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Whitehawk Inn

I live off Western Road at the Hove end. When I moved here 2 years ago I realised the benefit of being near a walk-on, walk-off beach without having to climb up and down the cliff steps as at the eastern end of town. It is also brilliant for bus routes. Walking back into Brighton along Western Road (though the seafront is an option) is a fascinating architectural/historical trip, especially the fine 1930s shop buildings on the north side. I enjoy seeing the current shops in their original guise. So my favourite places in Brighton and Hove include my two routes into town.

Walk into town

King’s Lawn and Brunswick Lawn make a beautifully uncluttered vista, matching the sea with much needed green (the general lack of trees since the hurricane of 1987 is very sad, however). As I get nearer, the contrast with the superbly revamped facilities and artistic features of the main front is satisfying too. The greatest wonder of this area is the whirling dervish dance of myriad starlings from West Pier at dawn and dusk.

Coming into town, I feel more at home in the London Road area (maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner) with its real-world not trendy shops and its sense of location framed by the viaducts: it connects with other places. Further east, the Whitehawk Inn has been for me truly welcoming: crossing Brighton on the no. 1 bus to here is well worth it.

Thanks, Whitehawk!

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  • Does anyone remember a cafe on Whitehawk Rd (Broadway) that was there in the late 1960s? its now a newsagents and its the first shop starting from the north end of the road oposite Robert Lodge flats.

    By Sue (10/12/2004)
  • Yes Sue, I well remember the cafe at the northern end of the Broadway even in the mid 50s although its name escapes me. I lived at the back of those shops in Reading Road and went to school with the daughter of the cafe proprietor. I seem to think her name was Ann. Other shops in the parade were Merediths butchers (later Mr Meredith and his son took the shop at the southern corner as a paint/wallpaper shop). Ogdens bakery was somewhere near the centre of the parade. There was a boot repairer and a newsagents run by a Mr & Mrs Lane. The licensee of the Whitehawk Inn at the time was a family by the name of Savage.

    By Peter Guy (12/12/2004)
  • I remember these cafes too. One was Broadway Cafe. I’ll find out the name of other one mentioned here. Anyone from Twineham Rd out there?

    By Sue Beckett (11/01/2005)
  • I also remember the Broadway cafe all through the 1960s and the Tuck Shop in Whitehawk Road run by John and Violet Knight. Having moved to Hervey Road in 1959, I spent my teens growing up and frequenting those cafes. 1960s Whitehawk was a nice place to do that.

    By Ted Ellingford (29/01/2005)
  • Hi Sue and Peter, thanks for your posts on the cafe. It’s lovely to see you on the site, and even better that you know that cafe. I remember it having a 50s look with a ‘7 Up’ sign/poster on the wall and a juke box.

    By Sue Burtenshaw (27/04/2005)
  • Would that be Sue Burtenshaw, Sally’s sister from Maresfield Road? Ted was right – the cafes were the Broadway Cafe & Tuck Shop which was opposite the bus garage.

    By Sue Beckett (nee bennett) (02/07/2005)
  • My mum used to live in Twineham Rd, my nan did until 70s and now I live just off Whitehawk Crescent.

    By Carol Byard (15/07/2005)
  • I remember a cafe opposite the bus depot. We used to go there on Saturdays for lunch, 1966-1967. I recall the cafe being called the ‘Appletime’.

    By Oreen Jones (29/09/2005)
  • Hi Sue Beckett – yes its me – Sally’s sister! You can email me at

    By Sue Burtenshaw (11/11/2005)
  • I used to frequent the cafe on the north side of Whitehawk Road, it was called Stan’s Cafe – great chip sarnies!

    By Bluey Atkins (22/05/2006)
  • I have seen a Sue and Peter commenting on the Broadway Cafe, my name is Tony Miller, my sister was Ann Miller. We lived in the Broadway Cafe for many years, my dad was of course Stan and my Mum Audrey. I see a name there – Bluey Atkins – I rememeber you ! I have so many memories of those times – I still see people who I remember. It was a great place to be at that time, I was there from 1956 to 1970. I would be pleased to hear from to anyone who remembers me – Tony Miller you can email me at

    By Tony Miller (13/07/2006)
  • I was a regular in the Whitehawk Inn during the 1975-1985 period. The place was a scream,there was always somebody up to something, and I had so many laughs there. There was seldom any trouble, and the people were a loyal bunch who stuck together. Micky Rudd was the best landlord during that period, and I even worked there for a year or so. Happy Days!

    By Paul Hubbard (13/10/2006)
  • I also lived in Hervey Road from 1949-69, and I well remember the Broadway cafe, I also remember Ted Ellingford taking me, a wide eyed 11year old to the Hippodrome, that memory has stayed with me, as have the long days playing football in East Brighton Park.

    By Mick Sutton (06/03/2007)
  • My grandmother lived in Hervey Rd.I used to visit her a lot as a young boy.I lived In Wiston Close and would walk from there down a pathway over Nuthurst and Findon over Whitehawk Rd.up the Grass embankment and into the top end of Hervey Rd.It seems lot of people enjoyed growing up in Whitehawk in the 40’s and 50’s.I Know I did.

    By Eric Cook (20/03/2007)
  • Hi Terry Cooke. I used to live with Mrs Freeman from the age of 16 to 19, at 85 whitehawk road. Do you remember me? My sister’s name was Pearl and she stayed with Betty Washington in Woodingdean. Was you mum Louise?

    By Bluey Atkins (05/06/2007)
  • Does anybody know what the off licence next to the pet shop in the Broadway used to be? I used to work in that off licence.

    By Wayne Wareham (18/09/2007)
  • Hi Wayne. The two shops that were where the off-licence is now were Raggetts Cafe and Facers wool shop, Nos. 25 and 26. That was in the 1950s.

    By Bluey Atkins (10/11/2007)
  • It was a tough area to grow up but it taught us many things about life. I reflect back often on these times. I remember PC George Boxall and PC George Oakley who started the Whitehawk Boys Club and Boxing Club. They taught us discipline and manners and kept us off the streets. Tony Brazil was a gentleman and taught us the art of boxing. All my brothers boxed for Whitehawk. Happy memories!

    By Ron George (17/01/2008)
  • Hello Ted Elingford do you remember the times in the Clyde? We were in there every night, not seen you for a long time though, how are things? Like to here from you Roy from Hervey Road

    By Roy Sargeant (10/02/2008)
  • Hi, just wanted to now whether anyone knew my nan and grandad, Jean and Roy Paddick? or Tony and Connie Brazil(Brashill) thank you

    By tara paddick (28/03/2008)
  • I used to stay at Hervey Road with Alice Pope back in the 50s; I spent a lot of summers there. I remember Joan Gander, who lived there at the time. I was about 11 or 12 years old and lived in London, but spent all my summers there. I had a lot of friends and a lot of good times.

    By Vicky Taylor (09/04/2008)
  • Hi Vicki, wasn’t the son good at dancing, and performed on television? I think his name was Ray. The Beadles lived next door to the Ganders, do you remember them?

    By Bluey Atkins (14/04/2008)
  • I lived in Hervey Road, no 45 next to Gary Dellow. I recall the Jones’ across from us. I was there from 1963 until it was demolised back in 1976. Down the road from me were the Mocketts and Zizzio, I remember Valerie and Cindy. The houses had nice big gardens.

    By Tony Hill (13/05/2008)
  • Hi everyone!  My mum was born in Whitehawk. Her maiden name was Shipley. She lived in Whitehawk Avenue with her mum and dad and sisters and brothers. Does anybody remember them?

    By Wayne Wareham (23/07/2008)
  • Hi Wayne, I remember Dennis Shipley. He used to work in the butchers down the Broadway. He was a good football referee too.

    By Bluey Atkins (05/08/2008)
  • Hi Bluey, Dennis is my Mum’s brother.

    By Wayne (08/08/2008)
  • Hi Wayne, I think one of your Mum’s friends was Peggy Ayres. Dennis was a good mate of mine. I lived at 84 Whitehawk Road. He was always in the Broadway Cafe, like the rest of us.

    By Bluey Atkins (10/08/2008)
  • I worked at the Broadway Cafe as a young girl on weekends and holidays, as my brother Roy married Ann Miller. As well as the juke box, the cafe had a small separate area that had a football table and pinball machine. It was somewhere Roy, Ann and their friends used to spend evenings. I lived at 17 Manor Crescent from 1954 to 1976 with my mum Agnes and dad Arthur – does anyone remember any of my family? I went to Whitehawk School from infants through to seniors and still see old friends occasionally. It’s good seeing some of the old Whitehawk names again – is Terry Cooke the nephew of Mrs Stevens who lived at 19 Manor Crescent?

    By Sonia Scott (07/09/2008)
  • Hi Roy and Mick, it would be nice to hear from you both contact me happy days.

    By Ted Ellingford (30/10/2008)
  • Hello Ted, great to hear from you. I am now a granddad to two year old Sydney and one due 15 November 2008. I still live in Whitehawk and I will email you later.

    By Roy (08/11/2008)
  • Sonia, I also worked at the Broadway Cafe. I lived in Brighton all my life in Whitehawk and Anne Miller was a friend of mine. We used to use her sun bed upstairs and also would go up to the back room to play on the pinball machine. My name before I got married was Shirley King. I now live in California, USA. I left Brighton when I was 19, it was the best time of my life and I still love it today.

    By Shirley King (09/11/2008)
  • As mentioned earlier, I had some brilliant times in the Whitehawk Inn. I was captain of the pool team for a few years and we won everything. I’m going to throw some names around and see if I get a response because we were a really solid group of mates who seldom fell out and really stuck together. Sorry if I miss anybody out!
    Ronnie, Denny, Trevor and Colin Davies (RIP Ronnie). Glenn Ince. Steve and Russell Newland. Terry and Colin Francis. Andy Gardiner. Alan Hosie. Micky and Alan Ashdown. Dennis Pumphrey. Russell Bliss. Dave Woolgar. Steve May. Dougie Greenland. Chris Newington. Eddie Riley. Grant Kirby. Paul Ansbro (Floppy). Wally Sweetman. John Berry(RIP). Henry Dobbyn. Andy Gordon. Kevin Crooks. Paul Harland. John Snell.
    We were a pretty male orientated bunch, but occasionally a few females were allowed. I don’t remember too many but here goes:
    Delia Robinson. Karen Beecham. Val Watson. Cathy Cash. Karen Freeman. Angie Freeman. Andrea Ashdown. Jan Knights. Tracey Novis. Tina Bassett.

    By Paul Hubbard (09/11/2008)
  • Hi, just searching the web for some contacts as have been living abroad for many years – used to know Russell and Steve Newland and Terry Francis (used to go out with him!) would be interested to know what happened to them – my brother was Alex Macleod (RIPxxx) we were around Brighton in the period of early to late 1970’s). contact me on thanks!

    By Laura Macleod (24/11/2008)
  • Hi Laura, Terry married Cathy Cash and still lives in Whitehawk. He’s a plumber I think. He’s done pretty well for himself though and I always found him a decent bloke. His son Sam plays football for Whitehawk. Russell Newland was still working as a “Knocker boy” when I left England and was living in a nice part of Hove. Steve was also in the “Antiques” business and was living in Farm Hill Woodingdean; another really nice guy. I have to say that I forgot “Doz”, “Ralph” and Vince Jarvis from the Whitehawk Inn.

    By Paul Hubbard (27/11/2008)
  • Hi Paul thanks so much for that information, if you see any of them please give them my regards – if they remember me….it was a long time ago. I did not live in Whitehawk but I met them all at the Top Rank dancing, Russell and Steve played in a band and we used to go and listen to them play. We were very young – 16/17 years old. I am sure Terry will remember me. I have lived abroad for many years and I have a 16 year old son. I live in Oxfordshire now, but Brighton will always be a place of ‘home’.

    By Laura Macleod (28/11/2008)
  • I haven’t been back to Britain for getting on for six years now, Laura, and have no plans to. Living where I do in Spain reminds me a lot of Brighton in the 60’s and 70’s when growing up seemed so much fun and so much safer.  I have teenage twins and feel that they have had a much nicer upbringing here than they wound have in Brighton. I still have great memories of growing up there though and wouldn’t have swapped my time in Whitehawk for anything.

    By Paul Hubbard (10/12/2008)
  • I used to go to the Broadway Cafe in the 60s and the Tuckshop Cafe, and also one called Appletime. My mates were Micky Sutton, (Fred) Denny Davis, Peter Perry, Ginger Wright and Peter Brown (hovis).

    By eggyboyle (17/02/2009)
  • When I was at school at Fitzherbert I used to know Russell and Steve Newland and spent a lot of my youth in the Whitehawk area i.e. the Broadway and remember the Whitehawk Inn very well. My surname then was Jarmakowicz and I lived in nearby Kemp Town.

    By Diane Marshall (27/03/2009)
  • Steve moved back very close to the old Fitzherbert School. He bought a bungalow in Farm Hill, Woodingdean.

    By Paul Hubbard (09/04/2009)
  • Thanks Paul. Do you know anything about Russell? I would love to know as we used to go out when I was 15.

    By Diane Marshall (13/04/2009)
  • We should all have a reunion at the Whitehawk Inn and then we could all find out what happened to everyone through life?! I guess we are all in our 50s by now? It could be a lot of fun if we could find the connections to the above people and people who knew them. Sign me up.

    By Laura Macleod (25/04/2009)
  • Russ married a girl called Kelly Taylor. He was a bit of more of a go getter than Steve. He plays a lot of golf and was living in a big place in Hove last I knew, Church Road I think. They certainly had a little boy, Joe I believe, who must be pushing 20 now. Russ was into antiques, a knocker boy really, and as I said a bit more hard nosed and not as popular as Steve. Still an alright bloke though.

    By Paul Hubbard (25/04/2009)
  • I haven’t been to Britain since I left in 2003. I might be tempted by a Whitehawk Inn reunion though.  I’ll be 50 next year and celebrating my silver wedding too.

    By Paul Hubbard (02/05/2009)
  • I wonder if anyone reads this who still lives in Brighton? Nostalgia is a powerful thing. I think that Russell, Terry and all would probably be amused and flattered that they are being remembered. I particularly would like to get in touch with my brother’s best friend Des Grovenor from Brighton days. I lost touch after all those years and as my brother passed away very young I would like to know what happened to Des.

    By Laura Macleod (03/05/2009)
  • I have been living in Brazil for many years and I often wonder how Crunchy is (Nick Craze). Does anyone know?

    By Tony Vaughan (24/05/2009)
  • The name of the off license was Unwins, if that helps Wayne. I last lived at 19 Manor Crescent back in 1977. Before I lived at 45 Hervey Road, I liked it there a lot.  I remember some of the folk on here, good to see this site. I think I remember Paul Hubbard, but was a very long time ago now.  I remember Dave Cambell and Mick Whitney and Barry Walters, were good friends of mine. I miss it in Whitehawk as I grew up there. My nickname was Conga, that might ring some bells.

    By Tony Hill (26/05/2009)
  • I remember Nicholas Craze (Crunchie). He was living in Kemp Town at one time. I went to St Luke’s School with him. Dave Campbell was living in Moulscoomb. He was great mates with Kevin King who died tragically young. Barry Walters was a year or so older than me and used to play football with us either over at East Brighton Park on the “shelf” where the all weather pitches are now, or down on the White House pitches.  Does anybody remember Eddie Whitney? He used to do the discos at the Boys’ Club. We nicknamed him “Gripper” as he did a bit of wrestling. He went on to be a football referee.

    By Paul Hubbard (27/05/2009)
  • Hi there Paul, it was very tragic about Kevin King as I was one of his friends as he was in the same class at Whitehawk School with my sister Suzette. We all used to hang out together quite a lot, back in those days.  I have not seen Barry Walters for a long time, again he was a good friend of mine, as we hung out a lot.  As for Dave Campbell, he went to the same school as me. That was Woodside School in Moulscoombe. I believe it’s not there anymore. It takes me back quite a lot, as I remember enjoying myself hanging around with the Whitehawk Gang back in the 1970s. I also remember there was a chip shop at the top of Manor Hill, next to some other small shops. I used to love that chip shop.  I am really glad to see this site, thanks.

    By Tony Hill (30/05/2009)
  • Hi Tony, your sister must have been the same school year as me.  Dougie Greenland, Steve Rhodes, Eddie Riley, Chris Newington (Pewey), Chris Smith and Peter Baker were all the same year. Jackie Sayers, Julie Stevens and Karen Freeman were some of the girls.  Like you I didn’t go to the school, but most of my mates did as I lived on the edge of the estate. I’m sure your sister would remember the names. That chippie up the Manor was the best around. I think it ended up as a video shop.

    By Paul Hubbard (31/05/2009)
  • Hi Paul, Thanks for getting back to me about my last post.  Kevin King told me a long time ago that he always looked after my sister, Suzette, when they were at school together. We all moved out of Brighton about 30 years ago now, apart from my younger brother Steve who still lives not far from Whitehawk. I hear it’s not the same there since Whitehawk was demolished and rebuilt. I miss it down there – where I live now is a bit boring. I think I remember Karen Freeman, but was such a long time ago now. I have not been back to Whitehawk since it was rebuilt. Most of my mates went to Whitehawk School.  I am very glad I found this nice site. Thanks again Paul for your reply.

    By Tony Hill (06/06/2009)
  • I moved out of Whitehawk in 1985 although I was still managing the football team until 2000. I think being brought up in Whitehawk at the time I was living there gave you a certain “character” that you never lose, a strength and a feeling that you had something in you that other people could never understand and could never have.
    Sadly, the destruction of the estate was the beginning of the end and things are very different now. Lots of us have branched out around the world though and have tried to bring a little bit of Whitehawk to the places we now inhabit: an ability to stick together no matter how bad things might be, a genuine wish to help each other, not just climb over each other to better ourselves, a way of accepting pretty well anybody into our lives, as we recognise we all have our own faults. Most of all though, the fact that we still recognise these things many, many years later, no matter how widely we are spread, and pass them on to our future generations.
    RIP.George Gunn.

    By Paul Hubbard (09/06/2009)
  • Hi again Paul, what you said in your last post is very true and I agree fully with all of what you said there. I liked the old Whitehawk before it was demolished back in 1977 as it had a lot of character and a certain feeling of belonging to a great estate. I still miss it even after all these years.

    By Tony Hill (20/06/2009)
  • Thanks to all who have posted their thoughts on this blog. It has brought immediate memories of the great days gone by which are still etched in my memory. Where is everyone?

    By Gary Dellow (20/09/2009)
  • Hi there Gary, I used to live next door to you in Hervey Rd, Whitehawk. I don’t know if you would remember me after all these years, but it’s sure great to see you have found this very nice site. Remember when we worked at Bowthorp EMP? I remember you quite well. Hope you’re doing alright, I miss the old Whitehawk.

    By Tony Hill (09/10/2009)
  • Hi Tony, of course I remember you. Well to start, I’m really good fella – working hard at work and at home at the moment and having a great social life. Been married now for 26 years and have two great sons. What you up to now, all ok your end I hope? Come on you Whitehawkers, where are you…..

    By Gary Dellow (22/10/2009)
  • Hi again Gary, glad you remember me after all these years. It’s good to hear you’re working, and married. I have been married for five years now, and am living near Gatwick Airport. Are you still in Whitehawk? I left there back in 1980, but I still miss it down there. Thank you for your reply and it is good to see you in here.

    By Tony Hill (24/10/2009)
  • Hi, I’m wondering if any of you with such fond memories of Whitehawk, Hervey Road in particular, can help me? My mum. Pauline Castleton passed away when I was a very young child and unfortunately I have no memories of her; her name was Pauline Rose Castleton (nee Moore). I have been told we used to live in Hervey Road. A facebook group called friends of Pauline Rose Castleton (nee Moore) has been set up for her and for anyone that remembers her, if any of you do have memories of Pauline please feel free to join her group and share your memories with us, it would be lovely to learn about her from your memories.

    By Gina Smith (24/11/2009)
  • Brings back great memories of my childhood reading this web site. I grew up in Hervey Road in the 60s and 70s and the old gang. I remember you, Gary Dellow! Where are the others - Dave Jones, Sid? It would be great to talk again after all these years. Please get in touch.

    By Paul Faben (13/12/2009)
  • Hi there Paul, I think I remember you as it was such a long time ago. I used to live at 45 Hervey Road, across the road from Dave Jones. I remember Yvonne Jones his sister, and Gary Dellow was my neighbour. I also remember the Towmeys. Its really good to see everyone on here, as it brings back good memories of my childhood in the old Whitehawk. Thanks to all for leaving your messages on this very nice site.

    By Tony Hill (16/12/2009)
  • Hi Tony, how are you after all these years? I lived at no 76; we used to play football over East Brighton park - Dave Jones, Gary, Kevin White, Sid Hayman, Nick Grinyer, Ray Talmay. I live in Cheshire now but I am returning to Whitehawk in Jan 2010 to visit my mother for a few weeks - what about a game of footie!

    By paul faben (18/12/2009)
  • Hi again Paul, its great to hear from my old Whitehawk. I have been down to visit the New Whitehawk and its just not the same anymore sad as I am to have to say. However I still miss it down there. Nick Grinyer is my brothers friend from Whitehawk School, but I still remember everyone. I also remember Ray Talmay, I used to see his brother Jim here and there but a very long time ago now. I used to always go to the tip at Sheep cote Valley with all the old gang, let me see if I can remember them all. Lets see, there was Barry Walters, Tony Brackman, Tony Dalton, Kev Norris, Mick Whitney, Charlie Fish all from the Top end of the Old Whitehawk. Yes I remember Kevin White and his brother, all good friends. I also used to hang around with Dave Campbell, Kev King, as you may know he no longer is here RIP. It all brings back so many good memories of the good times I had in my Old Whitehawk. I also remember Paul and Wendy Pilbeam from the top end of Hervey Road, and a few others from that end, I wish they never knock the old Whitehawk Down as am not sure if it has changed for the better. I met most of the lads from Whitehawk School when I went over the old tip to play around with the old cars and bikes over there. They used to call me by my nickname-Konga, as I used to help push the old cars for them. Where are all the old Whitehawkers now, as not many on the site, it must be the time of year maybe. I am not sure about footie, but maybe a pint in the pub as bit too cold this time of year lol. I also remember my old friend John Princeiles from Whitehawk Road back in the 70s. Sorry I think I spelt your surname wrong John. Thank you for your reply Paul and its good to hear from you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and everyone on this site.

    By Tony Hill (22/12/2009)
  • Hi Roy, I only lived about 5 doors up from you. Do you remember Alfie Lower, Ginger Pumphrey, Terry Dunk, Eddie Kite, to name but a few? We had great times. Can you email me on, and we can have a proper chat.

    By Bluey Atkins (20/01/2010)
  • Message for Paul Hubbard: Hey Paul, d’ya remember any of the Crouchers? In sibling order: Adrian, Donna and Lynn, mum Jessie and dad Don. I certainly remember your name, and especially remember Kevin King (he was a past love!) God rest his soul. We lived in both Fletching Road and Lintott Avenue, and have such fond memories of Whitehawk. Anyone else remembering any of us, please email me at

    By Donna Evans (nee Croucher) (28/04/2010)
  • Hi Donna. I do remember you and Adie as we called him. He was I think a year older than me but we played football over the pitches on Sundays and he was sort of a mate of a mate as he went around with Glen Coulson. Were you the same year as me? Kev King, Steve Rhodes, Dougie Greenland, Eddie Riley, Chris Newington, Peter Baker among others. We were all the same age. I saw your other post and actually remember the phone box you mentioned and I am sure I answered it for you a few times. I can’t remember many of the girls names. I remember the Freeman girls, Julie Stevens and Jackie Sayers. Janet Murray maybe? It was a great place to grow up, but I live far away now on the Costa Blanca. Nice to reminisce. Paul.

    By Paul Hubbard (01/05/2010)
  • Hi again Paul, my wife and I am going to Benidorm for a holiday on the 15.6.2010. Maybe see a fellow Whitehawker there. Maybe reminisce and catch up on how its changed there, as have been back to Whitehawk recently. Hope you see this post in time, as would be nice to see one of the old school. We will be in Levante for two weeks, and its our first time there. Tony.

    By Tony Hill (09/06/2010)
  • Hi Tony.You should certainly get the weather as it’s sweltering here. I’m a teacher so I work all week,but I might be able to get up at the weekend. Benidorm is about an hour and 20 minutes from here.You’ll love it. Maybe put your e-mail address on here and I’ll e-mail you my phone number.

    By Paul Hubbard (13/06/2010)
  • Hi Donna, Kevin King RIP fella. I remember you both and the others you named. You know, now and then parts of our lives come back to us, where we grew up, who we grew up with and where we come from. I have fond memories of my days in Whitehawk and Harvey Road. Keep our memories alive…

    By Gary Dellow (03/07/2010)
  • I have just made contact with Tina Bassett who moved to Spain last week. She has been living in Milton Keynes for 25 years. She lives less than 20 minutes from me here in Spain. Derek Tharme an ex Whitehawk FC stalwart lives here too. Maybe I should start a “Hawkers in Spain” club.

    By Paul Hubbard (04/07/2010)
  • Hi to everyone that knows me. Just been reading all your comments – what a great site, brought back so many memories. Used to love the Whitehawk Inn, many good times there. I lived in Whitehawk Avenue -can’t remember the number. Used to go to the boys club, anyone remember that? I spent many a time there with Lorraine Stevens, my best bud all through school, then progressed to the Whitehawk Inn with Dough Greenland, Tracy Novis, Eddie Riley, Paul Hubbard, to name but a few. Been great reading, thanks.

    By tina bassett (31/08/2010)
  • My parents used to live at no 17 Fletching Road. We used to live next door to the Youngs, I have great memories of the old Whitehawk. I used to have to go up to Mr Walters on Sunday mornings. He used to have an old garage or shed with vegetables etc. And hello to Paul Fleet from Wilsons Avenue, we are related. My mum Joyce was your mum’s sister, hope you get to read this.

    By Maria Seabourne (11/09/2010)
  • I am or was Linda Andrews – I used to go in Stan’s about 60 – 64 . My sister’s name was Leeta and my brother was David Cruttenden. I remember Ann and your Mum Audrey and your little black cat called “minuit”? I used to play table football with Vic Faulkner and some of the other boys. Trying to remember their names, Brian Eason, Terry Marchant, Keith and Roy MacDougall. Did Ann marry a really tall guy called Roy? I remember her dating him. I don’t think I had a boyfriend then. I was a girl OK but friends with the boys and a tomboy of the mood took me. We used to play chess with the salt and sauce and pepper and your Dad took them off the table. Mandy Bibby was my close friend and she married Mick Timoney – another of the boys. Anyone else remember us?

    By Linda Batchelor-Ballew (11/09/2010)
  • Hey Tina. Bev said it was great meeting up with you in Spain. I can’t believe you can’t remember where you lived in Whitehawk Avenue – was it all really that bad? Times change and we all get old (if we’re lucky). I really loved Whitehawk in the 70s though. Hope you enjoyed the sun.

    By Paul Hubbard (14/09/2010)
  • Hi Paul, I can remember where I lived in Whitehawk – Whitehawk Avenue – just can’t remember the number. Not lost memory yet; lost everything else! I loved living there and have great memories of those times and the 70s. That’s what Bev and I couldn’t stop going on about – we did have some fun. We had a great time in Spain, we always do.

    By Tina Bassett (18/09/2010)
  • Hi, My family lived in HERVEY ROAD. My mum and dad were ERNEST and HILDA MUZZALL. I was born in that road on 1st MAY 1954. The youngest of seven kids who were FRANK, KEN, CAROLE, MAUREEN, BRIAN, ROBIN and me ANTHONY. We lived at the top on the right near the turning circle, If there is anyone out there that remembers our family it would be fantastic to hear from you. THANKS. TONY.

    By Anthony Muzzall (03/10/2010)
  • Fancy seeing you, my youngest brother Tony. I lived at 104, Hervey road from 1946 -1959. The names Joan Gander and Roy Sargeant ring a bell. I also worked in the Whitehawk Inn roundabout 1977.

    By Maureen Doughty/nee muzzall (22/10/2010)
  • Well, what a page this is. My mum, Jean, (Jeannie) worked at the Whitehawk Inn from 1968 until it closed. Terry Francis and Cathy emigrated to Australia in early 2006. What a going away party that was.

    By Michele Paddick (10/11/2010)
  • Hi Anthony. Do you remember the Stanbridges? I used to go out with Rhona, I lived in Whitehawk road, at the back of the Jarvis’s in your road.

    By Harry Atkins (28/11/2010)
  • Hi Paul, it was so nice reading what you wrote about Whitehawk. Many, many happy years there, although I don’t live there now, nor does my brother Chris Newinghton and also that you listed a list of our friends, some of them I remember. It must be so nice to live in Spain. Don’t you miss the cold weather or fish and chips? I know I would. It would be lovely to hear from you.

    By Kim Ayres (28/11/2010)
  • Hi Kim. I haven’t seen Chris (Pewey) for years. He and Elaine moved into the country somewhere? We were really good mates along with Dougie, Eddie, Grant and Floppy. We really stuck together, but got into a few scrapes – LOL. We love it out here, though like everywhere, things aren’t always that easy at the moment. At least we can be skint on the beach in the sun. Great to hear from you. Tell Pewey I said Hi.

    By Paul Hubbard (01/12/2010)
  • Just found this page while browsing. My name is Tony Brashill (Brazil) and my old dad used to run the boxing club opposite the senior school. I spent most of my life until I was about 19 in Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Gate, and moved back in the 70s, when I got married, to the flats at Swanborough Place. I always have good memories of growing up there and attending all three schools. I remember the Whitehawk Inn and going there with my Dad and waiting outside with a glass of lemonade and a bag of crisps looking after the dog, a white boxer called Rocky. I also remember Mr Savage the landlord. My dad also painted a large mural of a bullfighting scene in the pub because he was a bit of a dab hand at painting.

    By Tony Brashill (13/01/2011)
  • I used to play in a trio at the Whitehawk Inn in the 1950’s. Did anyone know a Bill Hensen who lived in Hervey Road in those days?

    By Barrie Searle (13/01/2011)
  • Well now… Hello Linda Andrews – How are you? I remember you well and often wondered where you had go to. I do remember all the guys you mentioned: Brian, Terry, etc. It’s fantastic to read about you after all these years. We last met in 63/64. I was in the Army Music College in Canterbury and Keith followed me soon after. It would be nice to chat to you again young lady, and, if you wish I can be contacted on  It would be lovely to chat and talk over the old days. Hope to hear from you.

    By Roy MacDougall (08/02/2011)
  • Well remember the cafe too as said. Lovely chip butties after swimming at the Prince Regent. My I remember lots from Whitehawk School. Yes, Paul Hubbard, Terry Ansell, Brian Groves, Lisa Letford, Dennis Tutt, Wally Sweetman, Brian and Garry Dellow. My cousins Debbie, David and Micheal Laceyu who lived at I think no 45 Hervey Road. Janet, Jacky, Gary Mckew, Danny Bunch, Marc Farlow, Chrissy Kingsey who funnily enough bumped into him in Hove only a couple of weeks ago after 32 years,  amazing. Micky Livingstone who lives along the road from me in Hove. Susan Catermole who I am still great friends with after 34 years. Sean Shirly who I also saw along London Road last week – amazed he remembered me as not seen him since school. Bobby and Tommy Murray who I was told passed away. Cindy Newland R.I.P, Ruth Williams also passed awayI’m led to believe. Michelle Phillips who I still see. Terry Miller, Gary Tetersall, Clifford Cox. Gary Hughes, Tony Hill. I think you’re in a photo I have when you played footie on the green at Whitehawk Way. In it also the PE teacher Mr Cartlidge. Mrs Batty also taught at Whitehawk School. Mr Lewis art teacher, Mr Cunningham, Mrs Smith, Mr Cunliffe, Mr Schvenka (spelling maybe wrong). Mr Grace he was not as what he seemed do you remember? Infants school remember Mrs Woods the reading teacher. It’s quite bazzare as a friend has just moved to the Manor area there so frequent there quite a lot. It’s not quite the same as when there all those many moons ago (ah, just found two photos one colour one black and white. In b/w one Mark Ridpath my brother, Ian Coulson, Kevin Barnes I think blonde hair, Clifford Cox, John Crookes, Tony Hills, Tony Hughes, John …, Floppy, Wally  Sweetman, Mark Dunk, Mark Farley, football team members. Mandy Stevens, Sarah Pullen, John Crutenden, Dougie Mack, to name but a few. I moved from there in 74 to Lower Bevendean. Am now in Hove been in the same place for 27 yrs. I lived at 242 Wiston Road, went to look at the house a few years ago. My how small it looked to what you remember when you were young. Paul Hubbard I think you went around with my brother Mark. He lives in Eastbourne and has four daughters and three horses. I have one son, 18 years. Was great to read all the messages and go back in time, brought back memories, how lovely a bit of nostalgia.

    By Angela Ridpath (27/02/2011)
  • Hello Maureen Muzzall, I remember your brother Brian. I lived at 100 Hervey Road next door to Vanessa Baron. I remember the Wheatlands, Chris Burgess, Val Baker, Ted Elingford, the Jenners and Joan Gander and a few more. How is Brian? I’ve not seen him for years.

    By Roy Sargeant (04/03/2011)
  • Just stumbled upon this thread and was instantly transported back to the old days. Back in a time when we’d caddy at the golf course and then spend our earnings in the Tuck Shop on the broadway. Some summer evenings were spent swatting May/June/July bugs with tennis rackets, oh what fun. The list of names from days gone by have certainly jogged a jaded memory or two. Paul Hubbard had the good sense to move to Spain a few years back, I discovered this shortly after I did the same. Indeed the lifestyle is great although I have to say I get homesick occasionally (no, really!) but a week in Brighton puts it all back into perspective. Had fun reading all the posts on here, hope you’re all well! Doug

    By Dougie Mack (16/03/2011)
  • Angela. Something you really reminded me of there is that we aren’t getting any younger. I didn’t know that Ruth Williams and Tommy Murray had passed on. Tommy was running a pub when I moved to Spain. I was mates with Mark,especially in the Juniors. Dougie. Is the radio station still doing well out here in Spain? I do listen occasionally on the laptop. Growing up in Whitehawk in the 70s was fantastic.

    By Paul Hubbard (20/03/2011)
  • Hi, I just moved out to Spain too, enjoying the life so far. I was shocked to read about Tommy Murry. My mum still lives in Whitehawk and would of told me for sure if he had passed away. Are you sure he has? I  will be ringing the UK soon and will ask my mum. Very sad if he has. Love reading everyone’s comments, brings back so many great memories 🙂

    By tina bassett (20/04/2011)
  • Hi everyone, just a wee request – does anyone have any photos of the area of the steps that ran between Whitehawk road and Findon road? I lived opposite the steps at the Whitehawk road end. Be most grateful for any available. Roy

    By roy macdougall (13/07/2011)
  • Hi all Whitehawkers, I lived at 114 Whitehawk Rd from 1947 and still live here to this day. Do you remember the Ekes, Barbara, Marion my sisters and David, my brother? Sadly my parents have passed away – Victor and Philis Eke. My parents Barbara and David emigrated to New Zealand in 1973. Reading through all your comments brought back very happy memories of my days growing up on the estate. I still live on the estate (it’s not the same) with my son Paul and two grandsons Tane and Tanekai (kiwi names of great Maori warriors). If any of you would like to get in touch with me please do so. Many thanks for the memories Mike Eke.

    By Mike Eke (19/07/2011)
  • Hi there Angela. Thank you for your post on this great site. I lived in Hervey Road number 45, as far as I can remember. However it could have been 44. It was such a very long time ago, but it’s really great to see everyone on here. I lived there from 1963 to 1977 when it was knocked down to build that new estate, much to my sorrow and sadness. You might remember my sisters Suzette and Shirley and my brother Steve who all went to Whitehawk School. I remember Sarah Pullen, as she was my sister’s friend at school as I can recall. I also remember Trevor Crookes who is John’s brother, but not sure as such a very long time ago. Hi again Paul, great to see you on here again. My wife and I have been busy moving, although only not very far from our old place. Also hi again Gary, great to see you on here again. This site brings back good memories from my growing up in the old Whitehawk. Thank you all for posting on this very nice site.

    By Tony Hill (31/07/2011)
  • Hi Tony. Hope all is well with you and yours. Very hot here in Spain at the moment. I was chatting the other day about a guy who used to walk along Wiston Road to the tip. He was a bit of a “Totter” I think and as kids we used to shout “Do a dance” and he duly obliged. Does anyone remember his name?

    By Paul Hubbard (31/07/2011)
  • Hi Paul, me and my wife are now settled into our new place all OK. I hope your managing with all that sun and nice weather over there in Spain. We hope to go there again soon. I remember the guy your talking of, his name was Dave the Totter. He used to collect the copper off the old cars over the tip. He wore a rope around his coat and he always made me and the gang laugh. As I used to go to the Sheepcote Valley Tip every weekend with the gang I hung out with. Those were the days I loved, and I was about 14 then in 1973. Most of my mates lived in the Wiston Road area. I always had the furthest to walk to the tip as I lived in Hervey Road, Whitehawk. That place brings back so many good memories for me. As I said it was Dave the Totter, but I will stand corrected lol. I still miss Whitehawk even though I left there back in 1978 to live and work in creepy Crawley, near Gatwick Airport. Its great to hear from you on this great site.

    By Tony Hill (01/08/2011)
  • Hello Paul, the guy you are thinking of lived in Hervey Road, his name was Les, as kids, 50 years or so ago, we would shout, “do a dance Les!” He always obliged and did a little skiptype jump. Less enlightened days perhaps but Les always appeared happy, I think he was a gardener.

    By Mick Sutton (01/08/2011)
  • Hi, can anybody help with info on The Boys Brigade in Whitehawk, also Ron Bliss C.P.T 

    By Debbie Burton (22/08/2011)
  • The ‘totter’ chap you’re thinking of was called Les and the song he ‘sang’ whilst doing his ‘dance’ was “Chickedy dee fa la fa la”. Always remember him walking past our house in Whitehawk Avenue. Not sure what he did for a living, but looking back I think us kids must have been quite unintentionally harsh.

    By Barbara Etherton (nee Sutton) (06/09/2011)
  • Always wore turned over wellies and a donkey jacket?

    By Paul Hubbard (11/10/2011)
  • His name was Les. He still lives in Whitehawk, not sure where. He kept us waiting for ages before he kicked his leg up. One of the old school. He used to trim our hedge – it was never straight. Bless him.

    By Julie (14/10/2011)
  • Always great to pop into this site and remember my old days and folk from my home town of Whitehawk. This is a very good site and will always support it. It brings back so many memories of my childhood in Whitehawk. I like the old Whitehawk, however I do like the new rebuilt Whitehawk also, as its still the same nice folk that live there. I no longer live there, but always miss it. Thank you to all who have left their post on here, and a big thank you to the admin who made it possible for us all to reflect back to the good old days. I used to live at 45 Hervey Road, before it was knocked down back in 1977. Thanks again. [Our pleasure Tony – editing staff] 

    By Tony Hill (01/11/2011)
  • Hi there Linda. I used to watch a guy called Ron Bliss over at the East Brighton Park playing football, when I was a young boy. I left Brighton when I was 15 and never managed to see him after that.  However I have to say he was a brilliant winger! He could run faster than the mother-in-law could talk.

    By Roy MacDougall (10/11/2011)
  • I remember the rumours about Alsation dogs going missing and ending up in that Chinese. LOL. How brave they were to set up where they did and to stick at it. I remember the pinball machines on the stage in the public bar of the pub and if I remember correctly out the back of the cafe up the road. I did a paper round for Mr Lane, and my dentist Mr Goodbourne was just up from the cafe.

    By Paul Hubbard (24/11/2011)
  • Such a shame that nobody really comes on this page much. If anyone wants to contact me ( Have a great Xmas.

    By Paul Hubbard (24/12/2011)
  • I often used to go the Broadway Cafe in the early 60s and 70s.I worked in the betting shop (Chandlers ) and used to have my meals there. Have many happy memories of playing on the football table, which Stan made himself. Names that spring to mind are Colin Kennard, Eric Fogden ,Jack Fogden ,Brian Eason,Tony Addison,(addio) and my brother John (RIP).We used to have competitions and in my humble opinion Brian Eason was the tops. Also out in the back was a pinball machine which cost 3d. and if you did well on it you could cash them in less about 10 goes,so if you had 8o replays ,you had 70 threepenny bits back,very welcome.I still live in Manor Farm. Happy Xmas and a prosperous New Year to you all

    By Peter Maurice (25/12/2011)
  • Hi again Paul, sorry I have not been here in a while, what with Xmas and the New Year. I will contact you on your email address. Happy New Year to you and your family, and to all on this great site. I hope more folk come in here and leave their posts this year.

    By Tony Hill (02/01/2012)
  • I came across this page and noted the comments about my late uncle Ron Bliss. Ron unexpectedly passed away in Sep 2000 from complications from minor surgery. As a kid I used to watch Ron play for Whitehawk. He was like a second father to me growing up as I am sure he was to many other kids. I have many photos of Ron and they provide cherished memories. Ron’s number one priority at all times were -the boys. He had an infectious enthusiam and energy for whatever task he undertook. His first complete session with the 17th Brighton was in 1939-40 and I have the Boy’s Brigade certificate dated 24th Sep 46 when Ron was appointed an officer of the 17th. Ron also played football earlier in his career with Horsham and I have a photo of them winning the 1950-51 Charity Shield. Ron was an exceptional individual who is sadly missed but warmly remembered by so many. Now living in Canada.

    By Gary Bliss (07/01/2012)
  • Hi Paul, how wonderful this page is, alll these memories. Takes me back to the many New Years spent in Whitehawk pub or Football Club. Not sure whether you’ll remember me (Michelle Gunn) but absolutely sure you’ll remember my ex Gussy (Graham) Gunn and his brother John Gunn. I’m still here in Brighton and still see some of the names mentioned on this page, namely Steve and Russell Newland, Paul Ansbro (Floppy) and Henry Dobbyn, mostly in the Albion pub in Hove. Saw a few others at Floppy’s 50th! Who’d have thought we’d ever be as old as our parents! And of course see Grant Kirby regularly, being as he’s related! Please say hello to Bev for me. Love to you and your family. Michelle XXX

    By Michelle Gunn (02/02/2012)
  • Hi Michelle. Of course I remember you. How could I forget the nights out at the Anchor in Ringmer! Good times, but we all move on and now we are carving out a life in Spain. I’m a teacher, and Bev lives an easy life as always! I must say that I don’t keep in touch with anybody really. I don’t do facebook and I am too busy with my job and two stroppy 16 year olds to do the networking thing. I have bumped into people here though. Last summer I saw Alan and Nettie Southon at a local market. They looked sooooo old, and Alan looked ill. I keep getting news of the old faces, and some not so old, from the Whitehawk football club days passing away. Nice to hear from you and I’ll give Bev your regards. She is on facebook, so if you are a facebooker give her a shout. Take care.

    By Paul Hubbard (11/03/2012)
  • So sad that this thread is dying!

    By Paul Hubbard (21/06/2012)
  • I was born at 37 Hervey Road in 1954 we are the Dawson Family Marion, Ray and Wendy. We lived next door to the Halls, opposite the Ellingfords (Ted we’re still in touch with) the Martins. I remember the Mocketts and the Jenners. We used to go to the Broadway cafe to buy cherryade, those were the days. My mum Ivy worked in Wilsons Laundry she’s still with us at 93. My brother Ray was mates with Pat and Chris Church who lived opposite the school in Whitehawk Road, and Chris Martin next door to Ted the Allens lived further down on the opposite side of the road. There was the Stevensons 4 girls the youngest was my friend Maureen who I think lived next door to you Tony Hill, at the bottom of the road was the Stapletons, the Smarts the Pithers the Ganders whose large black dog was always lying on the pavement. Some of the other names mentioned above I recognise like Micky and Alan Ashdown, Alan used to go out with Cheryl Stevens from Whitehawk Avenue, the Greenlands from Whitehawk Road daughter Valerie was a friend of mine. Be good to hear from anyone I’ve mentioned.

    By Wendy Lawrence nee Dawson (20/07/2012)
  • I have just been reading through all the comments and I was wondering if anyone knew my mum back then, her name was English.

    By Jodie (18/12/2012)
  • Reading all the comments brought back lots of happy memories of growing up in Whitehawk. We lived at 63 Hervey Road. I moved to Alberta, Canada back in the 80’s and haven’t been back to Whitehawk since. Those were happy days !

    By Terri Travers (01/01/2013)
  • Just read a comment by Tina Bassett about Whitehawk Avenue. In my 1971 Kelly’s street directory ther was a Raymond Bassett living at number 11.

    By Vic Fulker (01/01/2013)
  • My brother the youngest of the family was Raymond, thanks for your comment.

    By Tina Bassett (06/01/2013)
  • Hi everyone, nice to catch up on the Whitehawk news. Yes Gary, your uncle was an incredibly skillful player. Where the hell he got the speed from I never knew but my was he was good. Well the years are rolling on but I hope the comments on here keep coming.  I haven’t managed to get back to the Whitehawk valley since 1965 so would be grateful if someone could fill me in about the changes. I’d be interested to know what its like and if the old Whitehawk Inn is still standing and in use. Our family is widespread and distant now but we all remember the valley with affection. I wish I was still a kid there now as I loved it. I try to keep this record of the valley’s families going-it’s too good to lose.

    By Roy Macdougall (18/01/2013)
  • Anyone remember the Hussey family that lived at 140 Whitehawk Avenue next door to Dolly Ramsey? There was Mick and Susan and their children Chris, Joanna and Andrew.

    By Mick Hussey (29/01/2013)
  • Message to Sonia Scott, yes Sonia the Terry Cooke mentioned by Bluey Atkins is the nephew of Mrs Bete Stevens – Susan – Linda – Allen – John – Tony – Roy – Gary – Mandy…. who lived in Manor Crescent. I spent a lot of time with my cousins during the holidays and remember you very well, I also remember the Broadway Cafe with great fondness, I left Brighton and moved to London to make my fortune but still have great memories of Whitehawk and the great people there. How are you and what are you up to? I have hooked up with a number of old Whitehawk friends using ‘LinkedIn’, it would be great to catch up.

    By Terry Cooke (01/03/2013)
  • All those comments bring back good sunny days, singing in the Whitehawk Inn and Fishing and Manor Hill parties. I called my brother Dave tonight as he would like to read some of these. A past life in Whitehawk.

    By Alan Campbell (20/03/2013)
  • I lived at 22 Hervey Road with my mum and Dad’s brothers Jonny and David (RIP), both my sisters Maryann and Christine. We were next door to the Hensons and Anscombes.

    By Pauline Knights (nee Beadle) (12/04/2013)
  • Hi Pauline. I used to know the Hensons. Bill used to play darts in my dad’s pub ‘The White Hart’ accompanied by his wife May. There was Ted, Nina and Gerald (he was just a toddler in those days).

    By Barrie Searle (19/04/2013)
  • I can remember my parents going to the Whitehawk Inn occasionally for a shandy on a nice summers day. I would sit outside with a lemon squash and a packet of Smiths crisps. Remember the little packet of salt wrapped in blue paper? My grandmother Sarah Cook lived at 15 Hervey Road. I wonder if any of you other Hervey Roaders remember the Cook family there?

    By Eric Cook (21/04/2013)
  • My dad grew up in Whitehawk, his name is Johnny Crookes and his brother is Trevor. They lived at Nuthurst Place. Was wondering if you had any photos or if anyone knew him?

    By Natasha Crookes (17/05/2013)
  • We lived in Whitehawk Crescent from 1956 to 1968 and then moved to Preston Park. Our name was Standring, I am Jennie and my three brothers are Alan, Les and Stephen. My parents were Stan and Glynn. The house number was 109 and we went to all three schools. Very happy childhood and I often reflect on this time.

    By Jenny Miles (18/05/2013)
  • I was born at 3 Hervey Road, my parents were Don and Irene Gander. I am so proud to say I belong to Whitehawk even though I left there in  1998. I loved the school and everyone I grew up with, sadly some are no longer with us but all the same it was a great place with a real sense of community and characters all of its own.

    By Karen Haughton (23/07/2013)
  • Wendy, Lawrence, Pat and Chris Church’s brother – still in Brighton.

    By Phil Church (16/08/2013)
  • Karen. Are you related to Keith Gander?

    By Paul Hubbard (27/09/2013)
  • Hi everyone, I have just been reading all  the comments on this page. Oh what memories of the brilliant old Whitehawk. My name was Sonia Godfrey back then and I used to go around with Sue Watts, Linda Yates, Michelle Philips, Beverly Marks, Jackie McCue, Mandy Stevens. The boys I knew were Brian Groves, Nicky Sargent, Pat Karen, Tommy Murrey RIP, Dougie Mack and John Cruttenden. Does anyone still see any of these? I still see Sue Watts – we have been the best of friends for 43 years. Now I feel old. Whitehawk as it was then was a fab place to grow up in. I lived in Whitehawk Road across from the pitch, Russel Brand lived up the road. I went out with John Cruttenden at school. It was so good back then everyone got on and looked after each other and the old houses were the best, not like it is now. I’m proud I grew up in the old Whitehawk it was a special place. I still live in Brighton – I’m married and have three daughters. Does anyone remember me or Sue from school? I also remember getting up on the old toilets and the whitehouse on the pitch for a sneaky ciggie. After we moved from Whitehawk Road we moved to 27 Manor Crescent and I think a girl called Sharon Saunders lived on the corner and the Burtenshaws lived next door to us. I have twin younger brothers Nigel and Jason Marchant and also my brother David Godfrey, sisters Tina and Michelle Godfrey. Does anyone remember any of our nutty family? Great days, great memories xxx

    By Sonia Harvey (25/10/2013)
  • Hi all Whitehawkers. Can anyone tell me if the Old Broadway café is still running as a café? And is the Whitehawk Inn still going?

    By Roy MacDougall (25/10/2013)
  • Even when I left many years ago, the old cafe was I think an Indian takeaway or maybe a Chinese.

    By Paul Hubbard (17/11/2013)
  • I remember Johnny Crookes. My brother Davis and I lived at number 3 Nuthurst road. Johnny Upton and John Sullivan lived along the same road and at the end lived the Welches. And recently I saw Kevin Welch. 

    By Alan Campbell (28/11/2013)
  • What a brilliant page. My father, Brian Eason, has been mentioned a few times and I remember him telling me many times how good he was at pinball and had many hours spent in the Whitehawk cafe. He unfortunately passed away in December 2012 and when he passed, apart from a spell in a nursing home, still lived in Whitehawk. My mother still lives in the family home and is neighbours and very good friends with Dennis and Mary Shipley – Dennis has been mentioned a few times for being the local butcher, taxi driver, football ref and all round good guy. I played football for Whitehawk for many years and my father’s ashes were scattered over there last year as he spent so many great years over there. I left school in 89 (Infants, Juniors and then Stanley Deason) and was in the same year as Jason and Nigel Marchant. Born at 171 Whitehawk Avenue and moved to Cross Bush Road until I left in 2006 and now live in Warrington.

    By Paul (Pepper) Eason (10/01/2014)
  • Sad to hear of the passing of Chris Moloney aged only 55. He was a terrific footballer and a great guy. Many people on here will know him from school as well. RIP mate.


    By Paul Hubbard (15/01/2014)
  • Sorry to hear of the loss of your father Paul, he was a school friend of myself and my brother Keith at the Whitehawk schools. Sad to hear of his passing, condolences from both Keith and I.

    By Roy MacDougall (22/02/2014)
  • First time on this page but very sorry to hear Chris has passed on. Thinking of family and friends and old Whitehawk.

    By Mick Whitney (21/06/2014)
  • Come on people. Keep this page going!

    By Paul Hubbard (17/07/2014)
  • This page is wonderful. Does anyone remember the name of the butcher in Broadway?

    By Claire Docteur (nee Colwell) (05/08/2014)
  • My Nanny and Grandfather (Harmer) lived at 50 Nuthurst Road. And my godparents, Mr. and Mrs. Savage, ran the Whitehawk Inn in the 50’s. I moved to California 45 years ago and it has been so nice looking at this site.

    By Wanda Bailey (26/02/2015)
  • Hi Wanda, did you go to Clifton College and were you a very keen dancer, I seem to remember you had a long blonde plait?

    By Marilyn Jones (de Lacy) (28/02/2015)
  • 54 years old now.Looking back at times that will never be re-lived. Thanks to all of those who played a part in those great Whitehawk days in the 60s, 70s and early 80s.

    By Paul Hubbard (28/05/2015)
  • I still remember the time we spent in Hervey Road. My name then was Muzzall. One of my friends was Linda Maidment. Are you still out there? I worked for a Dr. Shipuram at the Broadway surgery in 2000-2003. Met some old friends there.

    By Maureen Doughty (24/06/2015)
  • Did you have a relative called Tracy?

    By Paul Hubbard (30/06/2015)
  • I lived at 186 Whitehawk Road, opposite the pitches, not far from Lintott Ave. around early 60s. I remember Les (give us a dance). He lived with his brother and mother and was a gardner in Lintott Ave. My neighbors were the Simmonds, Latchfords, dear Terry Jenners. Lovely times. So happy, we had little but played out all day and evenings on the pitches. My dad was Mr Giles and would play football, cricket all year round half of Whitehawk. We would join in. Went through all the schools and still live here. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

    By Irene (19/08/2015)
  • Good for you Irene. Whitehawk is one of the best places on Earth.

    By Paul Hubbard (09/10/2015)
  • Hi, does any one remember a John Wheeler? He’s now 60 and grew up and lived on Whitehawk?

    By Cassie Wheeler (24/10/2015)
  • This is bringing back lots of memories of growing up in Whitehawk. I was friends with Joan Savage (Whitehawk Inn) and I lived on the small part of Fletching Road that has now disappeared. Nuthurst Rd. was close by. Does anyone remember the Harrietts (went to Australia) or the Barcocks?  That was back in the days of the Regent dance hall by the Clock Tower.  Many, many moons ago but I still have fond memories.

    By Therese Conroy nee Allen (19/02/2016)
  • Hi Cassie Wheeler, I was born and bred in Whitehawk and I remember Johnny Wheeler who lived round by Lintott Avenue. I loved living there  and like most people who came from there, only have good memories of a wonderful childhood. 

    By Pauline Godden (05/03/2016)
  • I met my first boyfriend Ben Breeds in the Whitehawk Inn. He played the guitar in a band there. We used to hang around the Gents toilet as I believe I was underage! I believe Ben went on to manage or own a pub in Kemp Town.

    By Diane Bewley(neePerry) (26/06/2016)
  • Hi to anyone still out there. Whitehawk FC doing well? I spoke to Dougie Mack a few months back when Bowie died.He is still living in Spain. I’ve been here 13 years now. Still teaching and loving the lifestyle. Best regards to everybody. Paul.

    By Paul Hubbard (24/07/2016)
  • I started singing in the Whitehawk pub around 1975ish and since then I have toured quite a few countries with a country band supporting American country singers. Still playing music today. I loved the Hawk, and have fond memories of my teenage years. I used to live at 3 Nuthurst Road.

    By Alan Campbell (07/08/2016)
  • I bumped into Dougie Mack again.This time at Gatwick airport.Unfortunately we were both visiting sick parents.A sign of our age I suppose.

    Have a great Christmas Whitehawkers old and new.

    Paul Hubbard.

    By Paul Hubbard (19/12/2016)
  • Sorry seem to have stumbled across this site.  I’m from Whitehawk and loved every minute of growing up and being there, wouldn’t change it for anything. 1958 – 1977 my years there.  R.I.P Chris Maloney, went to school together. I did hear sadly that Johnnie Wheeler passed away a couple of years ago R.I.P Johnnie. I remember you well xxxx  

    By Jan Coulson (12/07/2017)
  • Hey. It’s so lovely to hear all your old memories and long live the Brighton culture how it used to be!!!! My Dad was Kevin King and my Mum Louise Wadmam.. I just wondered- as the old Whitehawk crew, are there many more memories that you can share about my dad?  Both my mum and dad have  gone and it’s nice to hear that their memories live in you guys., so please share it with me. Thank you x  

    By Kayleigh King (28/09/2017)
  • I have just heard that Neal Bryce has died aged just 60. He was one heck of a footballer and a genuinely nice guy. RIP

    By Paul Hubbard (20/10/2017)
  • Hi Kayleigh. I knew your dad and uncle Neil pretty well. He was a diamond and left us far too early. As I’m sure you know, his closest friend was Dave Campbell so if you have spoken to Dave there won’t be much more anyone can add. Kev could have been a talented footballer, but other things always seemed to get in the way. We all loved Kev but his home life was a bit of a mystery and not an easy one, I think. I have nothing but good memories of him. All the best Kayleigh.

    By Paul Hubbard (07/11/2017)
  • Sadly this page has come to an end. I am still in Spain. Unfortunately not as well as I might be but hanging on in there. All the best.

    By Paul Hubbard (17/07/2019)
  • Wow, been reading though all the notes, I recognize some people and it’s amazing how you think back, remember and say to yourself they were good times even when it was hard you got through. It was a great place to grow up, go to school. Thanks for going back to my youth. Paul Still/ Bocker.

    By Paul Bocker (06/09/2019)
  • Hello Everyone!
    I remember walking over to Whitehawk in my youth to meet my girlfriend, at the time!
    I was from Hollingbury but use to walk over the hill and down across the pitches.
    I left Brighton at 16, joining the Royal Navy – travelled around the world; met Ronald Biggs in Rio, met the Queen in Portsmouth, served in the Falklands (after the conflict), served in the 1st Gulf war…
    Love and miss Brighton and the Palace Pier…great days and wonderful people!

    All best David.

    By David Cannon (24/08/2021)
  • Hello,
    So I lived at 18 Piltdown Road with my older brother Chris, sister Sally, mum & dad (Edna & Fred Gunn) loved Whitehawk and wow what an education at Whitehawk School and Stanley Deason. The Waters family lived next door & I do bump into the boys every now again, Barry, Mark, Adrian, Steve and Graham.

    By Nigel Gunn (25/12/2021)

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