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Construction in the 1960s

Sussex County Hospital building site 1960s (specific date unknown)
From private collection of Phillipa Shaw.
Sussex County Hospital under construction - 1960s (specific date unknown)
From the private collection of Phillipa Shaw.

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  • It may interest readers to know that the radiotherapy building {the long one with five skylights} was opened by Lord Montgomery. I was fortunate enough to converse with him on that occasion.

    By Edward Brooke (11/07/2004)
  • The original structural engineers for the Thomas Kemp Tower were W S Atkins of Epsom. The record drawings show that it was designed in 1964 and 1965, with work starting shortly after. The photograph shows the construction of the substantial reinforced concrete frame.

    By Rick Potterton (18/03/2010)
  • The picture of the hospital under construction was taken in 1968. I have more that I can add to it when I can work out how to post a dozen pictures.

    By Edward Brooke (04/05/2012)
  • My dad worked at the RSCH from after the war up to when he retired in the 1970s. He was known as ‘Joe’. Does anybody remember him?

    By Ken Valder (05/05/2012)
  • I have just read a comment I made in 2004.  I erroneously mentioned Lord Montgomery.  I should have said Lord Mountbatten.

    By Edward Brooke (15/04/2017)
  • Hello Ken. I was the Head Porter at that time and have many pleasant memories of your father.  Of his own choice he worked permanent night duties and was the senior porter on that shift.  I remember Joe as a very kindly, conscientious chap who was well liked and respected by all.

    By Edward Brooke (15/04/2017)
  • Donald Hall was my grandfather. He died when I was 7 and I still remember him as being so kindly and full of practical jokes!

    By Rosemary Cameron ( nee Hooper) (09/02/2021)

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