
  • I went to church here in the 60s and also belonged to the church choir, we got paid slightly more. I was also the Virgin Mary in the Church Nativity and was asked by the vicar to present a bouquet to the Lady Mayoress of Brighton, which I did. I went to Sunday School there too and used to decorate the church at Harvest Festival. It is a shame it is not being used. I was very happy there and remember the vicar and his wife, Mr and Mrs Fowke, who often came round to tea. When I was at school I was asked to read the Christmas story at our church service in St Saviours, I was about seven then.

    By Jasmine Wok (04/05/2009)
  • The church has not been deconsecrated, it is redundant. It was not combined with St Saviour’s Methodist church (no such entity exists). The parish of St Augustine with St Saviour was combined with that of St John, Preston Park in January 2002. St Saviour’s church was an Anglican church which was demolished and the parish combined with that of St Augustine. The hut is almost certainly the same, it has a floor which slopes towards Florence Road- a ball will run out at a good speed.

    By Philip Bailey (21/09/2010)
  • I am so pleased to find a photo of ‘my’ scout hut . I was a cub there, then a scout and finally a senior scout in the 3rd North Brighton troop, happy days. I can own up now to climbing up on to that lower parapet of the church roof to get pigeons’ eggs from the nests there. I would love to hear from any ‘survivors’ who might still be around and were friends of mine in those days. A slim hope, I know because I will be 80 this month.

    By John Starley (09/06/2013)
  • My wife and I got married at St. Augustine’s on the 2nd July 1966, we chose it because I had been in the 4th Brighton Scouts and had joined St Richard’s Guild for confirmation in my youth. Sad to see it in such a state.

    By John Desborough (02/10/2013)

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