A great night out!

“My memories of this dance hall are a little later than the 1950s. The place was usually packed, and often there were two bands playing during an evening. For those who had two left feet, there was the ‘Regent Crawl’ where one just shuffled around the floor (which was a fantastic bouncy one) and nobody really seemed to notice. Great days!”
(Marie Chapman, submitted to website by e-mail, 2nd December 2002)

“Back in the 50s, Thursday night was dancing to pop records, a great place for Rock’n’Roll and to meet the girls, then off to the Whisky a Go Go Coffee Bar in Queens Square for Coke and more music from the Rockola Juke Box. Great night out!”
(John Desborough, submitted to website, 24th January 2003)

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  • I wonder if any of you remember my friend who was then Poppy Margeret Baxendale. She will be 87 in July. She loved dancing at the Regent. She is petite and has always been a smartly dressed person. It amazes me that she was such a good dancer, and she suffered from polio at a very early age and has a slightly withered side. We often talk of her youth and the Brighton that she loved so much.

    By Heather Wilson (25/02/2004)

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