Wrestling in the 1950s

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  • The pictures above bring back memories of the Sunday wrestling at the SS. the arena was always packed as the stars of TV wrestling were there in the flesh. Wonderful heavyweights like The Masked Zebra Kid,Dazzler Joe Cornelius,Wild Ian Campbell and the American Ballet dancer Ricki Starr. Former boxing champion Primo Carnera also appeared. There were also the lighter stars like McManus, Pallo and the brilliant George Kidd.

    By Tony Clevett (27/08/2008)
  • Anyone remember Les Kellet?

    By John Snelling (19/05/2013)
  • First visit to S.S Brighton: saw Joe Cornelius & Johnny Peters v Bruno Elrington & Ian Campbell. Later saw Zebra Kid, John da Silva, Ray Apollon, Jack Bence, Jackie Pallo, Lucky Simonavich, Linde Caulder, Johnny Kwango , Steve Logan and Tibor Szackaks. Saw Rikki Starr when he came v Alan Garfield. Went on last night of wrestling at S.S and top of the bill was Tibor Szackaks v Peter Mavia. Fantastic memories.

    By Pete Smith (30/05/2019)

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