Memories of the 11th Brighton Scout Group

From the private collection of Trevor Chepstow
From the private collection of Trevor Chepstow
From the private collection of Trevor Chepstow
From the private collection of Trevor Chepstow

The Reverend Chown of St Paul’s was responsible for the running of the 11th Brighton Scouts Group and Cubs in the area and was a very popular figure in the local community. The scout hall was behind the main church (St Paul’s) and was very popular with the local lads, particularly in the fifties and early sixties when scouting was at its height!

Bob a Job week
One of the yearly tasks was “Bob a Job Week” when the lads would converge on the local community and try and relieve then of a shilling for the task performed. The Scout or Cub who collected the most amounts for charity was normally rewarded for their hard work with a merit badge.  Most of the lads were well known to the local people and were normally given a tip of top on the shilling. So it was always a popular week with the lads, as sixpence would buy you more chips than you could carry at the local fish ‘n’ chip shop (Bardsleys) in those days!

Scout camps
Following the tradition of scouting the 11th Brighton were keen campers and attended many of the local scout camps in the area and represented the town in many of the World-Wide Scout Jamboree’s.

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  • Being an old Brighton scout, it was interesting to see the comment on the 11th Brighton Scouts.  From memory, the 11th had a very good relationship with the 35th which used to hold its meetings in Union Hall.  This was only a stone’s throw away from St Paul’s.  Quite a few of the 11th lads used to end up camping with us at Parkwood which added to the fun.  Sadly the only name from the 11th that springs to mind is Trevor Furlonger.  If any of you former Scouts read this, please get in touch with me. (

    By John Wignall (10/08/2007)
  • I was in the 11th scout troop. It was run by two brothers Dennis and Fred South who lived in Compton Road, they were helped by Ian Gravett. My brother John was in Gannet group, they were all named after sea birds. We often played at Wilson Avenue, on the flint pitch there. Beforehand, we would assemble at the bus stop in Viaduct Road. I remember camping at Parkwood which I am glad to see is still going strong.

    By Peter Maurice (07/11/2008)
  • Well, wow, what a fantastic surprise! I became leader of the Owls after Roger Payne. Dennis ran his own troop (39th?). How do these names sound: Terry Tidman, Martin Payne, John Dowsett, Mick Davis, John Sheath, Trevor Booker, Dave West, Brian Hall? It was a fantastic troop. We won the football, the swimming, the athletics. Took part in the “Gang Show”. Fantastic weekend camps in Parkwood, summer camps to Ross on Wye, New Forest, Lands End. I have photos from the athletics and the Gang Show. After I left to be an apprentice jockey in Epsom on 7/7/64, never saw any of them again. Have no contact with my brother anymore (bad story). I met my wife Liv in 1976 at a stable in Peacehaven, moved to her home in Denmark and have been here ever since – 2 kids: Nikolaj 35 and Shannon 27. All the best to everyone who reads this. My email is

    By James Dowsett (04/12/2013)

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