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The Turret Clock

The turret clock at Brighton General Hospital

One of the most striking features of Brighton General Hospital is the fine turret clock in the tower above A Block.

There is a description of the clock and the presentation ceremony in 1874 in the Brighton Herald.

Made by Mr Henry Pratt of 18 Preston Street it was given to the hospital, or workhouse as it was then, by Mrs G. Pym Reading. It has four dials, each six feet in diameter, and a compensated pendulum weighting two hundredweights.

A clock by the same maker had been installed two years previously in the Congregtional Church, Seven Dials. (demolished in 1972). This clock  is reputed to have gone for eight months  with an error of ten seconds – a remarkable achievment for a clock of this type.

The clock mechanism

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  • This brings back so many memories as I spent from April 1952 to June 1956 working at the hospital, and then visited very very often over the following years. In fact I met my wife there and still try to pop up to see the old place whenever I am in Brighton. As the local council own the land it stands on and the trust is gradually closing all the wards, it is likely that in the future houses or flats will be built on the site. However I am led to believe that A block with the clock tower is a listed building so at least the external structure may be maintained. If you read this do have a look at the web site: it is chock full of lots of photos of the hospital and staff over the years starting from 1947 and up to the mid to late 60s.

    By Ken Ross (04/09/2008)

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