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The Dome

The Dome
Photo by Tony Mould

My dance routine

My favourite place in Brighton and Hove is the wonderful Dome. The Dome is very special to me because in 2009 I did a spectacular dance to ‘Another One Bites The Dust’, by the marvellous band Queen. I loved it so much! Each of us had a partner and we all made up a little dance routine.

Performing in front of the Mayor

I have seen many performances in the Dome, because, when it came to our performing night, we had to watch six other dances by six other school years. When we were back-stage it made me feel really nervous just thinking about going on-stage and dancing in front of the mayor, along with 5,000 other people.

Flashing lights and clapping

When you get on-stage it is all right. All the lights are flashing in your face and everyone is clapping as loud as a plane starting its journey to Mexico. When you are on-stage you cannot see the audience: but the audience can see you.

Picturesque and different

Outside there are electric-car chargers. The beautiful Dome is the shape of an Ancient Greek amphitheatre, but with a roof on top. I like the Dome because it is really different and picturesque to any other building in Brighton and Hove. Also the Dome has splendid pictures hanging on the wall, like copies of the Mona Lisa and a picture of Michael Jackson.

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  • I remember working at the European Song contest when ABBA won with Waterloo. Olivia Newton John represented England and sulked off snubbing the after show party. ABBA were amazing and worthy winners and never looked back from then on.

    By Brian Baldock (18/05/2011)
  • I performed with the Brighton Girls Choir on Friday Night is Music Night with the BBC Concert Orchestra in 1955/56. I am trying to find out more information about the choir and would be delighted to read if anyone else has memories connected to it.

    By Wendy Merritt nee Walker (07/01/2012)
  • I went to St Bartholomew’s School, and we did a production of the Snow Queen at the Dome, two evening performances, Wednesday & Thursday – this would have been in 1967 or 1968. I was a villager and danced with ‘Billy’. Dad said he could see me counting the steps, and was scared I would come flying off the stage!

    By Elaine Davies (16/11/2012)
  • Wendy Merrit, I too was in Brighton Girls Choir from 1957 to 1962. I remember performing at the Dome on “Friday Night is Music Night”, Owen Brannigan was performing that night too.  In 1961 we toured around parts of Europe, France, Belgium and Germany taking part in a competition in Saarbrucken, Germany.  We used to meet every Tuesday evening at the Council offices at the Old Steine, can’t remember the name of our choir mistress but she was brilliant.  I have continued singing all my life and now sing and play ukulele in two groups in North Norfolk.  Would love to find fellow choir members.

    By Barbara Knowles (09/05/2018)

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