Memories of the drinking fountain

Drinking fountain at St Peter's church, Brighton

“A few more things come to mind about Brighton in my early days. One was the drinking fountain at St Peter’s Church. There was a large metal cup hanging from the chain which we could drink from, but my mother never allowed us to do this. We always had to put our mouths near the jet of water and catch it as we pressed the button. There were two horse troughs there, and we would watch the horses having their fill.

It’s hard to remember how things were, and we realise just how much traffic has built up on the roads these days. Cars were a real luxury for the few when I was young.”

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  • I would like to know when the drinking fountain was taken down outside St.Peter’s Church, we got married there in 1967 and it wasn’t there then? Thanks for your time.

    By Pam Williams (17/03/2006)
  • The drinking fountain is still there, but has not worked for years now. Long before the road improvements (haha) it was at the end of the lawns by a small car park known as the banjo carpark (because of the shape it created with the lawn). There is also an underground WC at the end of the lawn which I believe is also still there, but disused. From a flat next to what is now the Gloucester night club, the well-planted lawns were a great sight, flood-lit at night and the Mazda fountain at the other end, working in full colour during the 1970.

    By Graham Bradley (12/05/2007)

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