The Nurses' Home steps c.1936-1969

On the steps of Brighton General Nurses Home

These photographs show how the steps of the Brighton General Nurses Home were used by so many nurses over the years as the place to take photographs of your friends and in some cases the annual nurses prizes winners had a photograph taken on the steps. They were so convenient for group shots as the nurses could stand on the different levels and all could be seen, in some cases the steps were also use for a fun photos. The earliest picture was taken in about 1936 and the nurse is wearing the old Municipal Hospital nurses uniform and badge, the rest cover many years up to about 1969.

On the steps of Brighton General Nurses Home

It is just a small touch of the  history and a little ‘moving’ to look at these pictures and to see how much those steps played a part in the nurses lives and to see the unchanging steps with the changing faces over those many years. In those days there was always laughter both off duty and on duty.



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  • The sad message this note brings is that the nurses’ home including the steps is now just history because earlier this year (2011) the whole lot was torn down. Any one interested in the BGH at all do look at the web site given above. To repeat it is Here you will find many many photos and anecdotes and my contact e-mail.

    By Ken Ross (19/09/2011)
  • Message for Ken Ross: Do you have any list of nursing students from the early 40s? My mum was from Ireland, took her training but left to move to Canada in 1947.  If no list of students, how about staff lists?  I am enjoying your photos although my mum is not in any of them. I tried the web site but unable to connect. I hope to hear from you. I did get a copy of Janet Gooch’s ‘History of BGH’. Thank you.

    By Kathleen Kolla (31/10/2014)
  • Hooray for the nurses, where would we be without them, or indeed where would I be without them? Not writing this for sure.

    By Mick Peirson (01/11/2014)
  • To Kathleen Kolla:  I have contact details for one nurse who was at the BGH in 1940 but would have to ask her permission to give you her address. Can you give me your email or go through this site to get them to email me with your contact details?
    Regarding the hospital website that was – this has all been dropped as have all the communigate sites by the Argus. I have all the photos that were on the site on my PC and many go back a long way.

    By Ken Ross (02/11/2014)

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