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A child's view

“I like the play park because I make loads of games. My favourite thing at the park is the monkey bars, but I have to have some help. There is a slide and a little house underneath. I can go very high on the swings and I like the rickety bridge. Sometimes I pick flowers and sometimes I find conkers. It isn’t very far from my house and when I am bigger I can go there on my own.”

Photograph of BECCA play park, Bevendean
Photo by Sam Carroll

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  • The ‘farm’ certainly has changed a bit, since I left the area, in 1976! I vaguely remember a stone wall by the Heathhill Avenue entrance, also remains of some old building where we used to play. Are there still ghosts in the assembly hall?

    By Paul B (27/02/2005)
  • I have so many childhood memories of this park. It has changed loads over the years but still always stays the same somehow!

    By Emma Hurrell (27/11/2006)
  • I love this park, but it was much more fun when there was a big slide.

    By Stacy (06/06/2007)

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