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Ramshackle but great atmosphere

Tea Dance in the village club early 1980s
From the personal collection of Jennifer Drury

A great meeting place

In the early eighties the village club was a great place to meet people and have a drink. When we moved into the village we didn’t know anyone and not being churchgoers the club seemed the best way of making new friends. It looked pretty ramshackle – and it was draughty. There were these heaters that hung down from the ceiling – they looked quite dangerous really. Actually they weren’t much use either – in the cold weather if you stood underneath one, the top of your head got really hot, but from the neck down you were still cold!  I remember that there were these really awful curtains, wicker chairs and very wobbly tables. 

A fantastic atmosphere 

For all this the place was wonderful. Having managed pubs and clubs for many years previous to moving to the village, we were just so amazed that a place that looked so rundown should have should a fantastic atmosphere and everyone was so friendly. Although we realised that a new building was necessary we were very sad when the old one went.

Many happy memories 

We have many happy memories of sitting in that funny old place and loving every minute of it. All the flashy bars we had managed could not beat this rather grotty but welcoming place.  It was a real example of my belief that it‘s people who make all the difference to whether or not a club or pub has a good atmosphere.

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